Know your Health Condition-Life line Screening

Everyone wants and desires to live a long life. Even though we may not have control on when our last day comes, we may have ways which may prolong our life and ensure we lead a healthy life. Life line screening offers you testing services that help you to prevent diseases or cure them earlier before they develop fully.

Screening can save you from spending large amounts of money on hospital bills. This is because some illnesses can be cured if they are spotted in advance. Screening also helps patients with chronic diseases to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they understand the condition of their health.

Life line screening doctors are highly trained professionals that are well equipped with the knowledge needed in the field. The professionals make process painless and comfortable. The tools are body friendly and hence harmless. After they have completed your screening, life line screening forwards their results to a board of physicians for evaluation, to confirm the credibility of the results. They then avail their results to your physician or doctor. With the help of the results, the doctor knows the full state of your body, and in the case of any complications, treatment commences immediately.

Life line screening prices are affordable, convenient and require no pre-preparation. Here are the three of preventive health screening offered in the life line screening.

Ultra Sound Screening

Ultra sound screening also referred to as sonography is a technique that employs sound waves, to create image structures in the body. During the screening, high frequency transmitted in body area being checked up and echoes recorded.

Finger Stick Blood Screening

This kind of screening involves pricking the fore most of a finger for blood. This blood is used to test for any possible symptoms of diabetes and heart related diseases. The results of this test are ready in less than 15 minutes. The equipment used are approved and accurate.

Limited electrocardiograph

The EKG provided by life line screening is harmless and requires no preparations. The screening ensures that in case the patient has atrial fibrillation, a condition that would result in stroke is present, is detected and controlled before it’s too late.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association: What We Offer

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the largest independent practices of physicians specializing in anesthesiology. They offer six different types of anesthesiology services. First, general anesthesia; this is used when a more extensive surgery is being done where the person needs to be completely unconscious and still. The anesthesiologist closely monitors the patient and offers breathing control if needed. Second, regional anesthesia; which, helps control the sensation of pain on a particular body part. They do this by placing local anesthetic medication next to the nerves that supply feeling to the portion of the body being operated on. The third type of anesthesia they offer is Local/MAC; this type of anesthesia is often used on operations that are on small areas of soft tissue. The surgeon places the local anesthetic in the skin and tissues surrounding the operations site to numb the area. Fourth, Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers pediatric anesthesia; which, requires additional training and certifications. Obstetric anesthesia is the fifth type offered by Capitol Anesthesiology Association. This type of anesthesia, often referred to as an epidural, offers a birthing mother relief from the pain; Obstetric anesthesiologists also help when a mother has to have a c-section; there are a number of types of anesthesia used in cases of a c-section, but the most common is called a spinal block. A spinal block is placed in your lower back and the numbing sensation is almost immediate. The mother is still awake and is able to converse and feel light pressure, but is unable to feel any pain from the operation. The last type of service offered is Cardiovascular anesthesia; which, requires the use of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine while the operation is taking place. The anesthesiologist has the critical job of closely monitoring the patient while the surgery is being conducted.

Logan Stout: A Talented Sportsman With A Passion For Help Others Realize Their Dreams

Logan Stout, the Founder and CEO of IDLife, is among the few athletes who have managed to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. Logan’s winning mentality has been the leading light in all his endeavors. A native of Texas, he joined the J.J. Pearce High School that is located in his hometown of Richardson. While there, he managed to establish himself as a key player on the school’s baseball and basketball teams. His contribution to the team earned him a slot in the school’s Student Athletic Council.

Logan’s Early Life

Unlike many sportsmen who neglect their studies, Logan worked hard in school and even joined the university after high school. He studied business at Panola and psychology at the University of Dallas. On top of getting the two degrees, Logan used the university as a stage to showcase his sports prowess. He was among the key players on the University baseball team and even won several sports accolades. Logan was later called up to play for Fort Worth Cats as a professional player.

Logan’s Entrepreneurship Journey

While in college, Logan Stout had briefly served as a coach to the Dallas Baptist University’s baseball team. The coaching experience ignited a desire in him to mentor young players and to help them realize their potential. As the desire continued to dominate him, he decided to establish a baseball organization, Dallas Patriots. As the organization’s CEO, Logan has developed the organization to international standards and has hence made dreams of many young players come true.

ID Life was born of the same desire Logan Stout has of helping others. He established the organization in 2014 as a way of making healthcare products accessible to all. As an entrepreneur, he has managed to come up with a unique marketing strategy that has made it hard for other corporations to compete with ID Life. He advocates for his products and goes a step further to seek opinions from his clients.

About IDLife

IDLife, LLC is a leading health and wellness company in the United States. IDLife is an acronym for individual design life. As the name goes, the company is dedicated to helping people design their lives as per their dreams.

Through its compensation plan, IDLife helps its clients to earn from embracing their wellness. The customers are given a duty of marketing the company’s products from which they make an extra coin.

