What We Can Learn from Rick Smith’s CEO Tenure at Securus Technologies

Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick Smith, is an American business executive celebrated for his leadership role at Securus Technologies. He joined Securus back in 2008 after the firm’s board approved his appointment. Before joining Securus, he was influential in helping several telecom companies grow in terms of revenue generation and customer base.His role as CEO involves overseeing the Securus’ partnerships, strategies, and operations. Securus Technologies, on the other hand, is a tech-oriented company that develops inmate communications, investigative, law enforcement tools, and security solutions.

Academic and Career Background

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with an undergraduate’s degree in engineering. He also enrolled in the institution’s postgraduate program and graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. Rick proceeded to the University of Rochester to acquire an MBA.After completing his studies, Rick worked in several capacities at Global Crossing North America. He also served as VP of Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plant Operation’s Financial Management department. Rick also worked for companies such as Frontier Information Technologies and Eschelon Telecoms. As the president of Eschelon, he enabled the firm to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

Rick’s achievements at Securus Technologies

  1. Video Visitation Tool

Under Rick’s CEO tenure, Securus Technologies was able to reach a larger client-base through innovative products and exemplary customer service. The company’s most popular product is the video visitation tool that is used in correctional facilities in the U.S. According to Rick Smith, the visitation tool was launched to enhance connections and communications between inmates and their friends and families. The tool facilitates video and voice calls amongst users.

  1. Restructuring Securus’ leadership team

CEOs are usually tasked with the job of recruiting new talents as a way of improving a company’s professional team. Rick Smith is always proactive when it comes to overseeing Securus’ recruiting activities. In 2016, he made headlines after he facilitated the hiring of John Bell as SVP of sales. Bell was added to the firm’s sales team with an objective of fostering the development of high-end software.Before John Bell was hired, Rick Smith realized that Securus’ sales department required improvements. This is because the department handles the sales and marketing of over 800 products developed by Securus to serve corrections and law enforcement sectors. John Bell was the most suitable candidate for the sales SVP position since he has over 35 years experience in sales management. Bell previously worked for companies such as IBM, AT&T, and Verizon.Rick Smith pointed out that changes in the leadership and professional teams of Securus are beneficial in many ways. He believes that these changes enable the firm’s professionals to cope up with new products that are frequently released. This mechanism ensures that clients understand everything that Securus offers.

Sam Tabar Will Serve As Senior Lawyer for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Sam Tabar has recently joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He will be a Senior Associate with them focusing on hedge funds, their formation, and structure. Tabar will work with the firm’s existing clients. It was reported Tabar intends on expanding their relationships with Asia-based managers and investors, however; when asked about these plans he stated there has been no decision to do this or a timetable for opening an Asian office.

As reported in PRNewswire, Schulte Roth & Zabel use about 100 lawyers to focus exclusively on representing alternative investment funds and their managers. Clients in Asia have been showing an interest in U.S. regulatory developments according to Tabar. He also reports the Asia industry is growing and maturing as regulatory scrutiny increases. Hedge funds will need the highest quality legal advice with this type or growth.

Sam Tabar is a graduate of Columbia Law School and the Oxford University. He began his career in law as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP and then moved into business development and capital strategy. He joined Bank of America as Director after he served as Managing Director & CO-Head of Business Development. His comeback to the legal field has him joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

New York offices of Schulte Roth were opened in 1969 and according to their website they now represent half of the largest hedge funds with over 3,000 investment funds. Hedge Fund Researcher Inc. reports investments made on hedge funds in Asia are now 103.8 billion dollars which are the highest in five years.

Entrepreneur Mike Baur, Guru for Today’s future Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur recently left the financial banking institur Pfäffikon SZ to strike out on his own.This move is indeed noteworthy.

Fascinated by banking and finance since his earliest teen years, Mike Baur claims to have had his greatest fulfillment in realizing the fruition of his passion some years later as he put both feet into his calling.

He says he has invested all his time in Swiss undertaking and support for many different Swiss start-up businesses, not only financially, but helping share the benefits of his expertise.

“In case one wonders,”he says, “I’m still there for them at all times., day or night.”

Herr Baur says that he is always ready to listen to fascinating ideas in his sphere of activity, be it for financing, advice or simply a good old exchange of experience and ideas.

