The Unique Experience of Collaborating with Traveling Vineyard

People have different aspirations about their job, and some of the common priorities include enjoyable job, flexible work hours, excellent pay, options to explore new things, chances to interact with different sets of people, work-from-home opportunity, and more. Considering the requirements of various industries and businesses, most of those priorities are distant dreams for the job aspirants. Interestingly, only fewer people get a job that they find ideal for them. Traveling Vineyard is offering such a job that has garnered the job seekers’ attention in the recent years. Rather than a job, it is a profession that provides everything from fun to income.

Traveling Vineyard is a directing wine selling firm that is founded in the year 2001. It is based in Massachusetts and offers in-home wine tasting experience for its members to invite more customers. It also sources best quality wine from all the leading wine markets around the world and supplies it to its consumers. It offers a unique career option for all the aspiring individuals, from homemakers to working people, called Wine Guides. People who enjoy wine would find the job exciting and fun-filled. It should be noted that the job is a work-from-home opportunity as well, and the Wine Guides get a chance to throw wine parties at their homes. Communication is the core of the profession, and the guides can invite their friends and neighbors to enjoy the wine party.

This means that the wine guides get an opportunity to do business with neighbors and people in their locality while conducting the party. The guides get excellent remuneration ranging from 15-35 percent commission on their sales per month. Traveling Vineyard also gives its products to the Wine Guides at a discount of 20 percent. People also have an option bring their friends into wine guiding and can get lucrative bonuses based on their performance. Interestingly, wine guides get separate websites that are free during the period of initial three months. The guides are encouraged to promote their site to bring more sales through the site. It is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with a vast community.

Due to the nature of the profession, people can choose their own working hours and convenient time. It also gives an excellent opportunity to socialize with people and make new relationships. Additionally, it gives a great option for earning quality income with minimal investment. The initial Success Kit offered by Traveling Vineyard has two tasting sets of wine with five wine bottles in each set. Apart from that, it also provides tasting glasses, wine carriers, and more. Altogether, Traveling Vineyard offers an exciting opportunity to host events filled with fun and entertainment to its more than 5,000 Wine Guides across the United States.

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UKV PLC is a Vintner That’s Getting a lot of Praise as Being a Worthy Investment Choice for Wine Enthusiasts

UKV PLC is carrying extensive ranges of wines that can be purchased for either one’s pleasure or investing. Whether you’re striving to begin from scratch or add to collections of existing fine wine products that you already have, you’ll can have assurance of knowing that UKV PLC offers some of the more desirable labels from some of today’s top vineyards of Europe.

The concepts of collecting products of fine wine for the purposes of financial gain is not something that is new. Traditional, people have bought cases of wine products with the hopes of selling single ones so that they’d be able to fund another for drinking. UKV PLC Wine has been known as being a commodity that one could trade for centuries. It’s a commodity that’s been utilized as alternative forms of currency for purposes of exchanging assets and/or goods to learn more: click here.

If you’re thinking about potentially investing wine product that you can truly have assurance in knowing that it’s going to provide you with what you’re looking for from it, it’s highly recommended for you to select an option that’s available from UKV PLC, as they have some of the highest qualities of wine products that are available for sale. Please be aware that there’s many vintners today that aren’t providing top qualities of products for their clientele bases. UKV PLC understands that very aspect of the business and has decided to implement an innovative approach in their operations in which they consistently strive to keep controls on their research and development departments. This enables them to regularly stay updated on the latest developments in the wine industry, the newest forms of innovations, and much more. Be sure to speak with one of UKV PLC’s consultants, as they’re more than willing to assist in any way that they possibly may be able to.

Stephen Williams, AWC and the Power of Passion

The worldwide economy is still in rough shape after its precipitous tumble in 2008. Things look up in general, but too many people are still suffering from its effects. Anyone looking for a little inspiration can turn to Stephen Williams, owner and CEO of The Antique Wine Company. Williams, born into poverty, has turned his once small business into a multimillion pound juggernaut.


How did Williams achieve this level of success? Hard work, focus and dedication. Williams was raised in Derbyshire by a cash register salesman father who left his mother at a young age. This forced Williams to rely on himself early.


When Williams started AWC over 25 years ago, he had been working as a life assurance salesman. Though he made decent money, he quickly realized he had pushed himself into a dead end. So, he turned to one of his biggest passions, wine, and became a traveling wine taste tester.


Later on, he founded AWC, an enterprise that earnestly supports and spread vintage wines from all over the world. Williams love for wine gave him a passion that drove his spirit and focused his energies on success.


Now, AWC is a sprawling enterprise: its headquarters in London is huge and well respected. Operation has expanded to include two sales offices in Asia. AWC’s reach continues to spread further and further around the world and it has become one of the absolute top wine providers in the world. AWC services 45,000 clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Clients include private buyers, restaurants, hotels, wineries, and even palaces.


This success didn’t happen overnight: Williams devoted and still devotes a lot of his energy to traveling the world and finding the best wins he can. He personally flies himself to various vineyards around the world and personally taste tests each wine to ensure its quality.


Williams outgoing personality and well-versed wine knowledge has made him an in-demand win lecturer and commentator. He is often quoted in various newspapers and has given a variety of programmes on Riviera Radio in Monaco and hosts a series on the Bordeaux En Primeur wine making process.


And Williams is no wine vintage snob. In fact, the biggest differences between AWC and other wine providers is that they aren’t obsessed with ancient vintages. Yes, they have older and more aged vintages, but they are committed to spreading newer, more contemporary wines and wine vintages. Taste and quality are the two keywords for AWC and they do everything in their power to get only the finest.


Perhaps that’s why AWC has vaulted so quickly to the top of its field: it doesn’t alienate or isolate buyers like more snotty wine dealers. Instead, they focus on providing high-quality wine, regardless of age, to a wide range of clients from across the social and economic landscape.


The lesson here is obvious: passion and desire are the two most powerful influences on success. When Williams started AWC a quarter of a century ago, many people thought he was mad. However, had the passion, desire and raw ability to turn his small company into a multinational juggernaut.