The RealReal Launches in New York!

The online high-end consignment shop, The RealReal just launched its first physical storefront in New York City. The online store started six years ago and was created by Chief Executive Officer and Founder Julie Wainwright. Ms. Wainwright has a successful background in the startup industry. Her company The RealReal is still in its growth stages. The brilliant businesswoman created a well-sought-after business concept. She resales certified high-end clothing and other luxury items to customers via the digital retail space. Recently, she and innovative company The RealReal has changed their approach by launching a pop-up store in the heart of New York City. This gave the forward-thinking owner an opportunity to gauge how well her company faired in a new market-equally as important, she focused on fostering brand awareness. The launch reportedly elevated The RealReals revenue by $2 million. This was indeed an eye opener for the online business. Soon, the entrepreneur struck out on another pop-up launch endeavor. This time it took place in San Francisco, California. Since establishing the California event, the company experienced a significant hike in sales from that local area. The RealReal has made plans to launch pop-up series in other key cities like that of Las Vegas. It is standard practice to have gemologist and authentication experts on site to assist clients at its pop-up events. CEO Julie Wainwright and The RealReal has unleashed a new luxury shopping experience in New York. They have accentuated the venue with a cafe and a flower shop. In addition, the store has crafted exclusive learning and shopping events surrounding popular labels like Chanel. The RealReals presence is on a steady rise, it has 7 million members around the world-inclusive of buyers and sellers. The company is hopeful that it will increase its physical footprint across the US.

Desiree Roles in Roc Nation’s Business Deals

The deal made by Jay-Z, the rap mogul with Live Nation is coming to an end. The agreement was signed in 2008 and was valued at $ 150 million. The 360 deal is set to expire in 2018. The end of the contract means that any party has the right to sell its stock to Roc Nation or absorb the company wholly. Rumors have it that Live Nation intention is to keep the touring deal with Jay-Z and back out of the record sales deal. While buying artists rights and record music is a lucrative business, a source’s information indicated that Live Nation no-longer dealt in such business. The part of the 360 agreement saw Live Nation purchase the artist’s rights and recorded music. The contract would not be extended hence terminating the business relationship.

Roc Nation is composed of about five top-ranked artists in the United States. The artists deal with diversified genres of music including rap and hip-hop. Jay-Z and Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez held a meeting with the chairman and chief executive officer of Universal Music Group. The meeting sparked speculations that Roc Nation would sell part of its stake to UMG. A deal between the two companies will provide Jay-Z with enough finances to improve his streaming service, Tidal. The streaming app is competing with Apple Spotify services. Currently, UMG has a small percentage in Roc Nation, but with another deal, UMG stands to own a more substantial stake in Roc Nation artists.

Desiree Perez is a close associate to Jay-Z and chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She took up the role at Roc Nation in 2009. Since then, Perez has helped the label in several areas including management, publishing, and labeling. Most importantly, she uses her negotiation skills to land the group of artists with better deals. Desiree is also good at numbers and has enabled the company to grow. She was instrumental in Rihanna Samsung deal. and Follow him

Tony Petrello Continues to Lead Nabors To Greatness

In case you didn’t know, Tony Petrello is no stranger to success. He came from humble beginnings and has shown and proved just why Tony Petrello’s such successful executive.

Tony Petrello grew up as a skinny bright kid in the touch Newark, New Jersey area. He was known in his school days as a clever kid with a sharp wit. And that soon became his trademark.

It was clear at an early age that he wouldn’t get much assistance if he wanted to be successful. But that didn’t stop Tony one bit. He studied and soon became a top math student. In fact, Tony was so mathematically inclined that he studied under world renown mathematician Professor Serge Lang.

But despite his deep love and exceptional ability for math, Tony opted to go to Harvard Law School. There, he switched his focus from Math to Human Sciences.

After finishing school and various stints of employment, Tony began his career at Nabors Industries. His value was noticed immediately as he quickly rose through the ranks. And after nearly 30 years, Tony was chosen to be the CEO.

After obtaining the role of CEO at Nabors Industries, Tony let it be known his disgust with fellow CEOs that aren’t as benevolent with their funds. So it’s no surprise that Tony is extremely charitable with what he earns.

In fact, Mr. Petrello currently serves as acting Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. Tony is very passionate about helping others. This may be because of his own personal trials. Mr. Petrello donates around $7 million to PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) research. This is because his daughter, Carena was born prematurely, and diagnosed with PVL.

