Sheldon Lavin leading the giant OSI Group

Currently, Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. He offers leadership to a company that aims at becoming the largest company that offers food and meat processing company in the company.

The OSI Group comprises of both the OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. The company has physical offices in over 17 countries across the world. OSI Group operates more than 71 meat and food processing facilities around the world.

Lavin Sheldon began his career in the banking and finance sector before he entered into the food industry. At the time of joining OSI Group in the 1970s, he was considered as an outsider. However, over, the years, he has distinguished himself as an expert with a wealth of experience in the field.

He began his career in consulting where he established his financial consulting firm. It is for this reason that when Otto & Sons were looking to restructure its operations to serve its customers better, Sheldon hired to lead the restructuring.

Even though Mr. Otto and his sons had been offered an opportunity to supply meat products such as hamburgers in Midwest by McDonald Corporation the company did not have enough funds. They, therefore, required an expert to guide the company in securing a financial solution. Mr. Otto approached a bank for funding.

However, the bank requested Sheldon Lavin to take over the Otto & Sons Company but he declined but opted to consult for the company. Even though he did not become a business partner at the company, as the financial consultant, he was significantly involved in the operations of Otto & Sons Company.

He became a partner at the company when Otto’s sons were looking for a new investor after their father retired from the company. His entry into the company led the company to rebrand into OSI Industries and later OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI Group has expanded substantially in other countries including India, North America, Europe, Japan, and South Africa.

Sheldon Lavin is still actively involved in the expansion strategy of OSI Group despite that he is aged 81 years. His vision is to see OSI Group become the largest protein supplier in the globe. Sheldon Lavin has an impressive educational background and holds a Finance and Accounting Degree.

For his leadership skills in the corporate sector, Lavin has been recognized by various organizations. Additionally, he has participated in multiple non-profit activities. He is thus an active philanthropist whose charity works has seen several organizations receive financial support. To this end, he has supported organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, and Inner City Foundation

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