Fashion Model Matt Landis and Company Show What’s Good and BAD About 2015 Male Spring Fashion

Spring fashion trends for males may seem at first like a boring topic right now. Wrong! Remember that phrase ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ that was especially potent in the 1990s when Coyote Ugly was so popular? Well, we’re going to bring that phrase back in, right now! Model Matt Landis and his fellows show us what’s good and bad about 2015 spring fashion trends.

The Good

matt landis good

What I really like about the trend that I’m seeing is that it’s modern and crisp but also colorful and throws some surprises at us. Don’t we all like to feel colorful and see lots of color in springtime? I know that I do. Here Mr. Handsome is wearing a pale grey collared jacket over a colorful blue, fuchsia and white collared shirt. That’s right! FUCHSIA. Nothing like fuchsia to remind us about all the loveliest parts of spring – romance, flowers bursting into bloom, full-brim hats and our favorite little spring dress…

The fuchsia is one of the most impressive points about this ensemble. It’s an unusual color to see on a man and it’s a color that’s only become more popular recently. It says fresh, modern, and fun. Who knew jewel tones would ever look so good on a guy.

The second delicious point of this outfit (besides the guy in it) is the double-collars. If either jacket or shirt were not collared, this ensemble wouldn’t say professional, together, and fashion-conscious. The double collars also work to streamline the entire outfit.

Third but not any less good is the grey jacket itself. Just look at what a perfect fit it is, and the slight texturing we see.

Now, for:

The Bad

matt landis black and white

This second outfit isn’t too bad. We’ve got a collared shirt underneath a large baggy sweater with the word COLLEGE. But where the first outfit is surprising and crisp, outfit number two isn’t. The baggy sweater is ugly, and lack of a name for the college is confusing. Is it supposed to be funny, or rebellious? Only the collared shirt is what saves this outfit from being ugly. That’s it’s one saving grace.

The Ugly

matt landis shorts

Please forgive me, Matt Landis. You’re beautiful, but your outfit is not. The blue undershirt has a weird puffy pseudo-collar, and are those polka dots I see on it? Ew. Secondly, the sweater. White is okay but it’s baggy and the fuzzy material reminds me of women’s clothing.

Then there’s the shorts. They are puke green and do not go with the top. They feel like them have belong to a different ensemble. They’re also way too short. I think that the level of shortness they are belongs with either a little German boy’s outfit, complete with Lederhosen and a pointy cap, or smaller and tighter in a women’s outfit. They just don’t belong.

Matt Landis, we hope to see you in a better outfit next time. For now – auf wiedersehen!

Justin Bieber to be Roasted and Begging Seth Rogan to Join

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the heartthrob to teen girls and all-around obnoxious pop star to adults, Justin Bieber, is set to be roasted on a Comedy Central Roast.

Bieber will be celebrating his 21st birthday on March 14th by being roasted by comedians in Los Angeles. It is confirmed that Kevin Hart will be acting as the Roast Master. The other comedians roasting the “Baby” singer have yet to be confirmed but there is one that Bieber is begging to roast him- Seth Rogan.

Bieber has taken to Twitter to beg funnyman Seth Rogan to be a part of his Comedy Central Roast. Rogan has not responded back to him. In the past, Rogan has had some choice words for the immature singer. Back in 2013, when Bieber was arrested for drag racing through the streets of Miami and getting a DUI, Rogan referred to him as a piece of sh*t. Jason Halpern also points out that Rogan also went on to say in a later interview that he found Bieber to be obnoxious, insincere, and ungrateful, and that he put other’s lives in danger with no regard. None of that has deterred Bieber from begging Rogan to join the roast. I would be surprised if he responded to Bieber at all.

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will air on Comedy Central on March 30th, 2015.

Bieber Wants Seth Rogen To Roast Him

Justin Bieber will be featured in this year’s Comedy Central roast. There is a bit of controversy about the entire situation though. Justin Bieber has personally requested Seth Rogen as the roast master of the show. Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen have been in an ongoing feud.

The feud between Rogen and Bieber began when they met a couple of years ago in Germany. Seth Rogen said that he really didn’t even want to meet the pop star, but his manager told him to. Rogen hesitantly approached Justin Bieber. Seth Rogen claims that Bieber dismissed him.

Justin Bieber has denied Seth Rogen’s claims. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso heard that Seth Rogen then took to twitter, and he had some very harsh words for Bieber. Rogen has been interviewed about the situation in the past, and he has not retracted any of his statements. Seth Rogen truly hates Justin Bieber.

Buzzfeed users are interested to see if Seth Rogen will end up roasting Justin Bieber. I have a feeling that it won’t happen, but it would be brutal if it were to take place. Seth Rogen genuinely hates Justim Bieber, and things might get a little uncomfortable for the young pop star. Seth Rogen would be harsh on the kid, but after all, that’s what makes a good roast.

