Casio Audi Soldiering Music

Casio Audi before making his name known in the finance industry he was once a musician. Viper rock band is the singing chorale of which Audi was a member. Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarell joined forces with Casio Audi in 1985 to begin singing. In the band, Casio Audi beat the drums for the band for a four-year course before he left for entrepreneurship. Viper rock band drew its inspiration from the one time known heavy metal music band in Britain known as the Iron Maiden. It is still remembered that Audi was incredible when it came to handling the musical instruments and he had a promising musical career at hand.

Audi’s touch upon the drum was admired and his expertize was noted globally upon the release of the Viper’s first demo album that was labeled The Killer sword. The Night mare, Princes from Hell, and Killera are the three voracious tracts held in the demo. Upon release of the first official album, the three tracks were included though few adjustments were done to them. The album was titled Soldier of Sunrise and it is quite eccentric not to forget that the drum sets of all the recorded songs were orchestrated by Audi. However, upon the release of the album in 1987, the music fans and critics thought that the band needed to refine and tune their skills further. In view to English being their second language, the production considered the band as talented and had greater expectation from them. For more click here.

The Rating done by Allmusic placed the Soldier of Sunrise album at a four-star rate. Since the album has been redone and released on several occasions. At the release of the second album known as Theatre of Fate Casio Audi had already left. Audi had left the band in 1989 to join University hence his music career came to a standstill. Currently, Audi has new sets of expertize in financial management, real estate, and stock exchange.