Herr Baur claims to have been ever the practical thinker rather than a theorist, and he quickly realized that a successful career for him could have no higher calling.

“My chosen profession today still brings me a great deal of joy and it gives me great pleasure to know that my company thinkreloaded.ag brings my experience, my know-how and my energy to lay out for my customers.

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Und noch ein «Aussteiger» wird Fintech-Investor

Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

Herr Baur’s career in Swiss banking covers some twenty years. He started at the bottom as a commercial apprentice and rose through his energy and enthusiasm to become a member of the executive board of a large Swiss bank. By the time he turned 39, Mike Baur struck out on his own with an entrepreneurial journey that he co-founded with two partners. They founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory, an important start-up investor in Swiss entrepreneurship focusing on the youth of today and the executives for tomorrow. He also serves as mentioned above, as a mentor and financial backer.

Herr Baur also presently holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester, NY as well as an executive MBA from the University of Berne in Switzerland.

At latest report, Fintech Fusion has joined forces with Swiss Start-up Factory. It is the hope of these companies to build a bridge between the Swiss German parts of Switzerland and the French parts. Based presently in Zurich, Swiss Start-Up Factory and Fusion, based in Génève are destined to complement each other in their goals and manner of operation.

M. Guillaume Dubray, founder and director of Fintech Fusion says that digital transformation is everywhere today. Being a leader in innovation, Switzerland is in the unique position to provide perfect conditons for start-ups with irts many development programs, hubs and coaching services.

Herr Baur adds that because of the linguistic diversity and cantonal and regional separation, the country sometimes lacks effective efforts to concentrate its strengths and resources. 
This promises to be only the beginning of strengthening relationships throughout the country as well as the start-up eco-system in Switzerland.

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George Soros Expresses Views on European Union

Bordering on Collapse
It has been reported by CNBC that the European Union may be ready to collapse. George Soros has made this prediction. This is due to the migrant crisis. He also believes there is the potential to actually kick the ball up the hill even farther. This is referring to the overall management of the millions of migrant and the refugees in the entire region in the year 2015.

A Look at the Dark Side
The businessinsider.com also had reported Soros views on his belief that it will always be dark right before dawn. He has discussed the US, China, and Europe. He painted a dark and dismal picture that portrays the future. Soros will first view the dark side of every problem. Once he has seen the darkest side of a situation, the dawn will shine through in the sense that solutions will then begin to emerge. Problems lead to opportunities because once acknowledged, awareness and solutions will lead resolution and opportunities. Soros did add to his view, the German Chancellor may be the key to solving this entire crisis. That is Angela Merkel. She had led the Europe’s response to the entire crises regarding the migrants. She opened Germany up to the refugees who made Europe their home.

George Soros is a Billionaire Financier and More
George Soros is a billionaire financier. He is an individual who has more than expressed his views. He has warned and he has made predictions regarding the possible collapse of the European Union. He held the following positions:
* founder
* chair
* Soros Fund Management
* Open Society Foundations
This is a person who managed to survive the Nazi occupation. This was during World War II. He is a knowledgeable and highly intelligent man. He received his education from the London School of Economics. He was able to acquire a fortune via the international investment fund that he had managed as well as founded. This fortune cam about after he had settled in the United States of America. He is the author of numerous books. He writes articles and essays too. His writing works includes:
* The Tragedy of the European Union
* politics
* economics
* society
His writing appears in magazines and newspapers all around the globe.

Brad Reifler Is At The Top Of The Market

Wikipedia shows that Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor with years of industry experience. Brad Reifler has been successful with many companies throughout the United States. He spent much of his younger years climbing the ladder, and now he has founded the company Forefront Capital, LLC. Brad Reifler began his professional career, going independent in the early 80s with the founding of the company Reifler Trading Company. This company managed multiple millions of dollars and eventually grew to offer research, information dissemination andadvisory services. Reifler Trading Company ended up as one of the most successful independent operations, and Brad Reifler sold it in the year 2000 to Refco Inc.

Prior to selling Reifler Trading Company, Brad Reifler educated himself and gained experience as a financial services professional, details of which are listed on Bloomberg. He became somebody that the world could trust. Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital in the year 1995, a brokerage with a strict focus on equity markets. Using hedge funds he designed a quite differentiated strategy. He was able to take ideas and merge them with the top research from the leading experts. He taught sales traders ways to focus on the “packaged” sales strategy and even taught them how to use it.

