Desiree Roles in Roc Nation’s Business Deals

The deal made by Jay-Z, the rap mogul with Live Nation is coming to an end. The agreement was signed in 2008 and was valued at $ 150 million. The 360 deal is set to expire in 2018. The end of the contract means that any party has the right to sell its stock to Roc Nation or absorb the company wholly. Rumors have it that Live Nation intention is to keep the touring deal with Jay-Z and back out of the record sales deal. While buying artists rights and record music is a lucrative business, a source’s information indicated that Live Nation no-longer dealt in such business. The part of the 360 agreement saw Live Nation purchase the artist’s rights and recorded music. The contract would not be extended hence terminating the business relationship.

Roc Nation is composed of about five top-ranked artists in the United States. The artists deal with diversified genres of music including rap and hip-hop. Jay-Z and Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez held a meeting with the chairman and chief executive officer of Universal Music Group. The meeting sparked speculations that Roc Nation would sell part of its stake to UMG. A deal between the two companies will provide Jay-Z with enough finances to improve his streaming service, Tidal. The streaming app is competing with Apple Spotify services. Currently, UMG has a small percentage in Roc Nation, but with another deal, UMG stands to own a more substantial stake in Roc Nation artists.

Desiree Perez is a close associate to Jay-Z and chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She took up the role at Roc Nation in 2009. Since then, Perez has helped the label in several areas including management, publishing, and labeling. Most importantly, she uses her negotiation skills to land the group of artists with better deals. Desiree is also good at numbers and has enabled the company to grow. She was instrumental in Rihanna Samsung deal. and Follow him

PG-13 Scares Or Aliens? The Choices Are Yours


Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes. Many have come to expect an R-rated gorefest with their horror. But don’t sniff at the PG-13 fare. There are some quality scares in that group. Off the top, The Ring and The Grudge do the trick with their chills. The slow burn of The Sixth Sense is quite effective as it delivers it horrors. An often over looked scare is the film Devil. Insidious and Mama are also great additions to the PG 13 horror movies stable but the one film that could top them all, the one that taught us just how scary the ocean could be, is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. You’re going to need a bigger boat.


Alien movies, on the other hand, run the gambit when it comes to ratings, scares, gore and sometimes even comedy. John Carpenter’s The Thing checks most of those boxes. It’s an R rated, stomach-churning, alien flick for the ages. And it’s a remake! Predator and Starship Troopers also fall into the ranks of The Thing when it comes to an R-rated gore fest. Care for a little humor with your alien? Try out Galaxy Quest or The Fifth Element. In terms of the biggest alien movie, Star Wars COULD be added to the list as there are aliens involved, but perhaps the biggest would be Alien itself. It set the standard for alien movie list.


Whether it’s PG-13 horror or alien films on your menu, the choices are endless.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Enjoys Huge Year

Squaw Valley Ski’s CEO Andy Wirth couldn’t be having a better 2016 and residents of the Reno – Tahoe region are glowing as a result. Andy Wirth’s world class resort, Squaw Valley, is looking at a game changing innovation that is coming in the form of a base to base gondola which will connect the coveted mountain to Alpine Meadows just across the way. A base to base gondola had been dreamed of by Wirth as far back as 2011 but progress has always stalled when it came to negotiating with land owners in between. Progress has been made in terms of a deal and now the gondola is going to come through.

Skiing enthusiasts have been, for years,hoping for a gondola to help make their back and forth excursions between the two mountains as painless as possible. In the past in order to enjoy both mountains you would have to pack up, re-load your car, and drive around one mountain and up into another. In doing so you would waste way too much time just getting there. Troy Caldwell, the land owner of White Wolf, finally came around to letting the gondola be constructed on the Western edge of his property thus giving the whole operation a go.

In his youth Andy Wirth had been a park ranger and it was this job that brought him close to nature and respectful of it. The gondola’s construction phase should have minimal, if any, effect on the coveted land in between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

For Andy Wirth this gondola is just another victory in what has already been having a great year. Earlier this year Wirth was appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board where he will help serve as an expert in helping guide tourism into and out of the area. Wirth has extensive experience with resort management in many different states and he will bring with him a ton of knowledge, know how, and capability. Wirth was excited to be added to the board and was quick to come out with his appreciation of the appointment.


Enjoy A Chick Flick Comedy with Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is similar in story line as the previous Magic Mike. This time however there is no Matthew McConaughey to steal the movie screen away from Channing Tatum. The movie this time focuses on Mike and what he is enduring since leaving the crew. It will focus on the life lessons that each of the guys must learn in order to move on in their lives.

For Magic Mike, he must learn to be open and honest with the guys while learning that often times, things don’t go as you had planned or hoped for. The guys are under the impression in the beginning that Mike has gotten his life together, settled down with his girlfriend and is living the American dream. This however is far from the truth really.

Mike and his buddies are on their way to Myrtle Beach when things start to go downhill. It would appear to be as if they have ran into a streak of unfortunate luck. The crew makes some new friends along the way that turn out to be quite beneficial to their situation.

