Focus on Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Jose Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in the Brazilian advertising industry. He is the founder of Mullen Lowe ad agency, formerly known as Borghi Lowe. He has created great campaigns of a high magnitude like the Mammals of Parmalat where young children were dressed like stuffed animals and sang jingles that are unforgettable. There is the Sazon advertising that included the Zeze di Camargo and Luciano hit “It is the Love” that is still remembered to date.

Commencement of the Advertising Story

Jose’s advertising success story started off on a doubt about the career he wanted to pursue. During his high school years, he was invited by the sister to Castro Neves Theater to watch a certain performance. This helped him make a choice of the career path he wanted to follow. The performance displayed the commercial Vts in an award ceremony in Cannes. It was from this point on that Jose Borghi knew the career he wanted to pursue in his life. However, he could not have predicted that in future he could be winning the Cannes lions.

Borghi’s Ability

Borghi’s ability to be persistent even in the most adverse situations has been recognized by Marathoner, an advertiser. Jose Borghi stated that he had realized early enough that there was nobody who could offer him anything on a silver platter, destiny or luck. He learnt and appreciated the need to work harder at whatever he set to do.


Ever since his early years into his career, he has been in charge of important cases apart from the two mentioned above. He was involved in Fiat’s Review Concepts, Down Syndrome Association’s carlinhos, Honda campaigns and other big companies. These include Globo, Delta Airlines, Procter, Folha Group, Antarctica, American Express among others. Among the most prominent awards include the 7 London Festival Awards, 14 Cannes Lions, 10 Clios Awards and 15 April Advertising Awards.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is an advertising graduate from PUC Campinas. He started off his career in 1989 with a job at Standart Ogilvy agency. He passed other reputed ad agencies like FCB, Talent, DM9/DDB and Leo Burnett to open BorgiErh with his partner Erh Ray. Jose said that they started from scratch without investors, godfather or bank. He stated that this is the reason why the ad agency works hard. The agency became a success and was acquired by Lowe to become Borghi Lowe in the month of December 2006. It recently merged with the Lowe & Partner and Mulen group to be known as Mullen Lowe Brasil with Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes as the co-CEOs.


Due to the economic recession in many countries, the rate of unemployment has been increasing. Brazil is one of the countries in which the economy is still struggling to become stable. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, this has led to many people looking for other ways to survive. It includes self-employment. Most people are now starting their private businesses. As an owner of a private business, Ricardo offers constructive advice to the new entrepreneurs.


Ricardo, the chairman of the BMG Banco Bank, says that there has been a continued rise in self-employment. He hopes that this growth in the self-employment will impact on the economy positively. Ricardo expects that this new strategy will bring Brazil to the top of world’s economy. Formerly Brazil has been one of the biggest economies in the world. An economy recession has ensured that it no longer is a G7 nation. The self-employment mode adopted by some people in Brazil is one strategy to go back to the top.


Ricardo Guimaraes points out that lack of opportunities in the corporate world should not hinder success. The corporate world is one option among the many hustles Brazilians are venturing. People who expected to get jobs in the business community should venture into other opportunities. Ricardo hopes that this will help many young people get employment.


In Ricardo’s report, Brazil does have a shortage in skilled manpower. It has prompted the government to come in and assist. The government has set up different institutes to help young entrepreneurs grow their talent. Also the government according to Guimaraes has set favorable policies for the entrepreneurs. By doing so, the government has helped many self-employed people increase their businesses. It is expected it will start the economy.


In Brazil, their best talent is in exports. According to Ricardo, this influences the investing world. Lack of investing culture leads to failure of most investments. Therefore, according to Ricardo Guimaraes, there is a need to foster more investing advice to the new entrepreneurs. Being one of the entrepreneurs, Ricardo hopes that his example will impact many people and increase self-made starters.


So according to Ricardo, the new economic strategy can only work under several conditions. This conditions being the removal of all obstacles. The obstacles may be in the form of a lack of government support, lack of training and even bureaucracy. With the elimination of such obstacles, the self-employment sector may just help Brazil go back to being among the most dominant economies.


Ricardo encourages the new investors to think big when choosing want to invest. Being an example Ricardo has invested in the sports industry with a revolutionary hedge fund idea.

Married at First Sight Couple Splits After The Finale

As if anyone is really surprised, Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro have called it quits right after the finale of the “Married at First Sight” show aired. What is it with these reality shows? There is hardly a couple that stays together on them. Are we just wanting entertainment so badly that we are compromising the sanctity of marriage to do so?

This show is the latest version that is based on finding true love or being forced into a relationship that probably would have never worked without cameras and lights. It’s similar to the Qnet hit shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Looking at the history of these shows, there has only been a hand full of relationships that have actually worked. What it is mass confusion and a whole lot of getting physical with people for the sake of the cameras.

The problem is that these shows aren’t reality. When the glitz and glamour of being on film wares off, the people realize that they had nothing to begin with. What started out as an innocent TV show has impacted so many people’s lives. The only true success story is Trista and Ryan Sutter from “The Bachelorette” series. They had the fairy tale wedding, two children and are still going strong. They may be the only couple who has made it this long in a seemingly impossible situation. It seems these shows ruins more people than it does help.

Song Against Partying

Parents of teenagers know just how dangerous partying can be to children. Anyone who has once been a teenager knows just how tempting partying can be and how easy it can be to get sucked into the partying lifestyle. One young singer is making a difference in the lives of other teenagers reports father and fan Sultan Alhokair. This singer is using a new song to release a message in regards to partying.