Brad Reifler was CEO of Pali for 13 years, and the company did well, with over $1 billion in income from commission. They employed more than 300 people and had business locations on four continents.

Now, ForeFront Capital, LLC is Brad Reifler’s newest creation. It has many subsidiaries such as Forefront Advisory, LLC. As founder and CEO he works very hard to help his company succeed. After starting the group in the year 2009 he began working to create a very differentiated strategy.

With the help of all of the subsidiary companies under the Forefront umbrella, Brad Reifler is able to attract registered investment advisers. He also attracts top investment bankers and business leaders to his firm. An important part of this success is the Forefront

Community, which is another tribute to Brad Reifler’s talent.

Many highly successful investors work with Brad Reifler, such as board members of Fortune 500 companies.  He’s also a popular follow on Twitter for his financial commentary.  If you want to fully understand where Brad’s strategies come from, regarding investment, check out his Reuters 5 Tips from Brad Reifler article, to better understand the mind of a master.

A Closer Look at BMG And Marco Alaor

Banco BMG is a privately owned Brazilian bank that has been operated by the Guimaraes family since 1930. The official name for this bank is Banco de Minais Gerais and it currently focuses on offering payroll loans to employers. The bank started offering these in the mid 90s after decades of offering mostly financing for vehicles and consumer financing. In 2012 Banco BMG solidified its’ commitment to payroll loans by starting a partnership with Unibanco. Both Unibanco and BMG own stakes in the venture. One aspect of Banco BMG is to maintain a conservative policy for giving out credit to potential lenders. Banco BMG also believes in diversifying its’ funding practices.

About Vice President Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor is the vice president and director of Banco BMG, and along with the president of the bank, Ricardo Guimaraes, has been instrumental in the bank’s success. One thing that Marcio Alaor has done with the bank is give it a more visible presence through sponsoring sports teams throughout Brazil. This meant increased revenue for the bank and exposure for the sports teams. He also had a part to play in the launch of Banco BMG’s credit card for the bank’s customers.

Banco BMG’s Performance

Banco BMG has been performing well ever since it shifted focus to payoll loans and starting the partnership with Unibanco. These initiatives made Banco BMG one of the most successful banks in Brazil. This bank also has high ratios on its’ returns regarding the loans it offers borrowers. Banco BMG has also consistently received high ratings from Moody’s over the years. Much of Banco BMG’s revenue comes from the lending it does.

In conclusion, Banco BMG is successful due to switching over to payroll loans and it has gained recognition in Brazil’s banking sector thanks to the leadership of Marcio Alaor. This bank offers credit cards and a variety of helpful services to the general public. Banco BMG has also gotten into the sports world by sponsoring sports teams. Banco BMG is one of the few banks in Brazil that is family owned and operated and this contributed to the bank’s staying power over the years. This bank continues to be on the cutting edge of the financial services sector and will grow even more as it adapts to changing banking trends globally. Banco BMG is an institution that will be around for a long time.

Igor Cornelsen Helps People To Do Things Right

Igor Cornelsen is a man that many people have been grateful to through the years because of all of the smart advice that he has handed out to them. Igor Cornelsen learned a lot about the stock market because he wanted to be able to help others when dealing with it, and he is happy about all of he hard work that he has put into his career. He is glad that he was ambitious enough to learn as much as he has, no matter how hard things may have been at times. He is glad that he pushed through and that he now knows a lot more about the stock market than most others could ever hope to know.

Igor Cornelsen has given much advice, and one of the things that he has labeled as being most important when one is going out to invest is that everyone who is investing knows that the company that they are investing in is one that does things honestly. Igor Cornelsen on yolasite doesn’t want anyone to get tricked into giving their money to a corrupt company, and he encourages them to do research on the companies before they invest, so that they can know that they are doing things right. Making investments is a serious thing that should never be taken lightly.

So, when someone wants to know that they will be making smart investments in the stock market, there is one man that they will need to be looking to for advice. There is one man who can help to guide them down the right path and who can lead them to make good investments that will give them back a lot of money. That man is Igor Cornelsen, and they should be following every bit of advice that he has to offer them if they want to be able to do things right.