Tony has been making huge impact at Nabors. Among his many accomplishments since being CEO is his influence with the company in regards to signing a joint venture agreement with Saudi Aramco, which will help guide some of the drilling rigs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is important because it enables Nabors to have more long-term control in Kingdom. And in turn, this should create more growth, which means better rigs in the future.

Tony Petrello literally personifies the American dream. His hard work, perseverance, dedication and diligence throughout the years show that with belief, grit and sheer will, anything is definitely possible. He continues to set a stellar example of what it takes to succeed in business.

About Tony Petrello:

Using Wealth Solutions to Gain Financial Wisdom

Based primarily in the Austin, Texas region and surrounding areas, Wealth Solutions is a firm that assists members of the community in creating financial plans for the future. Unlike some advisory firms, Wealth Solutions works with a variety of clients including growing businesses and individuals to responsibly invest and save for different scenarios.


The main goal of Wealth Solutions is to stay perceptive and proactive in a modern market that is constantly changing. Wealth Solutions helps its clients to maintain a dynamic approach to investing for the future, while remaining grounded on conservative principles that reduce risk ( . Each comprehensive strategy ties into precisely how the client wishes to prepare for the immediate future, save for retirement, and leave an estate for future generations.

Services offered by Wealth Solutions include asset protection, which is incredibly important in preserving the resources that any client may have. The firm also provides advisory services, especially for retirement planning, that is designed to take the stress off of the individual and allow for expert assistance in preserving wealth. In addition, clients can opt in for company newsletters that are sent out via email. These educational pieces focus on other strategies for being financially responsible and are published as frequently as every week.


As the founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair uses his dedication to the success of others in creating a firm that facilitates the improvement of financial standing. Blair’s company works with small businesses, families, and even individuals to help build a strategy for being financially stable in the long run. The passion for teaching runs in Richard Blair’s family. His wife, mother, and grandmother have all been involved in the field of teaching. This exposure gave Blair firsthand experience as to how teaching can greatly help others. Learn more:


Richard Blair graduated from university in 1993 and quickly began working in the industry of financial services. In fact, it was only a year later in 1994 when Blair created Wealth Solutions and began to develop professional plans that cater to the individual or business on a customized level. Most recently, Richard Blair has specialized in retirement and helping other to plan for the years after ending a career. His personalized approach assist individuals from all walks of life. Learn more:


Adam Milstein’s Life and Devoir to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is an Israel-American philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation alongside his wife, Gila Elgrably. They formed the foundation in 2000 to provide charitable and philanthropic services to various organizations. Based in Los Angeles, USA, the organization focuses on strengthening ties between the State of Israel with that of the United States of America. The primary services offered include consultations, partnership developments, and fundraising. These efforts are designed to maintain programs encompassing Pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish education, and Jewish continuity.

Milstein takes heart in the interests of others and finding a means of helping the society is his way of interacting with others. His philanthropic philosophy of operation consists of three distinct principles:

  1. Active Philanthropy – He and his staff at the Milstein Family Foundation invest not only their time but also their expertise in the programs they undertake to support the community.
  2. Life Path Impact – Milstein develops organizations that maintain a steady deep connection with their target population by engaging them through the stages of life. He creates programs shaped for the different phases of life namely childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
  3. Philanthropic Synergy – Milstein develops programmatic partnerships with other stakeholders working towards assisting charitable organizations.

Milstein is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). The IAC aims at building a united Israeli-American community that ensures the Jewish and Israeli identity of the future generations. He also sits on the board of several other organizations such as Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein served in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics. Milstein joined his father and began his career in commercial real estate. He is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate investment firm. He lives in California with his wife and their three children.


Will Don Ressler Continue to See Success?

Don Ressler has always been accustomed to being a success. He knows that success is what you make it and he has worked very hard to make himself successful. In the past, he had businesses that were huge successes and he made millions of dollars in profit from each of these businesses. While he knew that he would be able to stop there, he didn’t want to. Don Ressler wanted to push even further to find even more success and create something that would last and be prominent for many years to come in the future.

Adam Goldenberg also had the same vision and had always been successful since the beginning of his time on the business scene. He started out at 15 and was successful from that time on. He was 19 when Don Ressler found him and the two decided that they should work together. Since they had both been successful on their own, they imagined the success that they would see if they worked together. They knew that they could do it but they had to first have a plan in place to come up with that success. They needed something that nobody else had and would prove to be extremely valuable.

