The Renaissance Personality in Greg Secker

Greg Secker has been acknowledged for his knowledge in foreign exchange. The English businessman has received a lot of media attention concerning the international school of education of financial training. He has founded multiple companies which mostly revolve around foreign exchange and trading. Secker also has written various books and held many workshops to master trading.

Greg maintains that his philosophy in approaching situations has always been “why not.” According to him he says yes to things then go on to find out the details later. He gives his Flying trader initiative as an example. It seemed crazy, but he started making trades while flying over Canary Wharf. In doing so, he was going to give money to those in need and prove that it was possible to make money anywhere.

Although he studied agriculture and food science in University, he somehow made the big leap to his current profession. He says that while in school he was building and selling computers. This gave him the background in coding that he needed. He advanced so much that he could create 3D models of fluid dynamics of a follicle. He got his first job at a job fair from Thomas Cook.

Cook gave him a job at a virtual trading desk. This is where his interest in the forex began. His job entailed coding all the functions of the coding strategy so in the process Secker picked up a lot of knowledge. Confident with the information that he had acquired he decided to test himself. Secker borrowed £5000 and in an impressive turn of events made £60, 000. At that moment he decided to realign himself with success.

After making quite a decent amount of money from trading, the agriculturalist comes forex trader chose to retire. He got bored and wanted a hobby, so he started attending seminars. The Greg Secker foundation is supposed to help young kids acquire the life skills they need to make a life for themselves. This is a way for Secker to give back to the community which is fitting because he is also the brand ambassador for City Philanthropy.