The Endeavors of Jason Hope May Benefit Us All

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, AZ, and attended Arizona State University, where he later received a degree in finance and an MBA. Currently, he is based in Scottsdale Arizona and has undertaken numerous successful endeavors as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and well-regarded futurist. He is a noted proponent of the Internet of Things, the ever-growing number of Internet-connected devices, believing it will have a significant impact on society in the future. He has also established a grant program that facilitates the realization of ideas of young students and entrepreneurs which he believes will impact the future of the technology industry. Perhaps most excitingly, the resultant marriage of his philanthropic nature and prescience may result in a longer lifespan and greater quality of life for humanity. IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

He strongly advocates research that focuses on improving the quality of life in senescence through taking a preventative approach when addressing age-related diseases.

Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

In demonstration of his ardent support of the field of anti-aging, he donated $500,000 to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Foundation, an organization that is focused on the development, promotion, and widespread availability of rejuvenation biotechnologies by, per the foundation’s stated approach, addressing “the repair of living cells and extracellular material in situ.” In discussing the donation, Jason Hope said he has “had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now,” and further stated that he believed their approach to addressing senescence and its associated diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis, “is the only way to go.” Dr. Aubrey de Grey, CSO of the SENS Foundation, said that the donation will be used to fund research regarding elimination of unwanted accumulation of molecular bonds in the extracellular matrix of arteries, the primary cause of hypertension, which in turn worsens and compounds many disorders related to aging. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Mike Kope, CEO of the SENS Foundation, said that Jason Hope’s generous donation would greatly expedite the anti-aging related work of the SENS Foundation. In a later interview, Jason Hope stated that research by the SENS Foundation has covered a lot of ground in working towards drugs that can reverse aging at the cellular level. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Nick Vertucci and His Academy Conduct Seminars to Assist Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci is one of the best real estate experts in America and is the founder of NV Real Estate. Nick hailed from a humble family background which could hardly make ends meet. Nick’s situation worsened after his father’s death when he was ten years old. However, Nick’s life made a turnaround when he was 18 and began his business by selling computer accessories.

How His Idea for NV Real Estate Flourished

In 2000, Nick lost his tech business after the dot-com crash. No matter what hurdles came at Vertucci, he was resilient and highly motivated to soldier on, personalities that helped him out of the dot-com crash. After 18 months of struggling financially, Nick’s friend invited him to attend a three-day real-estate seminar/training class and gained some investing traction. Afterward the seminar, Nick Vertucci had the required knowledge needed to create a Real Estate Academy.

Nick’s enrollment to the real estate academy inspired his venture into the real estate sector that later freed him from debt. Nick changed his financial outlook by investing in single-family rentals and selling them to the public through his own radio show – The Real Estate Investing Hour that operates in Southern California. In January 2014, he launched Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Nick uses his Academy to provide seminars focused on comprehending particular strategies for buying homes at prices less than the market value. Mr. Vertucci also offers training on various innovative financing strategies to help real estate investors to establish initial investment capital.

About Nick Vertucci

Mr. Nick Vertucci is a former police officer who ventured in real estate industry. He teaches people how to renovate, buy and sell real estate property by using the strategies that enabled him to take control of his finances. He shares these strategies through some workshops, online tutorials and mentoring programs across the United States. Nick uses his NV Real Estate Academy to train potential investors on how to spot, fix, flip and finance properties and get the maximum profit amounts on Nick Vertucci also advises investors to conduct enough research before investing in a venture.

The most essential lesson for real estate investors is that money is not out of reach. In fact, most things are achieved with dedication and hard work and dedication. From a young age, Nick and his family struggled, but things changed the day he decided to was ready to be his own boss.

These Are the Top Industries to Invest In This Year, As Revealed By Award-Winning Investor Paul Mampilly

Now is the time to invest in various technologies that will become popular. The world is seeing technological advances that will supersede and surpass the technological advances of the past few decades. Expert investor Paul Mampilly explains what some of those industries are.