The Growth and Journey of Citadel

Ken Griffin is the founder of Citadel LLC, a financial institution based in Illinoi, in the US. He founded the company in 1990 and the company has helped him accumulate a net worth of about $ 7billion according to Forbes’ 2015 report. He is married to one wife Anne Dias-Griffin whom he married in 2003 in a ceremony held in France. Kenneth C. Griffin was born in 1968 in the month of October in Florida USA. He is a great believer of professionalism and this is what led him to join the Harvard University to sharpen his skills in business.

Citadel on the other hand is a brain child of the great hedge manager and the company has been in existence for last 25 years. The company is a two venture business and it has two main businesses under its operation niche, assets management and securities. Citadel and Citadel securities are two different operations and the company has been able to achieve great success in both. To begin with, Citadel is an asset management company and it deals with assets of more 26 billion worth. On the other hand, the Citadel securities wing of the company deals with equities, interest rates, hedges, and shares among other forms of securities.

Ken Griffin’s works on wallstreetjournal show how big the company has grown over the years, let us look at the global percentages of the hedge funds. According to statistics, the global percentage of hedge funds in existence from a historic track over the last 20 years is only three percent. Citadel is one of the only 3 percent existing hedge funds. For this reason, the company has been entrusted with assets worth of billions from big institutions in the world. To add on this, the employee base of the company is quite impressive standing at approximately 1400 employees.

What really makes citadel one of the best hedge firms in the world? One of the greatest advantages of the company is the adoption of technology to its operations. The company has adopted state of the art technology in its operation to make its working process easier and more secure hence creating customer confidence in its ability to protect their assets. The company has also been engaging in a range of research that has enabled it to identify new markets and to satisfy its clients by identifying their needs. It has been the company’s culture over the years to engage in very strong risk management and as the saying goes the higher the risk the greater the return.

The company’s history can be traced from a dorm room in the Harvard University where Ken Griffin used to reside in 1987. The initial starting capital at the time was a mere $265, 000 which was raised through a fund raiser and contributions from friends and family. The company’s original name was Wellington Financial Group but the name changed in 1994. The company registered enviable growth and within 8 years of operation it had raised $2 billion in its total assets.

Bruce Levenson: How to Run a Lean Startup Company

Bruce Levenson, and extremely profound, quick witted and successful investor and journalist from Washington DC got his start in the business world by writing articles for the critically acclaimed Washington Star newspaper in the city of Washington DC. There, he got his idea for and began laying the foundation for a company that would eventually lead him to making hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

While he worked as a journalist at the Washington Star, he also attended night school at the local university, following his dreams to finally achieve the law degree that he had always been after. Once he obtained his law degree while working as a journalist during the day the day to pay for school, he invested his talents to his own business and created the United Communications Group with his friend, partner and esteemed colleague Ed Peskowitz.

It was a very rough start in the beginning for the United Communications Group, for Levenson and Peskowitz were working out of Levenson’s dads home in order to make ends meet for the small, struggling business. When the business finally took off into generating millions of dollars in yearly revenue, they hired new people. Because they kept their overhead extremely low and continued to reinvest into their business, by the late 1980s, the United Communications Group was the number one privately held corporation that provided data and statistics to different newspapers and magazines around the world with almost every vertical that exists on the market. Over 1000 articles were covered by the United Communications Group, from oil to energy, from communications to sports.

With his successful run in a company that is still one of the only companies that provides the high level of information that his organization does, he continued to invest into to the company as he also built several offsprings of his company. He has created apps for consumers and a database filled with hardware specs for enterprise software, which IT people access on a regular basis. TechTarget eventually became so popular and successful that it evolved into a publicly traded company.

Once he discovered that it is useless to work strictly for the sake of working, he decided to invest over $200 million into the purchasing a majority share of the of the Atlanta Hawks as well as the Atlanta Thrashers from Turner Broadcasting.

Once he purchased his team, he realized that he so rich and has so much money pouring in from each one of his business ventures that he decided to contribute millions of dollars a handful of his favorite charities and foundations.
One of his most notable charitable actions has been donating to the Hoop Dreams Foundation in Washington DC, which helps out thousands of inner-city children receive an advanced education via private school and college.