Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Sought After For Her Knowledge

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not just the average plastic surgeon. She is someone who is sought after because of the knowledge that she possesses. She is someone who has been asked to address audience across the country and around the world. She has shared the knowledge that she has with others so that they can better serve their patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has been featured in many publications and she has helped to write up a textbook for those who are looking to learn plastic surgery in the way that she has. She is someone who has much information to share with others, and she is not someone who selfishly keeps all of that to herself.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to take on a number of different surgeries and procedures and she helps her patients figure out what it is that they want her to do for them. She talks with her patients to make sure that they know what they want and that they know how that will take place. She is someone who can handle forehead lifts and cheek implants. She is someone who can help her patients change the way that their faces look and she is also someone who helps those who are interested in changing their bodies. She has knowledge when it comes to liposuction and she knows how to complete breast reduction work. Dr. Jennifer Walden has the knowledge and experience to help a wide variety of people with the changes that they are hoping to make to their bodies and their faces. His facebook page

Eric Lefkofsky, Groupon and Data Enabled Precision Medicine

At first glance you would not think the bespeckled, handsome guy wearing jeans was a rich entrepreneur. He looks so kind. Not that rich entrepreneurs aren’t kind. It’s just that he looks so approachable. Well, that gentleman is Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Groupon. But what does that have to do with data enabled precision medicine referenced in the title? Well, the answer is that Groupon is not Lefkofsky’s only business investment. He is also a co-founder of Tempus, a Chicago-based company that has stream-lined, upgraded and computerized medical information into more easily retrievable systems for medical treatment. In part, this company has the software to decipher doctor’s patient notes and transform them into something that can actually be read and stored on what are basically spreadsheets.

Another amazing feat accomplished by Tempus is the development of a system whereby a patient’s clinical and molecular data could be effectively, and non-cost prohibitively, analyzed. The ability to gather information and to analyze patient’s data on a molecular level allows for the treatment of diseases and disorders on a much more indiviualistic level. The basic term for this is human genome sequencing.

Eric Lefkofsky’s interest in human genome sequencing is based upon personal knowledge in that he experienced the inefficiency of the more traditional manner of collecting and storing data and the difficulty doctor’s had with real-time treatment of illnesses and disease when his wife battled breast cancer. He had a personal interest in determining a efficient and cost-effective way of providing medical treatment.

Mr. Lefkofsky is currently a Professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business; a board member of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He has also taught at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1991. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993. However, he did not pursue a legal career. Instead, he opted to join the dot-com industry and it seems as if he hasn’t looked back since. The medical profession will be forever changed due to his contributions.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Dr. David Samadi Practices A Number Of Breathing Techniques

Dr. David B Samadi currently holds the prestigious position as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Samadi was born in Iran but was forced to move at a young age due to a war in his country. Since he was a child, Samadi knew that Dr. Samadi wanted to help others.He needed to further his education to do so.

After leaving his country, he finished high school in Roslyn, New York. From there, he was awarded a full ride scholarship to Stony Brook University where he earned his degree in biochemistry. After that, he worked his way up in the workforce and eventually earned the status as the highest paid doctor in all of New York City. He is a celebrity doctor and has appeared on television broadcasts such as Fox & Friends. Dr. Samadi is a very hard working individual. His official job is to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. While treatments have been successful for some time now, he has since come up with a better way of going about surgery. He developed a system called the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique.

What this is, is a robot assisted prostate surgery technique. Sometimes prostate surgery results in a handful of side effects. The reason being, traditional surgery damages the nerves surrounding the prostate. Dr. Samadi’s robot surgery however, is much more precise and allows patients to avoid unnecessary side effects. As a result of such findings, nine out of ten of his patients are cancer free today. Dr. Samadi does a lot of work each and every day. He gets to work at 6 AM every morning and immediately begins. He keeps a very routine schedule that allows him to stay in the groove. Although he loves his job and enjoys helping others, he sometimes finds himself stressed.

