Sheldon Lavin:Husband, Father, Philanthropist And Award-Winning Business Executive

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, has a background in banking and finance. That’s how he became involved with the OSI Group. In the 1970s the company, then called Otto & Sons, came to his financial services company to get funds to expand. Lavin and his team were able to get them the money they needed to set up a high-volume meat plant and purchase the liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and specially developed patty-forming machines they needed. Sheldon Lavin remained involved with the company. First he began investing in it. Then in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin bought the OSI Group.

Even though the OSI Group is a major corporation, Sheldon Lavin cultivates a family atmosphere. He has an open door policy, his employees call him by his first name and Lavin goes all out to ensure his employees and their families are treated properly and given all the benefits to which they are entitled. Sheldon Lavin is also an internationally beloved business executive. Under his guidance the OSI Group has become a company known for adhering to environmentally sustainable practices in their food production and distribution methods. Both Lavin and the company have received numerous awards for being exemplary corporate citizens.

In addition to serving as the OSI Group’s Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin is also OSI International Foods Limited’s president. He’s also a Rush University Medical Center general trustee and was the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director. Even after being involved in the food and meat processing industry for almost 50 years, Sheldon Lavin is still actively involved in many of the operations of the company. His high profile position in the industry gives him an opportunity to exert positive leadership by the way he goes about his business and the policies and practices of his growing company.

The vision and leadership of Sheldon Lavin has helped the OSI Group to develop into an industry leader. He has transformed it from a company involved in domestic food production into a global food processing giant with more than 65 processing facilities in 17 countries. In addition to his long list of business successes, Lavin is also a role model and inspiration to the next generation of corporate leaders. The husband and father of three has dedicated his life to taking care of his family and his staff, giving to charity and growing his company in a responsible way.

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