One is the food delivery industry. Mind you, this does not refer to pizza delivery companies. Instead, it refers to health food companies. There is a trend towards healthy eating that is gaining steam, especially among young people, known as millennials. However, finding healthy food is sometimes hard, which is where these companies step in. People who do not eat healthy foods often are not doing so because it is not convenient. Once they realize that the healthy foods can be delivered to their door, they will realize that it is indeed something that they can do. That is why more and more people are starting to use services, and it is why you should invest in them.

Precision medicine is another industry you should invest in. Precision medicine uses genetic testing to help doctors provide personalized treatment to individuals. This is gaining steam as well, and it is being implemented all across the country. As it becomes more popular, everyone will want access to medical treatment that is personalized specifically for them. By using someone’s DNA information, they can eliminate treatments that may not be as effective. This will cause a revolution in the medical industry. Paul Mampilly believes that now is not the time to invest in major drug companies and that you should instead invest in precision medicine opportunities. He also warns that when Amazon gets into the prescription drug industry, the price of your stocks in the pharmaceutical industry will drop, because chaos will set in.

Other industries Paul believes will be profitable include 3D printing, virtual reality, electric cars, and microchip technology. By following the solid advice of Paul Mampilly, you will avoid the risk of losing money.

Paul Mampilly helped Kinetics Asset Management become ranked as the best hedge fund in the world when he headed it. However, he got tired of Wall Street and decided to start helping “the little guy” make money. That is why he started his Profits Unlimited newsletter, which provides sound investing advice to over 90,000 people.

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How Logan Stout is Helping to Change Health and Wellness Sector

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout and launched in May 2014. The company operates in the health and wellness sector providing nutritional supplements to their customers based on their individual needs. According to Mr. Stout, IDLife clearly understands that the health conditions of two individuals cannot be the same because they differ in numerous aspects such as diet, genetics, existing health complications, medication use and others health related components. Logan Stout explains that majority of manufacturers of wellness supplements on the market today are designed to address numerous health issues at the same time. He believes this is the reason why many users of these products have not benefited after using them. That was the reason why IDLife was launched in order to address this problem.

Under the leadership of Logan Stout, IDLife has focused on providing specific nutrition options that will effectively help the masses. To facilitate its work, IDLife has been working with a group of experienced investors and specialists in the industry. This is to ensure that high quality supplements are manufactured using similar quality ingredients. The supplements produced by the firm are supported by proven scientific work from medical journals and other. The objective of this is to ensure that the products are of superior quality and can serve the intended purpose effectively.

About the Founder and CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an established businessman, entrepreneur, author and leadership trainer. He has always had the desire to help other people overcome barriers preventing them from realizing their goals. Throughout his career, Logan Stout has earned billions of dollars and it has enabled him to create more ventures and become one of the most recognized speakers around the globe. Since launching IDLife, it has grown tremendously to become one of the leading and most trusted companies in the industry.

Dallas Patriots is another firm founded by Logan Stout, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The firm specializes in providing mentorship programs to the youth. Mr. Stout has appeared severally on radio, television and live events. Logan Stout received his business degree from Panola College. Afterwards, he joined University of Dallas and majored in Psychology. He has continued to offer his expertise to several fields, a proof that if you are determined you can achieve your goals provided you are focused to do it. This is how Logan Stout has made it in the business world.

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Anthony Petrello’s life at Nabors

Anthony Petrello has had an interesting life. He is one of the Americans who is silently changing the lives of many Americas. As a top business executive in the country. Anthony Petrello has been able to influence the life of the people who work in the drilling sector in a big way. He has been able to create job opportunities to thousands of Americas who are now able to put some food on the table. Anthony Petrello works for the leading form in the drilling industry. He is the CEO of Nabors industries. This is a firm that has offices in Texas. Although based in the United States, the firm has operations in various parts of the world. Currently, it is contracted to drill in Far East, North America, Middle East and Africa. Its operations have expanded greatly since Anthony Petrello took over the mantle of leadership at the company. As a business executive, he had been able to make great changes that are making the company grow by leaps and bounds.