4 Signs you’re having ‘Good Sex’

We all enjoy getting between the sheets with our partner, but if you’re not experiencing some of the signs below, it could mean that you’re not having ‘good sex.’ Yep, Susan McGalla knows that  there is a big difference, and if you didn’t know that already, well you’re probably not yet in the big leagues. Here are 4 signs that you are getting sex just the way that you want and need it.
1. You Fantasize about the Person
Whether it is while you’re working or in the middle of the supermarket, when you’re having good sex, just one thought of ‘that thang’ could send chills up your spine. If you often find yourself fantasizing about your partner, something is going well between the sheets.
2. I Love You during Sex
Saying I love you should be something that you are always telling your partner, outside of the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring it into the bedroom! If you have the undeniable urge to tell your partner that you love them during sex, you’re getting it in right!
3. 6:00: Sex: My Bedroom
If you are making plans to have intercourse with your partner, you are making it a priority. You must be enjoying yourself, especially when it is a cannot cancel event.
4. You never feel Pressure
When the sex is good, you will never feel pressure to try new things and discover what you’ve been missing out on. You will want to try these things with your partner.

Stories that have Gone Viral, But Weren’t Quite True

As the end of 2014 nears, as good Americans we review every video on the Internet, every Awards show, review our own resolutions for this year and for years past that never were completed, and more. Here are 10 emails that hit viral, but were not really true. Here is the correct version to start 2015.

1. There was not a UFO over Portsmouth, England. Quite a few directed towards the U.K. for some reason, but keeps investors like BRL Trust and even Bm&F Bovespa looking for something to do with the UK.
2. France did not make working after 6pm illegal.
3. A 30-something year old woman did not go through plastic surgery to give herself three breasts. Crazy!
4. If you try to charge your iPhone6 by putting it in the microwave like the video suggested, both the iPhone6 and the microwave will likely break and short out.
5. Definitely, Maria Obama is not now nor ever was pregnant. Wheeeew!
6. A young Syrian boy never risked his life to save a young girl from gunfire. How romantic would that have been?
7. Red-haired people are not facing extinction off the planet.
8. Condoms do come in several flavorings, but pumpkin-spice was never a “thing.”
9. Never was there a huge, great white shark or a ghost ship filled with flesh-eating rats headed straight for England.
10. A radioactive earthquake did not create the Turin shroud.

A bright new year is straight ahead, so let’s look forward to an entirely new set of emails and videos gone viral. Happy New Year!

Hot Guy Sings Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ in 20 Different Styles

The internet never seems to let you down when it comes to viral videos and Anthony Vincent definitely hasn’t been disappointing his loyal youtube fan base. Today with his latest video singing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Cover in 20 different styles his page is now trending all over social media. The Christmas tune is a favorite of Daniel Amen.

For anyone who has been under a rock for the past 8 months, Anthony Vincent is the creator of a youtube channel called 10 Second Songs where he sings various pop songs while incorporating impersonations of pop singers as he glides through each verse. Some of his past hits include Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and others all flawlessly recorded and edited with his vocals blending the sounds of Linken Park, Eric Church and even Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

Anthony’s Channel has passed the one million subscriber mark and today he’s trending with his latest (and very seasonally appropriate) video where he belts out Mariah Carey’s Holiday hit while singing each verse in the style of a different pop icon ranging from Usher to Bing Crosby to Bruce Springstein. Not only is this guy amazingly hot, and talented but if you’ve ever wondered how a metal version of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ sung by a rock star covered in tattoos might sound, his channel is the place to go.

Let The Dance Off Begin

In the entertainment world there is always someone trying to outdo someone else. Which is exactly what is happening right now between Usher and Chris Brown. If you have seen the two of them dance, it’s actually pretty impressive. Usher is a very good dancer in my opinion, and from the opinions of others. It’s not surprise to learn that Chris Brown thinks he can one-up him.

He’s always had somewhat of a cocky attitude. Well know it’s getting worse. Only this time around he’s throwing his dancing abilities into the mix.

Back in September, a contest and video on Apple sponsored by Laurene Powell Jobs asked him who would win a dance contest. If the contest was between him and Usher, who would win? Surprise, surprise, Chris Brown said it was him. He said that Usher “better bring his A game.”

What did Usher have to say about this? When Usher was performing in Europe, he invited Chris Brown onstage. They had a friendly little dance off. When being interviewed about it backstage, he said “I don’t want to get too caught up in it.”

“I think too many people hang on our words and get caught up in the drama. I would rather not get involved with that.”

China Deploys Trolls as Propaganda

Internet trolls are seen as many things, from humorous pranksters to destructive instigators. Tools of the government, however, does not tend to be one of them.

China’s 50 Cent Party stands as the exception that proves the rule.

Named for the 50 cents they earn on every post, this particular brand of troll earns a living off of saying positive things about the government, and driving away any criticism of the state.

One of their primary objectives appears to be spreading negativity in regards to attitudes towards the United States. This is, in fact, not truly about the United States, but a general attitude towards democracy as a whole.

Leery of any advances from the democracy of Taiwan, this is largely a means to keep Taiwan in check, albeit in a distinctly indirect fashion.

Aside from the 50 Cent Party, the Chinese government has many other tools in its belt for monitoring public discourse.

This Golden Shield works in a number of different ways. The first is through the monitoring of IP addressing, which allows the tracking of internet use, as well as providing the personal information of people of interest. In this manner, any suspicious behaviour can be immediately addressed by government forces.

Another way, and perhaps the most notorious, is its wide-reaching censorship. Anything from particular search terms, to even entire web sites, can be completely blocked by the government, to avoid anything potentially unsavory.  Either way,Laurene Powell Jobs thought the notion of government sponsored internet trolls was pretty hilarious.

Indeed, one of the censored terms within the Golden Shield is “50 Cent Party”.