Brilliant Performance of Drew Madden at Nordic Consulting Partners

For businesses to grow, it is mandatory to have individuals with extensive knowledge and skills in management and a vision for development. Drew Madden has established himself as a sought after consultant in healthcare. His desire for systems that ensure efficient record keeping has inspired him to great innovations and ventures. He is known for his transformational leadership and encouraging change initiatives. Drew graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering at Iowa University that he attended from 1998 to 2002.

He specialized in medical systems and held several positions after graduation. When he joined Nordic in 2010, Madden had succeeded in implementing several healthcare applications. He had been in the industry for more than ten years working as a consultant and a dedicated IT specialist. Some of the projects he undertook include implementation of applications in two hospitals in Chicago while working at Cerner Corporation. This kick started his career and provided opportunities for future growth.

Nordic consulting was a small company with only three clients and ten employees. Madden was appointed the president in 2011 and mandated to foresee its operations and provide leadership. Madden designed a path for the company to increase its productivity and grow its clientele. The task would appear difficult for an average leader but Madden was committed to providing significant improvement in business.

Nordic transformed into a globally recognized company in a period of five years. Madden had managed to achieve incredible results after initiating change. At the time of his resignation in 2016, the company’s client base had increased to 150 while the employees increased to 725. This great growth margin led to numerous awards. Revenues increased significantly making it highly competitive in the market. Madden was passionate about improving healthcare services by providing electronic systems as solutions to facilitate growth.

Nordic gained clients due to its reputation as a company that offered excellent consulting. It was also ranked as a famous consulting firm. Madden was highly regarded as a leader that shaped the future of healthcare IT consulting. His contribution was evident from many top awards Nordic received in his tenure.