This is where JustFab came into play. The company was the brainchild of the two and something that they both worked very hard for. They wanted to make sure that they would be able to have something that would last and something that was convenient. The JustFab model is to provide convenience to any woman who wants to join the site on Pando. They make sure that they are able to provide all women the clothes that they need and that they really don’t have to do any shopping for it aside from the questionnaire that they answer when they first join.

Now that they saw a lot of success with JustFab on, they decided to branch out with athletic wear and with shoes. These are done similar to how the JustFab model is done and they are intended for people who want that convenience. Both of these brands work just like JustFab and they are able to provide people with a great new outfit or a great new pair of shoes on a monthly basis. They were among the first people to use the subscription box service and they continue to thrive in the subscription box service industry.

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BMG Continues To Grow Under Ricardo Guimaraes

Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, a large and successful investor and entrepreneur in mining and agriculture, is the father of Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo Guimaraes was born in one of the richest and most powerful families in Minas Gerais. Ricardo Guimaraes is however recognized for his role as the president of BMG bank.


Ever since taking over the management of the bank in 1998, Ricardo Guimaraes has shown his great talent of innovation and hard work. He turned BMG bank into the National Loans leader shortly after taking over. The connections and interests of the Guimaraes family in the financial sector date back to the early part of the last century. In 1930, the grandfather to Ricardo Guimaraes, Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, founded the Land Credit Bank.


Ricardo Guimaraes’ management has seen the bank come up with a strategy to become a leader in Brazil’s consigned credit monitoring market. The bank’s operations are handled by a lean and efficient team as well as consultants who are spread across the country. BMG’s main focus is offering low-interest credit to an audience whose default level is low. This has worked for the good of the bank, making it the leader in the industry.


Apart from running BMG successfully, Ricardo Guimaraes offers sponsorship to various football teams as well as athletes in Brazil. At the moment, BMG is the biggest sponsor of football in Brazil. BMG bank receives good returns from the investments made in the sponsorships. The sponsorships are also functional for BMG in the area of advertising. The bank achieves enormous visibility by stamping its three orange letters in the various clubs it sponsors all across the country.


Ricardo Guimaraes’ love for football does not end at the sponsorships and his support for Clube Atlético Mineiro. His love has seen him chair the Alvinegro Mines, a position he took to succeed Nelio Brant. Ricardo managed the club for half a decade before being succeeded by Ziza Valadares. His commitment to the club was exceptional. He assisted the team during difficult times by contributing money from his own pocket. His commitment has earned him a lot of respect a decade after leaving the club, from both the board and the fans.


When it comes to the future of BMG, Ricardo Guimaraes continues to bank on firm and strong payroll loans as the main product offered by the bank.


Due to the economic recession in many countries, the rate of unemployment has been increasing. Brazil is one of the countries in which the economy is still struggling to become stable. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, this has led to many people looking for other ways to survive. It includes self-employment. Most people are now starting their private businesses. As an owner of a private business, Ricardo offers constructive advice to the new entrepreneurs.


Ricardo, the chairman of the BMG Banco Bank, says that there has been a continued rise in self-employment. He hopes that this growth in the self-employment will impact on the economy positively. Ricardo expects that this new strategy will bring Brazil to the top of world’s economy. Formerly Brazil has been one of the biggest economies in the world. An economy recession has ensured that it no longer is a G7 nation. The self-employment mode adopted by some people in Brazil is one strategy to go back to the top.


Ricardo Guimaraes points out that lack of opportunities in the corporate world should not hinder success. The corporate world is one option among the many hustles Brazilians are venturing. People who expected to get jobs in the business community should venture into other opportunities. Ricardo hopes that this will help many young people get employment.


In Ricardo’s report, Brazil does have a shortage in skilled manpower. It has prompted the government to come in and assist. The government has set up different institutes to help young entrepreneurs grow their talent. Also the government according to Guimaraes has set favorable policies for the entrepreneurs. By doing so, the government has helped many self-employed people increase their businesses. It is expected it will start the economy.


In Brazil, their best talent is in exports. According to Ricardo, this influences the investing world. Lack of investing culture leads to failure of most investments. Therefore, according to Ricardo Guimaraes, there is a need to foster more investing advice to the new entrepreneurs. Being one of the entrepreneurs, Ricardo hopes that his example will impact many people and increase self-made starters.


