How ClassDojo Makes Learning a Family Experience

ClassDojo is an exciting new app that connects students, teachers, and parents and makes sharing school-day experiences a snap. This platform allows students and teachers to share photos, videos and other media with parents throughout the day so that children can let their parents see their day to day lives more than has ever been possible before. Children who are engaged with ClassDojo can bring their enthusiasm for learning home with them and share their successes with the entire family. ClassDojo is also a great way for siblings in different class levels to stay connected throughout the day.

Another great benefit of ClassDojo is the ability of teachers and parents to utilize real-time information in order to improve the overall learning experience of the students. The possibilities for creating a positive learning environment are virtually endless with badges and encouragement for positive behaviors such as helpfulness, attention and a positive attitude. Teachers are able to recognize student’s positive actions thereby strengthening the desired behavior.

Students are also able to create mixed media presentations to share with their teachers, parents and the entire class. With their online portfolio, students can let others know what they have been up to with photos, videos, and narrative posts. If the child has an interest in the classroom pet, for example, they can create, upload, and share their extra efforts in the subject matter. This will encourage a stronger involvement in the classroom and foster an environment of community and sharing between the pupils.

ClassDojo brings the entire family into the classroom and teachers no longer have to feel that they are operating in a vacuum. The parents are able to be more involved even if their daily work schedule prevents them from visiting the classroom. Check out ClassDojo’s fun and interactive website to learn more.

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Creative Marketing With Talk Fusion

These days, almost everyone has video capabilities thanks to apps such as Talk Fusion. Now, all that needs to be done is come up with something very creative. People are not going to be totally impressed with just a video. People are going to be looking for some kind of creativity in the production of the video. Customers are going to be looking at the passion of the video maker. After all, Talk Fusion makes it easier to make videos. Therefore, one of the best things for the person to do is to avoid laziness when it comes to marketing.


People that exercise their creativity in the videos they put together are going to get the most rewards from customers because they are convinced that the products or services that are being promoted are worthwhile. There are many ways for people to be creative in what they are doing. For one thing, they could think about the themes they are going to use for their advertising. Whether the theme they use is going to work depends on the audience they are going for. While there are different audiences that may enjoy the same products, not all audiences respond to the same type of theme for the advertisement. Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.


When one is creative in his marketing with the use of Talk Fusion, he is able to look at his target audience and work according to what he learns about it. Then once he has finished his video, he could use Talk Fusion to send it in the form of email and other methods. The whole point is to get the customers wanting to respond to him and buy his products. Marketing a business takes a lot of work in order to get it right. Those who manage to take their time to get the marketing aspect right are the ones that are going to have successful businesses.