These Are the Top Industries to Invest In This Year, As Revealed By Award-Winning Investor Paul Mampilly

Now is the time to invest in various technologies that will become popular. The world is seeing technological advances that will supersede and surpass the technological advances of the past few decades. Expert investor Paul Mampilly explains what some of those industries are.

One is the food delivery industry. Mind you, this does not refer to pizza delivery companies. Instead, it refers to health food companies. There is a trend towards healthy eating that is gaining steam, especially among young people, known as millennials. However, finding healthy food is sometimes hard, which is where these companies step in. People who do not eat healthy foods often are not doing so because it is not convenient. Once they realize that the healthy foods can be delivered to their door, they will realize that it is indeed something that they can do. That is why more and more people are starting to use services, and it is why you should invest in them.

Precision medicine is another industry you should invest in. Precision medicine uses genetic testing to help doctors provide personalized treatment to individuals. This is gaining steam as well, and it is being implemented all across the country. As it becomes more popular, everyone will want access to medical treatment that is personalized specifically for them. By using someone’s DNA information, they can eliminate treatments that may not be as effective. This will cause a revolution in the medical industry. Paul Mampilly believes that now is not the time to invest in major drug companies and that you should instead invest in precision medicine opportunities. He also warns that when Amazon gets into the prescription drug industry, the price of your stocks in the pharmaceutical industry will drop, because chaos will set in.

Other industries Paul believes will be profitable include 3D printing, virtual reality, electric cars, and microchip technology. By following the solid advice of Paul Mampilly, you will avoid the risk of losing money.

Paul Mampilly helped Kinetics Asset Management become ranked as the best hedge fund in the world when he headed it. However, he got tired of Wall Street and decided to start helping “the little guy” make money. That is why he started his Profits Unlimited newsletter, which provides sound investing advice to over 90,000 people.

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Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist, Mr. Hussain Sajwani

The eldest son of a middle class family, Hussain Sajwani began to develop his entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age, watching and helping his father work at his watch shop. He went on to acquire his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington in 1981.

Shortly after receiving his degree he went to work for GASCO as a Contracts Manager, GASCO being a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or ADNOC. After gaining a year of experience he decided to open his own catering company. Read more: The Rise and Rise of DAMAC

Early in 2002 he saw a fantastic opening and leaped forward into it within the real estate and development areas of business and called his business venture DAMAC Properties and is now among the top project development companies in all of the Middle East.

As well as being a savvy businessman and investor Hussain Sajwani is an active philanthropist, having also donated considerable amounts of their time, energy and finances towards helping the goals of charitable organizations in local regions as well as border areas.

Throughout his career he has had a major hand in much of the development across the Middle East, either directly through being the DAMAC owner or through one of the few construction and building material manufacturing companies he owns.

He has also worked closely with the now President of America, Donald Trump before he became President, to build several Trump branded golf courses in Dubai.

The Hussain Sajwani family also has personal as well as business friendships with other members of the Trump family. Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. are all active members representing the brand across the world and have worked closely with Sajwani to produce some fantastic ideas.

Many of Mr. Sajwani’s endeavors have continued to thrive today, including his catering company which has been able to have him awarded with a commemorative plaque denoting his amazing contribution to the U.S. AMRY during Desert Storm, proving food services for the soldiers during their time in the region.

It is clear that Mr. Hussain Sajwani is one of the gems of the Middle East, bringing a strategic edge to the glitzy and glamorous development of the Middle East. With his business endeavors as well as his philanthropic efforts and his early set work ethic along with his education and business experience is proving to serve him well as he skyrockets to sit with the elites.

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