Jason Hope’s Focus on Burgeoning Technologies

Jason Hope recently made headlines for a large donation to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit clinical research facility that is focused on figuring out ways to prevent and cure some of the most common and dangerous age-related illnesses in the world. Hope is an entrepreneur and one of the foremost proponents of biotechnologies in the entrepreneurial world. He’s also becoming one of the most prominent voices in support of a new and exciting concept known as the Internet of Things. Let’s take a close look at his career while also making sure to learn a little bit about what inspires and informs working process.

As an entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed futurist, Jason Hope knows that you always have to stay ahead of the curve in order to be in the right place at the right time. Hope says of his work, “I like to start by keeping things basic.” Hope’s idea of focusing on the basics has led him to consider industries that others might have passed by. Hope started his career in mobile communications because he saw how pivotal it was for the tech community and he seamlessly rode this wave to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is an industry that essentially embraces smart technology to the maximum degree. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will become the most important tech industry on the planet while fundamentally changing the way that we live our lives.

Hope graduated from Arizona State University after having been born and raised in Tempe, AZ. Hope’s early success allowed him the opportunity to chase bigger concepts. After Hope’s success with his company JAWA, he would turn to philanthropy in order to broaden his horizon and help foster growth in an industry that is always in need of help: medicine. Hope would stumble across the SENS Foundation, a non-profit California-based facility, and a burgeoning professional relationship with Dr. Aubrey De Grey would solidify his desire to make a donation. Hope would sign off on a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation that would immediately go toward helping to find solutions for problems like diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Now, Hope is focused on growing his own brand and business while embracing the biggest trends as they come. While there are many industries to pay attention to, Hope figures to be most focused on the SENS Foundation and the Internet of Things.

For details: international.uky.edu/ihss/staff/jason-hope

Status Labs Offers 5 Tips for Cleaning up Search Results for Your Name

Whether we like to believe it or not, there are old posts or pictures that could prove to be very costly to us. Among the things that it could cost one is their job, their chance at getting in a school and it could even take away their business. There are tons of barriers that a bad result could put up between you and true success. Fortunately, status labs offers 5 tips in order for one to make sure that he does not have anything against him in the search results.

The first step is for one to Google his name while logged out. A Google search with a logged in cache will show results based on one’s search history. Afterwards, find any results that are problematic. If one finds problematic results, then he should do the best he can in order to have them removed. However, one must be prepared to not be able to get rid of all of the bad news and the press. This is where developing new content comes in. In this case, with new content, there will be news that ranks highly in search results which will drop the bad news into lower rankings.

Another thing is to look out for data brokers which will often have unflattering profiles up on any given person. Even removing the information can result in another profile being put up. The fifth and last tip is to be proactive about removing the photos. Website administrators could be contacted with the request to have those photos removed.

Of course, one could contact Status Labs for any help in making improvements to public images. They themselves will help their clients either maintain a good image or improve their image. They understand the importance of a good reputation to success, and the damage that a bad word sent around could do to a person.

Status Labs also has the skills to help improve the reputation of people. They will bring about better reports about their clients so that they will suffer minimal damage. Status Labs itself has had an attack on their reputation in which they have recovered from. As a result, they have proven that they are capable of providing services to their clients.