So according to Ricardo, the new economic strategy can only work under several conditions. This conditions being the removal of all obstacles. The obstacles may be in the form of a lack of government support, lack of training and even bureaucracy. With the elimination of such obstacles, the self-employment sector may just help Brazil go back to being among the most dominant economies.


Ricardo encourages the new investors to think big when choosing want to invest. Being an example Ricardo has invested in the sports industry with a revolutionary hedge fund idea.

US Money Reserve Distrbutes Beautiful Gold Coins

The US Money Reserve is the most famous of all American gold distributors, and he company helps release gold coins for many special occasions around the country. The US Money Reserve routinely releases new coins for collectors and organizations, and this commitment to quality has helped produce some of the most beautiful gold coins in history. This article explains how the US Money Reserve releases coins to the public that are widely consumed.

#1: Their Coins Are Beautifully Designed

The coins released by US Money Reserve are among the most beautiful in the world. Each new design marks a new phase in history, an historic event or the anniversary of a special occasion. US Money Reserve tracks these events by releasing coins in advance of each event, and the pre-sales for these coins are quite large.

#2: Why Collect Gold Coins?

Gold coins are one of the most stable forms of investment that people can use. Parking money in a set of gold coins is much more stable than attempting to invest in the stock market, and investors who use gold coins as investment vehicles can trade on the future value of these coins. Collectors congregate at shows to buy and trade gold coins, and a collector’s net worth will increase with the purchase of each new coin.

#3: How Often Can Collectors Buy Coins?

Collectors may purchase coins from the US Money Reserve at any time, and the Reserve has a full catalog that includes coins new and old. Older coins are left in the catalog until the reserve supply has been sold out, and newer coins are feature at low prices to help the early buyers save money. Collectors may check the catalog often, and the catalog will be renewed often with extra selections. Checking the catalog on a routine basis helps people catch wind of the next coin they want to invest in.

The US Money Reserve is the best place for collectors to shop for their newest gold coins, and each gold coin is produced with the utmost quality and care. These lovely coins are kept by collectors who are waiting for each coins value to increase, and coins that are traded most often become the most valuable. A trader who owns a rare coin will have something extremely valuable to trade, or a collector may build a massive collection over the years whose value is astronomical.

A Closer Look at BMG And Marco Alaor

Banco BMG is a privately owned Brazilian bank that has been operated by the Guimaraes family since 1930. The official name for this bank is Banco de Minais Gerais and it currently focuses on offering payroll loans to employers. The bank started offering these in the mid 90s after decades of offering mostly financing for vehicles and consumer financing. In 2012 Banco BMG solidified its’ commitment to payroll loans by starting a partnership with Unibanco. Both Unibanco and BMG own stakes in the venture. One aspect of Banco BMG is to maintain a conservative policy for giving out credit to potential lenders. Banco BMG also believes in diversifying its’ funding practices.

About Vice President Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor is the vice president and director of Banco BMG, and along with the president of the bank, Ricardo Guimaraes, has been instrumental in the bank’s success. One thing that Marcio Alaor has done with the bank is give it a more visible presence through sponsoring sports teams throughout Brazil. This meant increased revenue for the bank and exposure for the sports teams. He also had a part to play in the launch of Banco BMG’s credit card for the bank’s customers.

Banco BMG’s Performance

Banco BMG has been performing well ever since it shifted focus to payoll loans and starting the partnership with Unibanco. These initiatives made Banco BMG one of the most successful banks in Brazil. This bank also has high ratios on its’ returns regarding the loans it offers borrowers. Banco BMG has also consistently received high ratings from Moody’s over the years. Much of Banco BMG’s revenue comes from the lending it does.

In conclusion, Banco BMG is successful due to switching over to payroll loans and it has gained recognition in Brazil’s banking sector thanks to the leadership of Marcio Alaor. This bank offers credit cards and a variety of helpful services to the general public. Banco BMG has also gotten into the sports world by sponsoring sports teams. Banco BMG is one of the few banks in Brazil that is family owned and operated and this contributed to the bank’s staying power over the years. This bank continues to be on the cutting edge of the financial services sector and will grow even more as it adapts to changing banking trends globally. Banco BMG is an institution that will be around for a long time.