To deal with this, Samadi practices a number of breathing techniques that allow him to decompress. After which he feels better and can continue on with his busy day. Samadi surrounds himself with people similar to himself. Being around hardworking, dedicated people like himself, he is able to learn and grow as a person. Samadi has a vivid photographic memory which allows him to perform so well in his job. Surgery is much easier for him after he studies a drawing or diagram. Samadi is one of the most prolific urologists in the entire country.

Read More: twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Know your Health Condition-Life line Screening

Everyone wants and desires to live a long life. Even though we may not have control on when our last day comes, we may have ways which may prolong our life and ensure we lead a healthy life. Life line screening offers you testing services that help you to prevent diseases or cure them earlier before they develop fully.

Screening can save you from spending large amounts of money on hospital bills. This is because some illnesses can be cured if they are spotted in advance. Screening also helps patients with chronic diseases to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they understand the condition of their health.

Life line screening doctors are highly trained professionals that are well equipped with the knowledge needed in the field. The professionals make process painless and comfortable. The tools are body friendly and hence harmless. After they have completed your screening, life line screening forwards their results to a board of physicians for evaluation, to confirm the credibility of the results. They then avail their results to your physician or doctor. With the help of the results, the doctor knows the full state of your body, and in the case of any complications, treatment commences immediately.

Life line screening prices are affordable, convenient and require no pre-preparation. Here are the three of preventive health screening offered in the life line screening.

Ultra Sound Screening

Ultra sound screening also referred to as sonography is a technique that employs sound waves, to create image structures in the body. During the screening, high frequency transmitted in body area being checked up and echoes recorded.

Finger Stick Blood Screening

This kind of screening involves pricking the fore most of a finger for blood. This blood is used to test for any possible symptoms of diabetes and heart related diseases. The results of this test are ready in less than 15 minutes. The equipment used are approved and accurate.

Limited electrocardiograph

The EKG provided by life line screening is harmless and requires no preparations. The screening ensures that in case the patient has atrial fibrillation, a condition that would result in stroke is present, is detected and controlled before it’s too late.

Sleep Expert, Avi Weisfogel Says Number of Sleep Apnea Patients Will Continue To Rise

Sleep disturbances, like sleep apnea have been a concern for decades, but according to expert, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the condition has never been spotlighted like today. New clinical findings have put more attention on sleep apnea because the condition encumbers the level of oxygen in the blood. And as Avi Weisfogel points out, reduced oxgenated blood affects the entire body.

Inhaled oxygen is transported throughout the body via the blood. During exhalation, pollutants are also transported from the body. If this process is disturbed, the carbon dioxide content in the blood rises, and this has consequences for the vital functions and organs such as the heart and brain. Dr. Weisfogel has been studying sleep disturbances for nearly a decade, and founded several businesses that focus on sleep apnea. “The consequences of sleep apnea can be very dramatic. These range from hypertension to stroke, just to name a few,” says Weisfogel. Imagine if a small stroke or myocardial infarction occurs during sleep, and you’re alone.

Warning Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Approx. 10 – 30% of adults snore in their sleep. In most cases, however, there’s no concern. Loud and irregular snoring is usually a first indication of obstructive sleep apnea. If this occurs, the patient should be evaluated and if necessary, attend a sleep lab for a detailed examination of sleep.

Weisfogel is also a prominent lecturer and peer-reviewed author, delving into topics such as insomnia, snoring, oral devices and how to treat sleep apnea. “Nearly 18 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and that number will steadily increase because many individuals do not know they have the condition,” says Weisfogel.

Starting his career in dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel became increasingly interested in medical science. He began bridging the two disciplines, and after years of research he founded Health Heart Sleep. In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters, a national instruction program for dentists wanting to learn about sleep apnea, and how to diagnose and treat patients.

To learn more about sleep apnea and Dr. Avi Weisfogel‘s sleep labs, visit him on LinkedIn or Facebook