Mike and the boys will learn that their friendship is meant to withstand a few ups and downs. They must open up to past friends and hope that along the way, they can reignite those friendships that were once left behind.

Rome, played by Jada Pinkett Smith is going to come into the picture as a long lost flame of Mike’s. The role will come into light and shed some insight on what has happened since we last seen Magic and his buddies. He must ask her forgiveness as well as her help for the situation that has left them without an MC for their stripper convention.

Crystal Hunt is another popular star who comes to the screen in a small role. She will play a friend of a recent divorcee who is up for some little TLC after openly admitting that her ex-husband is the only man she has ever been with. The scene will portray the guys offering their love advice to the women about how they can get their men to do the things that they want them to do. Crystal Hunt has been on the big screen before but most people will recognize her by her roles on some very popular television soap opera’s such as Guilding Light and One Life to Live.

Fiscal Results for 2nd Quarter Reports from Pulse Evolution

Pulse Evolution released its results for its 2nd fiscal quarter which has ended in December 31, 2014. The expenses of operating the company for six months totaled to $7,024,761. Pulse Evolution is known for the creation of hyper realistic images of humans. They have done a lot of groundbreaking work which include digitally de-aging actors, and even putting together a likeness of late entertainers like Tupac and Michael Jackson. As of right now, Pulse Evolution is working on the development on computer-generated entertainers for audiences. These are likely to be used for holographic presentations and virtual reality productions.

Pulse Evolution would not be the company that it is today or have its success without John Textor who is the executive chairman. He expresses satisfaction with the outcome of his business and technology. He is especially satisfied with the progress that they have made with the projects that they have taken on. John Textor is especially experienced in providing visual effects in film and other types of productions. He has received a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University in 1987. He was CEO of Digital Domain in 2006 when he worked on a bunch of feature films. He now runs Pulse Evolution where he is taking visual technology to the next level.

Bloomberg writes that Pulse Evolution is showing itself to be very lucrative and talented in its job that more productions are going towards this company for the visual effects and the completion of the film. The effects turn out to be very believable in the movies that are released. Pulse is also looking at other projects which include virtual reality and holographic projection. They are a very innovative team as well as very creative when it comes to artistic pursuits. Their CEO John Textor has made sure that they always present their best work.

Married at First Sight Couple Splits After The Finale

As if anyone is really surprised, Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro have called it quits right after the finale of the “Married at First Sight” show aired. What is it with these reality shows? There is hardly a couple that stays together on them. Are we just wanting entertainment so badly that we are compromising the sanctity of marriage to do so?

This show is the latest version that is based on finding true love or being forced into a relationship that probably would have never worked without cameras and lights. It’s similar to the Qnet hit shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Looking at the history of these shows, there has only been a hand full of relationships that have actually worked. What it is mass confusion and a whole lot of getting physical with people for the sake of the cameras.

The problem is that these shows aren’t reality. When the glitz and glamour of being on film wares off, the people realize that they had nothing to begin with. What started out as an innocent TV show has impacted so many people’s lives. The only true success story is Trista and Ryan Sutter from “The Bachelorette” series. They had the fairy tale wedding, two children and are still going strong. They may be the only couple who has made it this long in a seemingly impossible situation. It seems these shows ruins more people than it does help.

Chris Brown Is Jealous

Chris Brown was once every girl”s dream, but he has quickly turned into every girl’s nightmare. Aside from brutally beating Rihanna, Chris Brown has shown other signs of violent tendencies. In the past, Chris Brown was involved in a brawl with rap superstar Drake, and the incident was supposedly over Rihanna. Not only do ladies have to worry about getting hit, but Chris Brown is also an extremely jealous ex-boyfriend.

Hip hop fans, like Beneful,  seem to have forgiven the flamboyant superstar, but there are many people who can never look at him the same way. Nonetheless, Chris Brown is currently in the news again, and it’s not for good reason. TMZ recently revealed that Chris Brown has once again been stalking one of his ex-girlfriends. Many people know that Brown was dating Karrueche Tran for many years, but the couple abruptly called it quits. many people felt that Tran could no longer deal with Chris Brown’s jealous ways. Nonetheless, the rap superstar is apparently doing everything in his power to win his former lover back. Unfortunately, it seems that Tran wants nothing to do with him. However, it was revealed that the former lovers got into a very serious altercation, and security guards had no choice but to remove Chris Brown from the premises. Thankfully, Brown did not hit anyone this time.

20 Activities To Do With Friends That Cost You Zero

Socializing is very important, it helps you building your happiness and makes you feel that you don’t exist for the sole purpose of producing and making and income. The conventional ways of hanging out with your friends sometimes can be very expensive, or at least more expensive than you are able to afford, however, there are somethings you can do with your friends without burdening your budget. Zero price solutions are only a matter of creativity, and can be even better than the conventional solutions; we will present you some of them. Jason Halpern suggests trying a few out. He has done so in the past with people associated with The Real Deal.

1. Cinema at home
This is one of the most classic solutions. Why spending money on a movie ticket when you can just watch a movie in your house with some friends? A DVD, popcorn and drinks are just what you need for a night of laughs.