Alessia Caracciolo from Canada has created a song that lets teens know that it is okay to not be a party goer. This young woman has created a song that lets teens know that they can be cool even when they don’t attend parties. This song encourages teens by letting them know that they don’t need to get sucked into the partying lifestyle. This is a song that adults can love and support and use in the raising of their teenagers.

Fashion Model Matt Landis and Company Show What’s Good and BAD About 2015 Male Spring Fashion

Spring fashion trends for males may seem at first like a boring topic right now. Wrong! Remember that phrase ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ that was especially potent in the 1990s when Coyote Ugly was so popular? Well, we’re going to bring that phrase back in, right now! Model Matt Landis and his fellows show us what’s good and bad about 2015 spring fashion trends.

The Good

matt landis good

What I really like about the trend that I’m seeing is that it’s modern and crisp but also colorful and throws some surprises at us. Don’t we all like to feel colorful and see lots of color in springtime? I know that I do. Here Mr. Handsome is wearing a pale grey collared jacket over a colorful blue, fuchsia and white collared shirt. That’s right! FUCHSIA. Nothing like fuchsia to remind us about all the loveliest parts of spring – romance, flowers bursting into bloom, full-brim hats and our favorite little spring dress…

The fuchsia is one of the most impressive points about this ensemble. It’s an unusual color to see on a man and it’s a color that’s only become more popular recently. It says fresh, modern, and fun. Who knew jewel tones would ever look so good on a guy.

The second delicious point of this outfit (besides the guy in it) is the double-collars. If either jacket or shirt were not collared, this ensemble wouldn’t say professional, together, and fashion-conscious. The double collars also work to streamline the entire outfit.

Third but not any less good is the grey jacket itself. Just look at what a perfect fit it is, and the slight texturing we see.

Now, for:

The Bad

matt landis black and white

This second outfit isn’t too bad. We’ve got a collared shirt underneath a large baggy sweater with the word COLLEGE. But where the first outfit is surprising and crisp, outfit number two isn’t. The baggy sweater is ugly, and lack of a name for the college is confusing. Is it supposed to be funny, or rebellious? Only the collared shirt is what saves this outfit from being ugly. That’s it’s one saving grace.

The Ugly

matt landis shorts

Please forgive me, Matt Landis. You’re beautiful, but your outfit is not. The blue undershirt has a weird puffy pseudo-collar, and are those polka dots I see on it? Ew. Secondly, the sweater. White is okay but it’s baggy and the fuzzy material reminds me of women’s clothing.

Then there’s the shorts. They are puke green and do not go with the top. They feel like them have belong to a different ensemble. They’re also way too short. I think that the level of shortness they are belongs with either a little German boy’s outfit, complete with Lederhosen and a pointy cap, or smaller and tighter in a women’s outfit. They just don’t belong.

Matt Landis, we hope to see you in a better outfit next time. For now – auf wiedersehen!

4 Signs you’re having ‘Good Sex’

We all enjoy getting between the sheets with our partner, but if you’re not experiencing some of the signs below, it could mean that you’re not having ‘good sex.’ Yep, Susan McGalla knows that  there is a big difference, and if you didn’t know that already, well you’re probably not yet in the big leagues. Here are 4 signs that you are getting sex just the way that you want and need it.
1. You Fantasize about the Person
Whether it is while you’re working or in the middle of the supermarket, when you’re having good sex, just one thought of ‘that thang’ could send chills up your spine. If you often find yourself fantasizing about your partner, something is going well between the sheets.
2. I Love You during Sex
Saying I love you should be something that you are always telling your partner, outside of the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring it into the bedroom! If you have the undeniable urge to tell your partner that you love them during sex, you’re getting it in right!
3. 6:00: Sex: My Bedroom
If you are making plans to have intercourse with your partner, you are making it a priority. You must be enjoying yourself, especially when it is a cannot cancel event.
4. You never feel Pressure
When the sex is good, you will never feel pressure to try new things and discover what you’ve been missing out on. You will want to try these things with your partner.

Susan McGalla offers advice to woman in the workplace

Sometimes it’s hard being a woman in the workforce. You don’t want to be treated any differently, but alas most women are confronted daily by their gender in the workplace. Women aren’t looking to be talked down to or, on the other hand, given special treatment.
PRNews released an interview with Susan McGalla in which they asked for her view of women in the workplace. The article states “In the mid twentieth century, only one woman in five worked.” Today, women compose 46.9% of the labor force in the United States. However, only 14.6% hold executive officers.

Susan McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC states her opinion on women in the business sector is, “Not to focus on the glass ceiling, but work ethics.” She further advises women to build a network of support and influencers. 

Within the past two-decade women have made progress in the workplace with higher degrees and many have replaced their male counterparts in the workforce.
McGalla is regarded as an expert on branding and marketing. She desires to see talented women in higher positions in the workplace.
McGalla’s expertise on current issues facing women in the workplace has led to a speaking engagement before the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University Conference for CEO’s.

She offers important tips to women seeking higher positions in the workplace. McCalla advises, “Young women not to be intimidated by the growing cost of a higher education.” She noted, “While there is continued growth in jobs, for many women, it is difficult to advance in the workplace.”

McGalla further states that currently, “Women make up almost half professional workers.” This number should change rapidly,current statistics for college enrollment for females exceeds those of the male population. In the future, woman will have more access to executive positions within companies to meet continued demands for a skilled workforce.
McGalla advises, “Not to reinforce stereotypes, and let your work speak for itself.”
MGalla view, continued confidence, higher education and opportunities for skilled women with work ethics will lead to higher paid positions.
If you’re interested in reading more by Susan McGalla, check out this article: Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader