How Securus Used Free Calls & a Wireless Containment System to Help

Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the United States. It has been a big player in the industry and has been guiding it towards the future of communication for some time. Not only does Securus Technologies represent the future of the industry, but it has also been doing its best to present a positive face. Of course, most people know that making sure that inmates can communicate with those on the outside helps them rehabilitate, but every now and then the public has to be reminded of the beauty of communication.


One moment that Securus was able to show the beauty of communication was in Louisiana. Everyone, including myself, remembers how the state was hit with floods that caused so much damage to the people living in the state. Many people lost homes and all of their possessions. I am not sure how I would have felt if that was me, but I did feel sorry for the people going through these problems. It seems that the good people behind Securus understood this pain and wanted to do something to help people in that state by offering free calls to inmates within state prisons.


Many of the people in the state were afraid that their loved ones were hurt during the floods. Securus wanted to do its part to make some of those people feel better and they were successful. This move was something that the public paid attention to and appreciated, especially those in Louisiana. I know that I was very impressed by what the company did. Securus, like any other company, relies on profits, but they proved that there are times when even profits need to be overlooked.


The inmate communications company has also been doing what it can to help protect communities by cracking down on contraband cellphones. Yes, I was surprised to learn that inmates actually smuggle in cellphones into prisons to make illegal calls. These calls are not monitored and have led to real damage. Some of these calls have gone to hire hit men or hit women to kill people. This is a horrible act that needs to stop, and Securus is doing its part by introducing its wireless containment system. It should be noted that the company is not doing this alone since ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson decided to join them them with this goal.


Johnson wants to stop this kind of crime because he knows how dangerous it can be because he was a victim of it himself. The man still carries the wounds of six bullets that he took after a hit man broke into his home and tried to kill him. It is easy to see that Securus wants to help in every way that it can through some of the actions it has taken. Hopefully, it is able to do all the things it is aspiring to do.


Securus Technologies is Praised for Taking a Bite out of Crime in Prisons

Over the years, Securus Technologies has gained recognition for being a leader in criminal justice technology. Fighting and preventing crime committed in prison facilities is known as a substantial risk. However, Securus, is not intimidated; in fact technology is used to fight back. When current CEO Rick Smith, was placed in charge of Securus, his goal was and still is; to make the prison system safer for all. I discovered evidence of the ongoing efforts with praise that was received in an article published in October, 2016.


The article published in October, showed customer comments from letters sent to Securus Technologies detailing how the crime prevention tools helped prisons all over. The customers were thanking Securus Technologies for assisting with uncovering corrupt members of staff and attempts to bring in drugs and other contraband by inmates and their visitors. As crime prevention technology leaders, Securus has to remain ahead of the game; which remains developing new products and software at least once a week.



The monitoring and reviewing of phone calls, has proven to be the most effective. Through monitored phone calls, investigations were conducted in which scandal and corruption was uncovered. The letters sent in described how inmates were found selling drugs and alcohol, while possessing a cell phone; and these crimes would have fell through the cracks had it not been for the tools developed by Securus Technologies.


The information retrieved during phone calls and other recording devices were able to be used in order to obtain search warrants and begin arresting individuals. Cleaning up the judicial system all across the United States will take time, patience and effort. Securus Technologies plans on being at the forefront offering assistance to customers of their competitors. As proven by the article, Securus Technologies is headed in the right direction to continue leading the industry in crime prevention.


Securus Technology helps Law Enforcement Officials to Convict Guilty Inmates

Securus is an inmate communication system that has been around for many years. This organization has been working with law enforcement and prison officials since 1986. They specialize in communications technology for police, sheriff and highway patrol forces. They also provide phones and computer equipment for correctional facilities.


Securus serves the inmate population within many prison systems located all over the U.S. They make it a point to keep families together through the use of their video call technology. This technology requires a person to use a mobile device (or a computer) to speak and see their loved ones while they are incarcerated. Parents no longer have to be completely alienated from their children once they have been sentenced for a crime. This is a positive for inmates and for their children.


While Securus provides this type of benefit for prisoners; it is also useful for law enforcement officials. While the goal of prison is to rehabilitate inmates and to prepare them for life on the outside; many criminals are still connected to their old way of life.


Criminals often call correctional facilities to speak with inmates. With Securus video calls, some criminals even show their faces while talking to prisoners. Often times they will discuss specific crimes that they have committed or someone in the background will mention certain things about some type of illegal activity.


For example, sheriff officers were suspicious of a new inmate who they thought was connected to another crime. They allowed this individual to contact people on the outside before getting a subpoena to check the calls that she was making. Sure enough, they realized that the inmate was a part of an unresolved crime.


Once they found this information they were able to proceed with charging this suspect while they were in jail. Securus technology is very useful for law enforcement officials when they suspect something is wrong with an inmate and how they communicate with the outside world.



Video Services with Securus Technologies

When you begin to make use of a company known as Securus, you are using something that is totally going to benefit your quality of communication with your loved one who happens to be in prison. No one likes to think about their loved one being in prison, but this is a hard reality for a lot of people and it is something that causes them to feel like they simply cannot keep in touch with each other on a more regular basis without making a lengthy trips to the prison where it may not necessarily be convenient for them and their schedules.


This is why it is good to know that there is a company known as secure as that has recently launched a multi-state campaign to raise the awareness of their video visitation services. Video visitation allows you to actually see your loved one from the Comforts of home using a simple smart phone or laptop device that you have from your own living room. This is a wonderful option for a lot of prison families and has been something that I have been using for quite some time with great success and I have been continually recommending it to prison families around me and my loved ones because of the experience that I have had myself.


Securus and their multi-state campaign to raise the awareness of their services has truly brought in a crowd that are interested in the different options that are available to them. It is great to know that you are able to keep in touch with your loved ones without necessarily having to go to the prison itself and this can save you a lot of time and hassle because of the fact that this allows you to see your loved one in a more personal manner. Be sure to check out Securus if you feel that this service can be great for you as it has been for myself and a lot of other people who are currently using it.


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