Sleep Expert, Avi Weisfogel Says Number of Sleep Apnea Patients Will Continue To Rise

Sleep disturbances, like sleep apnea have been a concern for decades, but according to expert, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the condition has never been spotlighted like today. New clinical findings have put more attention on sleep apnea because the condition encumbers the level of oxygen in the blood. And as Avi Weisfogel points out, reduced oxgenated blood affects the entire body.

Inhaled oxygen is transported throughout the body via the blood. During exhalation, pollutants are also transported from the body. If this process is disturbed, the carbon dioxide content in the blood rises, and this has consequences for the vital functions and organs such as the heart and brain. Dr. Weisfogel has been studying sleep disturbances for nearly a decade, and founded several businesses that focus on sleep apnea. “The consequences of sleep apnea can be very dramatic. These range from hypertension to stroke, just to name a few,” says Weisfogel. Imagine if a small stroke or myocardial infarction occurs during sleep, and you’re alone.

Warning Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Approx. 10 – 30% of adults snore in their sleep. In most cases, however, there’s no concern. Loud and irregular snoring is usually a first indication of obstructive sleep apnea. If this occurs, the patient should be evaluated and if necessary, attend a sleep lab for a detailed examination of sleep.

Weisfogel is also a prominent lecturer and peer-reviewed author, delving into topics such as insomnia, snoring, oral devices and how to treat sleep apnea. “Nearly 18 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and that number will steadily increase because many individuals do not know they have the condition,” says Weisfogel.

Starting his career in dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel became increasingly interested in medical science. He began bridging the two disciplines, and after years of research he founded Health Heart Sleep. In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters, a national instruction program for dentists wanting to learn about sleep apnea, and how to diagnose and treat patients.

To learn more about sleep apnea and Dr. Avi Weisfogel‘s sleep labs, visit him on LinkedIn or Facebook

Qnet’s Focus on Direct Selling

With 16 years in the business of international distribution and direct selling, Qnet has gone to great lengths to solidify its footing in this market and become a household name in this market.

Qnet began as a business endeavor between friends who wanted a business that promoted healthy living by making products of quality readily available to their customers regardless of where they might live. This was made easier by the internet, and Qnet has used its online platform to access the right products to keep in line with their mission statement and reach out to those international customers that would be instrumental in making an impression in this business. With diverse offerings on hand, they’ve been able to make available unique nutritional and hygiene products that take full advantage of what nature has to offer.

In order to determine whether or not a product is worthy of being sold through them, Qnet evaluates products to determine if it meets their high ethical standards and the expectations consumers have of their business. This is done to determine whether or not they are quality products for the suggested price and if it meets the health standard they have set. This is a rather common practice for direct sellers who need to maintain their customer base happy, but few go to the lengths Qnet does, and that scrutiny has helped them stand apart from the competition.

By making a commitment to health, especially to veganism has formed Qnet’s philosophy to drive their corporate operations, allowing them to develop new methods clients can use in order to better their own lives with the products that can be beneficial to their own health and promote more active lives. And Qnet takes that responsibility seriously, and understands that many see them as a channel that promotes health awareness and wellness, and they take that position as an opportunity to be a channel that provides even the most informed consumer new information that can factor into their decision to buy or not buy a product depending on their product goals in the future.

By helping consumers better themselves, Qnet has found a place in this market that makes them both competitive with other direct sellers while also being unique in their presentation. By adapting their marketing message to their personal philosophy and philanthropy, Qnet has been able to affect change of many who are in need of intervention, particularly those of special needs and entire communities who could benefit from their support.

Beneful Healthy Weight Is Great For A Dog’s Weight Problems

I felt bad enough when I knew that I was overweight, but I can’t believe that I let my dog become overweight as well. I only realized that my dog was overweight because the last visit to the veterinarian was not a good one. The vet said that the dog was eating bad foods that was affecting him internally, and he also had too much weight on them. I swear I saw the vet look at me when she was talking about the dog being overweight. It’s as if she was judging me as well as judging my dog.

I was very embarrassed by the entire encounter, but I did take some of the advice that she gave me. My vet told me that it was time to put the dog on a diet, and I had to feed the dog food that would help him to lose weight. I had asked for more advice than that, but she rushed me out the door so she could get to the next patient. I decided to go home and research dog diets on the Internet, and I came up with a lot of information. It turns out that my dog isn’t the only one that’s overweight!

Dogs and other pets can easily become overweight, especially if they eat the wrong foods. I also read that there are specialized foods out there that can help a dog lose weight, and the food is healthy for dogs. I decided that it was time to purchase the dog some food for weight loss, and I figured I would join him as well and lose some weight. I went to the pet store and asked around about what types of foods I should feed my dog to help him lose weight.