Anthony Petrello took over the mantle of leadership at Nabors in 2011. This is after working in the firm for about two decades in other senior positions. Anthony Petrello first joined the firm in 1991 as the COO. He has since then held various positions in the firm. What we see in the firm today is a continuation of work that was started a long time ago. Since he joined the company, he had been working hard to ensure that the company becomes the best in the world.

Anthony Petrello dream is to have the company expand operations to all corners of the world. For the few years, he has been at the helm; he has demonstrated that indeed he is up to the task of leading the company. The company which now ranks as the best drilling firm in the world started its operations in 1962. Anthony Petrello who is the current leader of company believes that it has not yet exploited all its full potential, there is a lot to be achieved if the company is to continue in that line of performance.

Anthony Petrello has managed to be the top paid executive in the world while working for the firm. In 2014, he was the best CEO in the United States earning a total of $68 million in one year. Anthony Petrello is not only a business executive but also a leading philanthropist making major donations that are meant to help the community around him.

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How Samuel Strauch Established Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is the President and Founder of the investment company, Metrik Real Estate. Strauch has been steadily building himself up as one of the bigger real estate investment companies in all of Florida over the past fifteen or so years. Things didn’t start out easy for him, however, as his decision to jump into real estate was almost accidental. Because of Samuel Strauch’s exciting approach to real estate investing it is important to get a look in at how his mind works. Upcoming entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the real estate investor.

Samuel Strauch had been working in banking when he took a trip to Miami. While he was there he spotted two key things: there were real estate developments opening up around the city and tourists were beginning to flock in. Having an eye for a great idea is integral if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur and that is exactly what Strauch had managed to do. Strauch knew early on that he could utilize his international connections to pull together investors in a booming city like Miami.


If you talked to Samuel Strauch for long you will find out that he believes teamwork is everything, and he’s not even trying to be cliche. Strauch knows that the real estate industry is built on personal connections. Being able to shake hands, look someone in the eye, and share an idea is absolutely integral to finding success. Metrik Real Estate succeeded early on as a local real estate company because Strauch was willing and able to go out and do the groundwork to find those connections.

Above all else, Metrik Real Estate is led by Samuel Strauch in a way that few companies ever are. Strauch says, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.”

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Casio Audi Soldiering Music

Casio Audi before making his name known in the finance industry he was once a musician. Viper rock band is the singing chorale of which Audi was a member. Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarell joined forces with Casio Audi in 1985 to begin singing. In the band, Casio Audi beat the drums for the band for a four-year course before he left for entrepreneurship. Viper rock band drew its inspiration from the one time known heavy metal music band in Britain known as the Iron Maiden. It is still remembered that Audi was incredible when it came to handling the musical instruments and he had a promising musical career at hand.

Audi’s touch upon the drum was admired and his expertize was noted globally upon the release of the Viper’s first demo album that was labeled The Killer sword. The Night mare, Princes from Hell, and Killera are the three voracious tracts held in the demo. Upon release of the first official album, the three tracks were included though few adjustments were done to them. The album was titled Soldier of Sunrise and it is quite eccentric not to forget that the drum sets of all the recorded songs were orchestrated by Audi. However, upon the release of the album in 1987, the music fans and critics thought that the band needed to refine and tune their skills further. In view to English being their second language, the production considered the band as talented and had greater expectation from them. For more click here.

The Rating done by Allmusic placed the Soldier of Sunrise album at a four-star rate. Since the album has been redone and released on several occasions. At the release of the second album known as Theatre of Fate Casio Audi had already left. Audi had left the band in 1989 to join University hence his music career came to a standstill. Currently, Audi has new sets of expertize in financial management, real estate, and stock exchange.

George Soros — Inside Philanthropy

George Soros is a billionaire investor with an inclination towards politics in The USA. His active involvement in politics can be traced back to the times of George Bush. His style of funding campaigns is interesting in that he is an advocate for freedom and democracy. This is special since politics is generally associated with a lot of personal ambitions and total disregard for effective service delivery. Soros has made several campaign donations from liberal groups in the Barack Obama administration to Hillary Clinton. All these are characters who have been said to posses the best interest for the country and defenders of human rights.