2. Game night
A simple card game, UNO, Monopoly, Chess or some board games can me a great solution for building a great dynamic within the group.

3. Innovating dinner time
Instead of leaving everything regarding dinner for one person, you can always suggest that each person you invite brings a surprise food to share with the rest of the friends.

4. Video Games
For this one it’s highly recommended that you pick games that everyone can play, you might like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA; however, not everyone might be fond of sporting video games. If you have a Wee it can be just perfect, mixing video games and fun games is a terrific solution to spend quality time in your own house.

5. Poker night
This is a traditional one, everyone is well aware of poker nights where you share food, laughs, probability calculations and some bluff into the mix. But for the sake of zero cost, try to play it in a recreational way and not to win money at all cost.

6. Walking in a flea market
In the era of shopping centers, these flea markets became “irrelevant”, however, great products and sellers that have a personality you’ll love are there. Seeing a flea market with your friends can be a unique experience.

7. Walking
With a simple walk you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air, physical exercise, the company of your friends, and all of this without spending a penny.

8. Bike riding
If your city was built thinking in bikes, than pick yours and go for a walk with your friends. Don’t know how to walk? It’s a good pretext to start learning then!

9. Museums
There are days where the entrance for museums is free, there are several cultural masterpieces that you can see with your friends and maybe learn somethings regarding your ancestors’ past.

10. Skating
This one might seem as a strange suggestion, but skating represents some of the happiest moments in our youth. Why not try to remember those moments?

11. Wine tasting
Tasting wine can be a great pleasure, good aromas and a quiet environment. If you can enjoy this context, try it with some friends that are not aware of it.

12. Local music
Some bands often held free gigs in order to increase their popularity, listening to music is always a relaxing activity.

13. Sight seeing
Not all cities have this possibility, but if you have do it! Watching your city from a higher ground is relaxing.

14. Standup comedy
There are several comedians that do it for the sake of the art; going to a simple bar to listen to great jokes can increase your humor.

15. Watching the stars
The lights in the cities of makes it impossible to see the stars, walking to a place to admire the skies can be very relaxing.

16. Volunteer service
Challenge your friends to help the others, it’s very rewarding!

17. Sledding
Pick your sled or some plastic and make the most of it if you have snow near your city!

18. Go to the beach
Sun, sand, sea, swimming, strolls, seagulls, all of these are available depending on the season, but the beach will always replenish the energy within our bodies.

19. Picnic
A nice picnic is perfect to create excellent interaction with nature, try it instead of an expensive restaurant; you’ll see the food tastes even better!

20. Make the most of happy hours
With happy hours you can make the most of one night in a bar and still laughing with your friends, without spending a penny.

Amy Winehouse Documentary Coming Soon


Amy Winehouse was one of the best female singers of the last decade, but unfortunately she died a few years ago in England. Winehouse died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning. She will be remembered as one of the stars that died too young. Amy joins the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. However, Amy Winehouse will be remembered for more than just dying at a young age.

A new documentary will release in July of 2015 stated Brad Reifler. The documentary will focus on Amy Winehouse’s climb from nothing to superstardom. Never before seen interviews of a young Amy Winehouse will be featured. Fans of Amy Winehouse will surely rejoice as their favorite singer lives forever in the spellbinding documentary.

Previews for the Amy Winehouse documentary can be seen on Rollingstone. Hopefully, the documentary does not portray Amy Winehouse as just another celebrity drug addict. It would be a sad thing if Amy Winehouse’s name was degraded any further. Amy Winehouse seemed to live the last few years of her life in turmoil.

The world should remember Amy Winehouse as having a beautiful voice and an inspiring message. Amy broke many barriers during her career, and she appeared on several hip hop tracks with rap star Nas. In fact, Amy Winehouse and Nas actually share the same birthday. Nas has said that he misses and respects Amy Winehouse more than any other female recording artist.

Disney Confirms ‘Frozen 2’

Just days after ‘Frozen’ creators Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck claimed uncertainty, Disney announced the green light for a sequel to the smash film.

The Walt Disney Co. made the announcement during the annual shareholders meeting on March 12. Chief creative officer for Disney, John Lasseter, dropped the news, along with another Disney exec. Josh Gad, who voiced the film’s character Olaf, was also present when the announcement was made.

Buck and Lee said, earlier this week, that they had no definite plans to produce a sequel for the film. The pair were overwhelmed by the acceptance of the movie’s characters and the critical acclaim. The team recently produced ‘Frozen Fever,’ a film short that was set to accompany the theatrical release of Disney’s live-action film, ‘Cinderella.’

The ‘Frozen’ film franchise has generated billions of dollars in record breaking sales for both the film and related merchandise. The film told the story of Elsa, a young girl with the ability to manipulate cold temperatures, but found it difficult to control her special power. Dan Newlin knows that Elsa eventually isolated herself from her family after an incident that temporarily harmed her younger sister, Anna. ‘Frozen’ is known as the first animated film involving a female lead that did not fall in love and marry as part of the film.

Disney has remained mum with details regarding the production and release of ‘Frozen 2.’