Newswatch: Critically Acclaimed For A Reason

Running and maintaining a company can be very hard work to do. Because of the internet the connection between consumer and producer is easier than ever before. However, since this has happened a lot of products with low quality are being purchased and sold at a rapid pace. There no longer is a strong filter that stops the low quality from getting promoted. How are we to know what is a good quality product to invest in and what is simply a cash grab? Well, one company is showing us the way.

NewsWatch T.V. is an award-winning television show that has helped the general public to make educated decisions on what products to buy or ignore. Started in 1990, the program started as a financial issue show but quickly developed into a product placement and review outlet. The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. In recent year it has increased its influence by incorporating online components and with the TV segments already airing it is now on a whole different plateau. Newswatch is an incredibly acclaimed program with rewards such as the Telly Award and 2017 Marcom award credited to its name. Newswatch’s credibility is of the highest level.

Recently Newswatch worked with SteelSeries an electronics and headphone company to promote their newest products. Newswatch created two promotional review videos for the new gaming controller and headphone set that SteelSeries is releasing. StreelSeries wanted to get as many eyes on their new products as they could and use the video created by Newswatch in other ventures. The results of Newswatch’s work were incredible positive as the video segments were seen in every U.S. market and reached at least 95 million households across the country. The quality SteelSeries products saw tremendous success and the Senior director of marketing for the company had this to say about Newswatch “We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!”” It looks like Newswatch is critically acclaimed for a reason.


White Shark Media: Truly Listening to Customers

These days, nobody is perfect and nobody is immune to mistakes. As hard as anyone tries, we are bound to screw up, say things we regret, and make mistakes. The key is how we handle those situations. Do we learn from them? Do we grow from them? Or do we bang our heads against the wall and keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

When it comes to White Shark Media, they truly care and listen to the customers. It is easy to say that and spew out some sort of tired cliche, but they back it up with results judging to what Shopify said. What’s that old expression? Actions speak louder than words. When it comes to White Shark Media, they take action and they take action quickly.

They are not afraid to throw their hands up in the air and simply say, “We made a mistake. How we can make it up to you?” The thing to remember about White Shark Media is they have received way more positive remarks and feedback over the years. Think about that for just a second in your own life: How often do you get praised? How often do you get criticized? TOPSEOs said that the key with White Shark Media is their success rate and being quick to fix any and all problems that arise. They don’t want to lose customers and they know the value of their word.

After all, without our word, we are nothing. We are just saying things for the sake of saying things. Their Co-Founder and CMO, Andrew Lolk, has his pulse on the company. He isn’t just letting some minions do his job. He’s very hands-on and isn’t clueless or living with his head in the sand –

He’s right there with the company, taking charge and making sure that everything is running smoothly. On the rare times that there are issues, he wants to fix them before they become bigger problems than they need to be in the first place.

The key to having a successful company is having self-awareness and being ahead of the curve. With White Shark Media, they definitely fit that mold. They know what customers are saying about them, both positive and negative, and instead of getting defensive, they take it all in, the good and the bad, and use it to better the company and keep it growing to bigger and better avenues. That is what separates them from the pack.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

As more and more of the world gains access to the internet, how a company is perceived online is increasingly important. More than one-fourth of a company’s value is derived from its reputation, which is being seen online more often each day. In order to present the best possible version of themselves to customers it is important for companies to engage in online reputation management.

If a company finds itself in a situation where it responds too slow to consumer complaints they can be viewed in a very negative light. Additionally, in today’s digital world this sentiment can spread like wildfire, further damaging a business’s reputation. This in turn could lead to decreased sales overall.

These problems and more are all easily solvable with a solid reputation management platform. Some of the solutions posed by these agencies include real time insights and analysis. These data metrics are hugely important in determining how a company is being viewed online as well as how it is doing compared to its competitors. Another feature is it can help boost positive reviews while also helping to segregate customers in to smaller niches. It can group reviews by location and interests in order to get the most specific marketing possible to customers.

One of the leaders in this industry is Status Labs. This online reputation management firm has been around since 2011 and is currently taking care of over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. The company truly has developed a global presence with offices in Texas, New York, and Brazil.

The company focuses on improving their client’s images before, during, and after a crisis. This is accomplished through creating engaging content for consumers such as videos, articles, and professional websites. If a company is not protected through a reputation management service all it takes is one bad customer complaint to go viral to spell disaster.

Status Labs Offers 5 Tips for Cleaning up Search Results for Your Name

Whether we like to believe it or not, there are old posts or pictures that could prove to be very costly to us. Among the things that it could cost one is their job, their chance at getting in a school and it could even take away their business. There are tons of barriers that a bad result could put up between you and true success. Fortunately, status labs offers 5 tips in order for one to make sure that he does not have anything against him in the search results.

The first step is for one to Google his name while logged out. A Google search with a logged in cache will show results based on one’s search history. Afterwards, find any results that are problematic. If one finds problematic results, then he should do the best he can in order to have them removed. However, one must be prepared to not be able to get rid of all of the bad news and the press. This is where developing new content comes in. In this case, with new content, there will be news that ranks highly in search results which will drop the bad news into lower rankings.

Another thing is to look out for data brokers which will often have unflattering profiles up on any given person. Even removing the information can result in another profile being put up. The fifth and last tip is to be proactive about removing the photos. Website administrators could be contacted with the request to have those photos removed.

Of course, one could contact Status Labs for any help in making improvements to public images. They themselves will help their clients either maintain a good image or improve their image. They understand the importance of a good reputation to success, and the damage that a bad word sent around could do to a person.

Status Labs also has the skills to help improve the reputation of people. They will bring about better reports about their clients so that they will suffer minimal damage. Status Labs itself has had an attack on their reputation in which they have recovered from. As a result, they have proven that they are capable of providing services to their clients.