Despite not being so successful in politics, Soros is a man with a big heart. He has made several donations from politics to human rights groups fighting for human rights and a just democratic system. His works of Philanthropy have seen him establish numerous foundations in a bid to enable nonprofit organizations access the much needed funding to promote the fight for equal rights. The funds are not only restricted to non profit organizations but also improved health care and education in the United States and around the world. Soros played a critical role in establishing the Democracy Alliance. This is a group of liberals which seeks to support fights such as combatting climate change and Income inequality.

With all these philanthropic works one is tempted to question the source of his vast wealth. After his move from Britain and landing in wall street, Soros built his own hedge fund in 1969 and later rebranded it to Quantum fund. His overnight success was attributed to his shrewd trade where he shorted the British pound. The profits generated were so huge he became known as ¨ The man who broke the Bank Of England¨. Due to his business prowess, he has managed to stay relevant throughout the years, generating super normal profits through his firm Soros Fund Management. Soros views himself as a champion of all things just and believes it’s his mandate to transform institutions and the world at large. With all the money at his disposal, it is therefore not rocket science that he has achieved so much.

José AuriemoNeto’s JHSF Company Continues to Thrive

The housing and real estate market in Brazil is not the best and many companies, even development companies, continue to struggle to make sure that they are getting everything that they need. These real estate company do not know what they are doing, though, because places like JHSF have been successful and they have been working hard to provide luxury options to all of the people who they work with.

José AuriemoNeto knows that luxury is one of the things that can protect a real estate development company from the economy. It doesn’t matter how bad an economy gets or how poor the housing market is, luxury will always remain something that people will be able to benefit from. Even when the economy is bad, people will still want luxury. Most of the time, people who want luxury are not affected by a recession or a poor economy.

It can be hard to find the best real estate opportunities possible but José AuriemoNeto knows that he is doing the right thing by focusing on shopping in the Sao Paulo area. The location is booming and he has been able to do many more things with the shopping centers that he is a part of. By doing this, he has allowed himself the chance to make sure that things are going to work out for him and for the JHSF company in general. The changes that he has made to the shopping economy in Brazil have been beneficial for everyone.

While shopping is important, the people who are shopping in Sao Paulo still need a place to be able to live. José AuriemoNeto created residential developments and that is something that has given him a chance to make sure that things are going to work best for the company. He wants to make more out of the real estate development economy and has done what he can to create luxury residential developments. In fact, José AuriemoNeto was one of the first to create luxury living opportunities for people who were in the Sao Paulo area so that they would be able to benefit from everything in the area.

Adam Goldenberg Handles Many Great Features of Online Fashion

Many businesses are not comfortable being online. This is especially the case with fashion. There are a lot of companies that have gotten started offline. However, they have put up an online site. Since they have been known as a primarily physical company, a lot of people have slept in on their website on As a result, their sales have only been so good. There are a new wave of companies that are using a lot of software and computer based technology in order to bring out the most sales. These programs have turned out to be helpful.

One of the primarily online companies that are taking advantage of all of the features and programs that the internet has to offer is TechStyle. One of the CEOs and owners of TechStyle is Adam Goldenberg. He is someone who has a lot of knowledge about the software and technology that could be used in order to maximize the sales of his company. Among the software and programs that Adam Goldenberg uses is FashionOS. Fashion OS is actually very helpful when it comes to keeping record of all of the products that are sold. This makes it easy to track not only the sales of the items but the customer who is buying the items. This is important on since the company does send free items to the customer. Therefore, it is important for the company to have data on the types of products the customer likes.

Another feature of online business is InHome. This helps with the styling and other aspects of business at There are a lot of customers that accept help with styling so that they will be able to find the look that they are happy with. One thing is that people dress up for different reasons. Often times, they want to impress others.

Fashion is quickly changing to cater to many different personalities and mentalities. Adam Goldenberg is using technical data to not only understand how the fashion industry is changing but to also know how he could influence it so that it can change in ways that is going to be positive and diverse.