Jeremy Goldstein: An Icon in Law and Finance

Jeremy Goldstein is a man of several expertises. Among them is law and finance. He attended law school for his degree and qualification of practice. As for finance, he has acquired this knowledge through practice. Jeremy has worked for Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Verizon. By working for organizations in the finance aspect, Jeremy mastered the art.

His knowledge in finance and investment directed his attention to the issue of employees and EPS. Companies use earning per share as a suitable incentive for employees. Having EPS motivates employees to work hard for good returns. After conducting studies, results showed that companies’ performance increased when EPS was part of the pay structure. EPS is also a good indicator of when to buy or sell stocks for investors.

On the other hand, EPS has disadvantages when it is included in the pay structure. CEOs have a loophole of practicing favoritism or partiality. This problem arises of CEOs power over metrics. Collective control is limited and hence, inaccurate results are of high likelihood. Jeremy Goldstein’s advice is to compromise. It is a better solution that abandoning the entire idea of EPS.

Organizations can still use EPS but increase accountability. CEOs and other executives ought to be transparent and avoid unethical practices. There needs to be an oversight that holds the CEO responsible of what he does. This approach will direct the EPS pay system the right motive. Organizations are also open to identify other ways of how they can utilize EPS as pay system without incurring major shortcomings. Since every organization is different, a customized approach is practical.

Jeremy Goldstein now works at his own law firm. After gaining experience from various organizations and capacities, his firm is thriving from his wisdom. Jeremy had gone New York University for his law degree. Apart from representing clients, Jeremy has authored journals of law. He believes in sharing his knowledge with other people. In his experience, Jeremy realized many people do not have basic information they should know.

Jeremy’s works enlighten people and help them to make better choices in their businesses, finances and life. Jeremy admires giving back to the community. He is part of Fountain House, which is an organization that supports people with mental illnesses. He supports the organization by donating money to ensure its continuity of services. Jeremy Goldstein successful career has not gone unnoticed. He has received several awards and recognition in different areas. Learn more: