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When it comes to fashion there is nothing more exciting and fast paced than Fashion Week in New York City. There are designers, celebrities, students, reporters and fans everywhere you go; trying to get a glimpse of some of the most unique and creative designs that year. Fashion Week has been going on for years now and it is incredibly well known in the fashion industry. While some of the world’s top designers present their shows during this week, there are also plenty of other up and coming designers that utilize this week to try and make a name for themselves. The Academy of Art University participates each year, hosting a Fashion Week show in New York City. This year in September, The Academy of Art University sent a number of their recent graduates to New York to present nine different designs. Some major celebrities were at the show including Ms. Jay Alexander from Tyra Banks’ Project Runway show.

The Academy of Art University is situated on the West Coast but the students that study there are from all corners of the world. You have students that are local to the college and then you have students who come from the other side of the United States and even from the other side of the world. This diverse gathering of brilliant minds is what makes The Academy of Art University stand out from other fashion institutions and it has gained quite a reputation when it comes to reputable and respected fashion schools. The graduates that were featured in this year’s Fashion Week had either recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion or a Master’s Degree. Students aspire to participate in this yearly event one way or another as it can get their career jump started almost immediately. This is the place to be in the world of fashion each year.

Techstyle: Where Technological Innovations are Embraced

Some of the sectors experiencing enormous growth in recent years are technology, fashion, and e-o their business. For instance, more companies are using advanced CRM technology and are marketing their products through social media. The e-commerce revenues are expected to hit $116 billion in 2022, from 2016’s $72 billion. TechStyle Fashion Group is one of these companies and has employed membership programs to drive its sales.

How a Startup Began and BecameDominant

JustFab is a fashion retailer that started fashion membership program in 2010. Members got the opportunity to buy products at prices more than 30% lower than the market price. Although this had not been tried before, membership had grown to about six million in two years, and over 2.5 million pairs of shoes sold at the start of 2012.

In four years, the company had acquired FabKids and ShoeDazzle and opened in eight other countries. At the same time, in collaboration with Kate Hudson, Fabletics was launched, and company rebranded as TechStyle in 2016. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are now the company’s CEOs.

What’s the Secret?

TechStyle co-founder Adam Goldenberg has a long history in startups and technology having started his company at 13. He was determined to use to incorporate his technological knowledge and experience in ecommerce. According to Tim Collins, the company’s chief technological officer, the company’s cofounders had a culture of starting digital based brands.

TechStyle started as a technology innovator launching various ecommerce technology products such as fashionOS. Besides, the company adopted new ways of marketing and selecting products. Such moves have made the company a critical player in predictive analytics. The firm has embrace machine learning and personalization.

What Next for TechStyle?

TechStyle has growth in revenue, members, and employees over the years. This year, the company recorded income of $700 million. The number of members has hit 4.5 people. Although it is not clear whether the company will sell in an IPO, the double-digit annual growth is likely to attract more investors.

About Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Adam is a serial entrepreneur who has started various companies in the last two decades. His first company, an online bulletin board grew and changed into a gaming website. Shortly, he sold the company to Intermix Media. The company recruited him as the COO. It is at this time that he saw the potential of ecommerce.

Ressler has started various successful business ventures in the past. He began and later sold it to Intermix Media. He then joined the company and met with Goldenberg. Other companies he co-founded are Alena Median and Intelligent Beauty.

How Customer Reviews have facilitated Fabletic’s growth

Many corporations across the world have become successful due to their ability to fulfill the needs of their customers. These companies understand the impact of clients’ reviews on their profitability and growth. An example of such businesses is Fabletics, which is a renowned fashion company that owns a subscription service for its customers. The enterprise was co-founded by Kate Hudson, a Hollywood actress, and it currently has more than one million members. Shoppers in the United States are attracted to the brand due to its positive online reviews. Companies across the globe have started adapting to the new consumer behavior, and their marketing strategies are centered on reviews. Fabletics has grown by over 200 percent since 2013 due to its ability to develop products based on its customer’s opinions. It has to date collected a revenue of more than $250 million.


Thousands of Americans have purchased Fabletics’ athleisure wear products because of the positive reviews that the company receives from clients. The comments have helped the firm in retaining most of its customer. A significant percentage of the U.S population trusts online reviews since they offer reliable information about a specific brand. The fashion company has established itself well on the internet, and this makes it easy for shoppers to get information about it. The outstanding online reputation of the enterprise has facilitated its success.


A considerable number of consumers has currently lost trust in the traditional adverts. The crowd has now taken over the power to choose the best products in different industries. Fabletics uses the influence of consumer reviews to build its reputation. Online reviews are read by millions of shopper since the internet is everywhere. Customers do not trust businesses that do not have good reviews, and therefore, they can easily ignore their products. Kate Hudson knows this, and she works hard to build an excellent image for the firm. Fabletics uses consumer testimonials and reviews when marketing its athletic wear. This strategy has improved its sales since most people trust online reviews.


Fabletics understands the needs of its clients since it engages them on its online platform. The company develops athletic wear based on the reviews that are offered by the public. It also asks new customers to provide information about their fashion taste so that they can be served well. The company’s designers ensure that all subscribers get clothes that are customized according to their preferences. The online reviews of the firm have enabled it to attract several loyal clients.


Businesses that have been reviewed positively by consumers have an excellent search engine ranking. The online reputation of Fabletics stands out due to its ability to offer quality products and customer service to clients. The activewear clothes that are manufactured by the brand are comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting. About 85 percent of the buyers of its products are return customers. Kate Hudson is determined to keep using the power of customer reviews to ensure that Fabletics is successful. She has a friendly personality that makes it easy for her to interact with clients.

Lime Crime Is Releasing Incredible Hair Dyes

The moment that every fan of Lime Crime has been waiting for has come. They have recently announced that they are releasing a line of thirteen bold colored hair dyes called Unicorn Hair. Unicorn Hair has been a highly anticipated concept that fans of the company’s brightly colored makeup products have been hoping for.


Lime Crime has yet to release the new hair dyes but it seems as though it will be in the near future. Their website already has announced the products and has descriptions of each. The color is bold and bright. They are designed to last approximately six weeks each and there are two different types of colors. There is a highly pigmented hair dye for bolder and brighter color and then there is a glaze that is suited for creating pastel colors. The new hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free just like all of the other Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere the colorful creator and CEO of Lime Crime modeled this hair dye after her own brightly colored locks. She has been coloring her hair every shade of the rainbow for many years and wanted to give Lime Crime fans the opportunity to follow suit. Ther is no doubt that the products will fly off of the shelves once they are released so fans hoping to purchase some when it is released will have to be poised and ready to snag it. For now, it seems that it will only be available on the website. Lime Crime has always taken pride in being able to help people express themselves with color so releasing a line of hair dye only seems to make sense.



Fabletics Makes Activewear Fun and Affordable

I’m sure by now you’ve seen a Fabletics commercial or two. You know, the ones with Kate Hudson strutting her stuff in cute activewear telling you that you can look as good as she does for only $25. If you’re anything like me, you probably thought “yeah right, that sounds too good to be true.” But guess what, my friend? It is true. Still not convinced? Let me tell you a little more about the brand.


Fabletics is an activewear company that operates on a monthly membership structure. It was founded in 2013 by the CEOs of JustFab Inc. and Kate Hudson in an attempt to fill a gap in the activewear market. They desired to provide stylish, high quality work out clothing at an affordable price point. By becoming a VIP member, you not only get your first outfit for only $25, you get discounts on future items as well. In addition, a Fabletics stylist will create outfits for you every month which you can opt to buy or not. If you choose not to buy anything one month, you will not be charged any money. Now I know what you are thinking; the quality must not be very good for that price point. Apparently, though, it is.


According to Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit, the quality is very good. In her review, she states that the quality was better than she was expecting at that price point and even goes on to compare the leggings to LuLuLemon. She goes on to say that she is “very impressed” with the number of stylish options available and overall feels that its a “solid” value and recommends ordering from Fabletics.


Teri isn’t the only one giving Fabletics positive reviews. Another blogger, The Krazy Coupon Lady, also gives them a thumbs up. According to their review the “quality rivals Gap Body, but prices are like what you’d find at Target, so the value here is very good.” Reviewers on the site Trust Pilot also have good things to say about the brand. One review calls Fabletics “very efficient” and another raves about the moisture wicking fabric calling it “the best.”


Still skeptical? Maybe you should order an outfit for $25 and see for yourself. I know I’m going to!

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Kate Hudson Launches Athleisure Line Fabletics Aimed At Every Woman

In a recent Elle Magazine interview at Kate Hudson talks about how her athletic past and her continued involvement in fitness and fashion have helped launch a new line of athleisure clothing named Fabletics.

Kate has always been an active psrson. She came from a family that was heavily into sports. Her dad played baseball, her mom has always been a dancer. Kate was a soccer player when she was younger. The family is still active and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. For Kate this transition into an athleisure clothing designer was an easy one.

When she made their Facebook announcement with her two business partners, their collective goals have always been to bring affordable, high quality athletic wear to every female body type. Kate believes it makes performing activities easier to have comfortable, well made athleisure wear to work out in. If someone is wearing clothing that holds and supports the body through exercise, then it is easier to perform the activity and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

For Kate Hudson this was key to Fabletics If someone looks good, then they feel good because, for Kate, she stated the hardest part of getting her exercise done is starting to do the routine. She stated that with a busy lifestyle sometimes people just have a hard time taking the time to exercise. That’s what Fabletics helps with. If women have acess to athleisure wear that is affordable, then they will want to lead a more active lifestyle.

Fabletics started in 2013 as an online monthly subscription service. Clients can sign up and fill out a style quiz. After the quiz is complete, Fabletics will pull together hundreds of pieces of clothing to choose from. Every month, subscribers can choose an outfit that will get shipped to their door. The monthly subscription of Fabletics is $49.95 and subscribers can chose to opt out of a month if they do not wish to purchase. All they have to do is chose to opt out of the subscription by the fifth every month, and they will not be billed.

For those that like a retail experience, Fabletics just expanded into five retail stores and recently started a men’s line called FL2. They offer the same high quality fabrics that Fabletics is known for, but in cuts, colors, and styles for any active guys wardrobe. The program details, and locations of the retail stores can be found on

Wengie’s Skin Massage Routine

YouTube is a site that has produced millions of videos on beauty, fitness, dieting, skincare, and health. Wengie is one of the people producing those types of beauty tutorials that really stands out in the crowd. The Australian based beauty blogger is of Asian descent. Consequently, a lot of her beauty advice is geared toward Asian beauty products and her Asian audience. However, just about anyone is able to pick up some really sweet beauty tips from this very perceptive YouTuber and beauty blogger. Join Wengie for a one on one conversation about skin care and message for a plump and moisturized skin base.

Glowing Skin Preparation
Wengie is famous for her well produced videos that give a close and personal look at the way that she treats her skin and keeps it looking well nourished and moisturized. This fact might surprise you. Wengie is one of the top YouTubers with over a million followers. Certainly, her popularity will continue to grow over the next few months and years. Wengie hands out some great advice in all her beauty tutorials. In this tutorial, the doe eyed beauty shows her video audience the best way to smooth the skin and prepare it for makeup. This is a routine that anyone could do for regular makeup or makeup for a very special occasion. Wengie also shares some of her favorite products too.

Wengie is not a beauty professional. Wengie admits that she is just a normal girl that enjoys trying out new products and sharing her opinions about those products with other girls online. She is a beauty addict and has tried just about every product that you could imagine. The fun part is that we get to hear about her thoughts on those products along with her very practical and down to earth beauty advice.


Find out more about Wengie:



Why Is JustFab An Easy Place To Shop At?

I found JustFab to be the easiest place to shop because it gave me a chance to invest my time and money in one place where they have literally everything I will ever need. It has been so much easier to shop there because if the way the site is laid out, and everyone in our crew can shop there. I am a very petite girl, but I can still find the things I need in sizes that fit me. My friend is a bodybuilder, and she can even find things that make her happy to shop there. That is high praise for a website, and it makes the site a lot more fun to use.

Read more:
JustFab Shoes & Handbags – View This Season’s Collection

JustFab – Facebook

I have been shopping on their site for a while now, and the most impressive part of JustFab is the fact that they have everything from shoes to plus sizes. They carry all the items I could ever need, and I do not have to worry for a second about finding something. If I need something to wear for a trip or some other kind of engagement, and then I will be able to use that without much of a problem at all. I have also been able to use the JustFab site to get shoes when I needed an extra pair.

I even put together matching outfits for all the girls in different colors. I picked red, and there was blue and green. We all have a sexy outfit to wear to the club, and we feel great as soon as we get dressed. We got all the summer wear we needed in one place, and we have not had to worry about the clothes we buy again. We are saving a lot of money, and we are able to wear these clothes all summer and still look hot.

Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics Marie Claire

Marie Clarie magazine recently interviewed actress Kate Hudson about her new line of athleisure dresses that premiered in April. It is all part of her Fabletics brand of clothing. Hudson says that she likes to design clothes that serve dual purpose, such as a swim top also being used as a sports bra. Her company strives to make clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, Hudson says.

One of her favorites in the new collection is the little black dress. Unlike most stylish LBDs, Kate Hudson says hers is made from comfortable performance wear, Fabletics. It can be worn in the office or vamped up for a night out to dinner. Hudson mentions that many of the dresses in her new line have built-in bras. These outfits do such a good job of streamlining the wearers’ figures, they will not even have to wear Spanx.

The lovely swimwear in the collection fit secure enough that women can use them for cool exercising outfits. The sturdy design from does not take away from the swimwear’s sexiness and feminine charm, says Hudson. They were made to look and wear the best.

Hudson told the Marie Claire reporter that there were a few other companies that make athleisure clothing for high fashion. The problem is that their prices are so much higher. With the sales model Wikipedia uses, Hudson and her company can produce the same beautiful fashions for much less, she says.

Kate Hudson is a global inspiration for women to keep fit and to love their bodies. Since she has always been a creative person, she came up with a plant to make high quality active wear more affordable to everyone. She co-founded Fabletics in 2013 and offered her new clothes online. Now, the company even has clothes for men and kids.

It is easy for customers to go to the Fabletics website and order the outfits they want. The company will ship their orders straight to their homes. Customers love the clothes and give them high marks for affordability and quality. Fabletics has a loyalty club that allows customers to get discounts after making so many purchases. Kate Hudson’s company helps active people stay stylish and comfortable within their budget. 

Fashion Model Matt Landis and Company Show What’s Good and BAD About 2015 Male Spring Fashion

Spring fashion trends for males may seem at first like a boring topic right now. Wrong! Remember that phrase ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ that was especially potent in the 1990s when Coyote Ugly was so popular? Well, we’re going to bring that phrase back in, right now! Model Matt Landis and his fellows show us what’s good and bad about 2015 spring fashion trends.

The Good

matt landis good

What I really like about the trend that I’m seeing is that it’s modern and crisp but also colorful and throws some surprises at us. Don’t we all like to feel colorful and see lots of color in springtime? I know that I do. Here Mr. Handsome is wearing a pale grey collared jacket over a colorful blue, fuchsia and white collared shirt. That’s right! FUCHSIA. Nothing like fuchsia to remind us about all the loveliest parts of spring – romance, flowers bursting into bloom, full-brim hats and our favorite little spring dress…

The fuchsia is one of the most impressive points about this ensemble. It’s an unusual color to see on a man and it’s a color that’s only become more popular recently. It says fresh, modern, and fun. Who knew jewel tones would ever look so good on a guy.

The second delicious point of this outfit (besides the guy in it) is the double-collars. If either jacket or shirt were not collared, this ensemble wouldn’t say professional, together, and fashion-conscious. The double collars also work to streamline the entire outfit.

Third but not any less good is the grey jacket itself. Just look at what a perfect fit it is, and the slight texturing we see.

Now, for:

The Bad

matt landis black and white

This second outfit isn’t too bad. We’ve got a collared shirt underneath a large baggy sweater with the word COLLEGE. But where the first outfit is surprising and crisp, outfit number two isn’t. The baggy sweater is ugly, and lack of a name for the college is confusing. Is it supposed to be funny, or rebellious? Only the collared shirt is what saves this outfit from being ugly. That’s it’s one saving grace.

The Ugly

matt landis shorts

Please forgive me, Matt Landis. You’re beautiful, but your outfit is not. The blue undershirt has a weird puffy pseudo-collar, and are those polka dots I see on it? Ew. Secondly, the sweater. White is okay but it’s baggy and the fuzzy material reminds me of women’s clothing.

Then there’s the shorts. They are puke green and do not go with the top. They feel like them have belong to a different ensemble. They’re also way too short. I think that the level of shortness they are belongs with either a little German boy’s outfit, complete with Lederhosen and a pointy cap, or smaller and tighter in a women’s outfit. They just don’t belong.

Matt Landis, we hope to see you in a better outfit next time. For now – auf wiedersehen!