It’s funny because after mentioning my dog’s weight problem, the clerk went through the store, and he came back with one bag of dog food called Beneful Healthy Weight. He said that the food would be perfect for the dog, and if I fed it to him regularly and help him to exercise, then he would lose the excess weight. Too bad I couldn’t get advice on how to lose the pounds I needed to shed, but I was more concerned about my dog. I went home and started feeding the dog the Beneful right away, and the same night I took him out for a walk.

I stuck with a specific routine every day for a month, and each day I would feed the dog three times a day, and I would take the dog out to walk at least once a day. The next visit to the veterinarian a month later was amazing because the vet told me the dog had lost weight. I looked in her face and smiled, and she asked me what I had done to achieve the dog’s weight loss. I told her that I fed my dog Beneful that was specifically meant for weight loss. The vet smiled at us, and we both went home happy.

Hysterectomy Tool Causes Cancer to Spread

Johnson & Johnson invented a hysterectomy surgical tool called a morcellator. This tool was used in the operating rooms across the nation for several years with great success doing the job it was intended to do. However, the tool did something it was never intended to do – cause cancer to spread and worsen within the female body.

The FBI has now launched an investigation to find out if Johnson & Johnson knew about the health hazards while they continued to make and sell the morcellator. So far, over 400 names of women who had their cancer made worse by the use of the morcellator have been gathered. The FBI has issued its strongest warning, called the Black Box Warning, against use of the hysterectomy tool.
The morcellator is a minimally invasive tool that allowed the surgeon to slice off benign tumor growth (fibroids) so the tissue could be removed via tiny incisions. The tool was used to perform partial and total hysterectomies on women who had cancer or pre-cancerous tumors and left many of them worse off than they were prior to the surgical procedure.
Johnson & Johnson pulled their model of morcellator off the market in 2014, but other manufacturers still have their hysterectomy tool for sale. All brands are still in use in hospitals, but on a very limited basis due to the FBI investigation according to Adam Sender.

Bird Flu Causing Concern In Midwest

The bird flu is spreading throughout the midwest. Many egg producing farms as well as turkey farms are finding more cases of the flu in their flocks. No one is quite sure how the epidemic is spreading, but there is much speculation.It seems that there is a possibility that the vents located on the barns for ventilation for the birds is sucking the virus strain into the barns. The virus has been found in five new cases in Iowa. It is believed that this will be the worst instance of bird flu in the United States ever.

The five new cases, along with the already infected and sick birds will bring the death toll up to about 20 million birds. While this is absolutely devastating for the industry and the farms involved, it will also take a toll on the prices one must pay at the check out stands nationwide.

As the number of bird deaths and infections rises, there will be less available eggs for consumers which could cause a problem for breakfast eaters at CipherCloud and other companies. What is more is that these cases will also affect the amount of chicken and turkey meat that is available for purchase, which will also drastically affect prices according to many.

The overall belief held by experts is that the flu strain is being spread through wild birds. They also site the close quarters that the domestic fowl live in as a \facet to the rapid spread of the disease.

4 Signs you’re having ‘Good Sex’

We all enjoy getting between the sheets with our partner, but if you’re not experiencing some of the signs below, it could mean that you’re not having ‘good sex.’ Yep, Susan McGalla knows that  there is a big difference, and if you didn’t know that already, well you’re probably not yet in the big leagues. Here are 4 signs that you are getting sex just the way that you want and need it.
1. You Fantasize about the Person
Whether it is while you’re working or in the middle of the supermarket, when you’re having good sex, just one thought of ‘that thang’ could send chills up your spine. If you often find yourself fantasizing about your partner, something is going well between the sheets.
2. I Love You during Sex
Saying I love you should be something that you are always telling your partner, outside of the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring it into the bedroom! If you have the undeniable urge to tell your partner that you love them during sex, you’re getting it in right!
3. 6:00: Sex: My Bedroom
If you are making plans to have intercourse with your partner, you are making it a priority. You must be enjoying yourself, especially when it is a cannot cancel event.
4. You never feel Pressure
When the sex is good, you will never feel pressure to try new things and discover what you’ve been missing out on. You will want to try these things with your partner.

Holiday Shopping with has a number of creative gift suggestions that will make your holiday shopping a little more fun this year. Whether you have a friend or family member with a sweet tooth, a relative who loves savory foods or a picky eater in your family, this gift list can help. 

The aroma fork is ideal for those who have a little trouble eating foods like Brussels sprouts. There are several scented oils that can be poured into the fork, so that the smells of bananas, chocolate or coffee will come through the fork during meal time. 

For the relative with a sweet tooth like John Textor, mini short breads from chef Carla Hall are a tasty gift. The cookies are available in flavors like lemon black pepper and black forest crinkle. These tiny treats are also ideal for your next holiday party. 

Savory gummy candies are also a great stocking stuffer. offers candies in flavors like carrot and chili pepper. There are also cola-flavored candies that are the perfect pairing for a gummy hamburger or hot dog. 

Check out for more creative gift ideas that you and your family will love.