Lime Crime’s Adventurous New Scandal Shade

Light, camera, Scandal! Yes, Lime Crime has just come out with an exciting new lip color called Scandal. To those who are only used to the “normal” shades of red and pink, it is quite a scandal, being a vampy purple. For those who want to rock a vampire flair, or a punk-rock vibe, this is the ideal shade of lipstick. You don’t have to use it only for vampy or punk rock looks. You can use it for whatever look floats your boat. You can play around and experiment with the color to see how it pleases your appearance. You can just put it on whenever you feel the need to have scandalous Scandal-colored lips. It can be purchased for $20.00 from Lime Crime’s website. Out of the hues of purple Velvetines, it is lighter than Raven, darker than Beet It and brighter than Fetish. Just like all of the other Velvetines, Scandal is waterproof and matte.

You can mix and match Lime Crime’s other products with Scandal. Lime Crime has a line of products called Diamond Crushers. The company explains on their website that Diamond Crushers are not glosses, though the best way for to make some people understand what these products are is by saying that they are gloss-like products that are sparkly. You can buy a Diamond Crusher for $18.00. It is generally suggested that Diamond Crushers are applied over matte lipsticks.

You can complement Scandal with the Venus line of eye shadow pallets. The Venus pallet comes in red, pink, yellow and flesh-colored shades. The Venus II pallet includes green, blue, orange, yellow, red and purple. It is up to you to determine what shades and combos of eye shadow complement Scandal for whomever Scandal is being applied to. A bundle of both pallets costs $53.00.

Be Transported to the Tropics with EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm

Flavor, it’s what draws us to our favorite food and beverage choices and now it’s the thing that pops in today’s lip balms and influences our ultimate choices. For years now, lip balms have been available in mundane flavors like mint and cherry but, thanks to a company called Evolution of Smooth (EOS), organic lip balm users have an entirely new world of exotic yummy flavors that has been opened before them.

If you’re not familiar with EOS, then you’ll soon find out that their variety of lip balm flavors is becoming legendary among consumers who want exceptional flavor, not just the boring lip balms of yesteryear. EOS is a product line that premiered in 2010 and since then has become everybody’s all-time favorite lip balm. From Vanilla Bean to Pomegranate Raspberry, all of the EOS lip balm flavors shout “Yummmm” from the shelves of your favorite stores. And, EOS lip balms are even popular with major celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus. Learn more about EOS, click

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So, although you may not have a favorite EOS lip balm flavor yet, you soon will. And, we can guarantee that you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite. They all taste and smell so good! But, choose is what we did and our favorite is definitely Passion Fruit, not just for the name either, although any product with the word “passion” in its name gets our attention. It’s a major part of EOS’ new line of Smooth Sphere Lip Balms in amazing tropical flavors. What we love most about EOS Passion Fruit lip balm is that it immediately transports us to the tropics when we use it. It puts us in mind of palm trees swaying in the breeze, warm sand, and turquoise blue waters. Give it a try and let it transport you, too.  Check products on

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Lime Crime Is Releasing Incredible Hair Dyes

The moment that every fan of Lime Crime has been waiting for has come. They have recently announced that they are releasing a line of thirteen bold colored hair dyes called Unicorn Hair. Unicorn Hair has been a highly anticipated concept that fans of the company’s brightly colored makeup products have been hoping for.


Lime Crime has yet to release the new hair dyes but it seems as though it will be in the near future. Their website already has announced the products and has descriptions of each. The color is bold and bright. They are designed to last approximately six weeks each and there are two different types of colors. There is a highly pigmented hair dye for bolder and brighter color and then there is a glaze that is suited for creating pastel colors. The new hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free just like all of the other Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere the colorful creator and CEO of Lime Crime modeled this hair dye after her own brightly colored locks. She has been coloring her hair every shade of the rainbow for many years and wanted to give Lime Crime fans the opportunity to follow suit. Ther is no doubt that the products will fly off of the shelves once they are released so fans hoping to purchase some when it is released will have to be poised and ready to snag it. For now, it seems that it will only be available on the website. Lime Crime has always taken pride in being able to help people express themselves with color so releasing a line of hair dye only seems to make sense.



Are All Lip Balm Products Created Equal?

Ever given much thought to lip balm? Chances are when the winds are howling, your lips become dry, and you head to the nearest pharmacy or grocery store to buy a moisturizer for those dry, cracked lips. Dry air, heavy wind and cold temperatures are known to dry all skin. The skin that covers, and protects the lips is very thin and you may notice the dryness there first.

The number one purpose of any lip balm is to seal moisture on the lip’s surface and protect them from continued contact with the drying elements. Simple petroleum jelly and waxes will soothe the dryness and prevent moisture loss, and with those basic ingredients some lip balm manufacturers have added sunscreen for extra protection, flavors and colors for a personal effect, and specific elements that provide a medication benefit. Interesting to note, ear wax was used to help remedy cracked, dry lips more than forty years before lip balm was manufactured!

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm product that is made of natural ingredients. This particular choice of lip balm product comes in a variety of flavors and each one contains the antioxidant vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Each of these natural elements combine to protect and heal lips exposed to harsh weather. The Evolution of Smooth product is hypoallergenic, petroleum-free and tested by dermatologists to ensure the safety of using this product. Visit for more info.

In addition to lip balm, Evolution of Smooth ( also makes a line of hand and body lotion that comes in a variety of flavors and scents, all containing oats, shea butter, aloe and antioxidants that work together to keep exterior skin soft and smooth. Finally one other skin product made by Evolution of Smooth company, is shave cream, also made with many of the same ingredients plus green tea and grape seed extract. All EOS products have been developed to provide exterior skin with skin-softening moisture. Lip balm to lotion, to shave cream, Evolution of Smooth will cover skin with a protective layer of skin-softening products you will feel good about using. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page.

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