Rocketship Has Continued Growing While Rejuvenating Itself with Lessons Picked Along the Way

Every successful life journey is always marked with stopovers and lessons picked along the way. The same is not different for the high-rising school, Rocketship. In the ten years of its journey since opening its doors in San Jose, California, the school has been equipping itself with strategies of improving the service to the communities.

Personalized Teaching

Rocketship has been in the first lane advocating for the adoption of technology in schools. It was the first in the industry to introduce personalized learning to the mode of teaching. It, however, learned that the strategy is better executed from the home perspective. It is for this reason that Rocketship started the annual home visits that have simplified the model. The school is focused on fighting for equity in the public schools. This mission merged with the beyond classroom initiative calls for total dedication. To succeed in the visions, Rocketship has concentrated on elementary schools while shying away from the k-12 system.

Parents Empowerment

Rocketship has worked hard to provide good foundations to its students at the elementary level. It would be a waste if the same students proceeded to middle and high schools that do not match the standards. Along the way, Rocketship learned that the only way to ensure these schools offer quality education was by receiving the necessary pressure from parents. In this breadth, the school has continued to empower parents to raise their voices and be heard.

Embracing All

Rocketship admits kids from all walks of life, race, and creed. The school learned the impact that diversifying teachers can make as compared to diversifying students. For this lesson, teachers are deployed to the children of color rather than them leaving their communities. The management of the school has demonstrated its belief in the school system by leading by example. Their kids attend the schools evidencing this trait. Rocketship has also learned to enter into strategic partnerships while wearing the badge of public schools with pride.

About Rocketship

Rocketship Education is a group of 18 charter elementary schools established on a non-profit basis. The school endeavors to provide kids from needy communities with a quality education. Rocketship has schools in Bay Area, Nashville, Washington DC, and Milwaukee.

Sheldon Lavin leading the giant OSI Group

Currently, Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. He offers leadership to a company that aims at becoming the largest company that offers food and meat processing company in the company.

The OSI Group comprises of both the OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. The company has physical offices in over 17 countries across the world. OSI Group operates more than 71 meat and food processing facilities around the world.

Lavin Sheldon began his career in the banking and finance sector before he entered into the food industry. At the time of joining OSI Group in the 1970s, he was considered as an outsider. However, over, the years, he has distinguished himself as an expert with a wealth of experience in the field.

He began his career in consulting where he established his financial consulting firm. It is for this reason that when Otto & Sons were looking to restructure its operations to serve its customers better, Sheldon hired to lead the restructuring.

Even though Mr. Otto and his sons had been offered an opportunity to supply meat products such as hamburgers in Midwest by McDonald Corporation the company did not have enough funds. They, therefore, required an expert to guide the company in securing a financial solution. Mr. Otto approached a bank for funding.

However, the bank requested Sheldon Lavin to take over the Otto & Sons Company but he declined but opted to consult for the company. Even though he did not become a business partner at the company, as the financial consultant, he was significantly involved in the operations of Otto & Sons Company.

He became a partner at the company when Otto’s sons were looking for a new investor after their father retired from the company. His entry into the company led the company to rebrand into OSI Industries and later OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI Group has expanded substantially in other countries including India, North America, Europe, Japan, and South Africa.

Sheldon Lavin is still actively involved in the expansion strategy of OSI Group despite that he is aged 81 years. His vision is to see OSI Group become the largest protein supplier in the globe. Sheldon Lavin has an impressive educational background and holds a Finance and Accounting Degree.

For his leadership skills in the corporate sector, Lavin has been recognized by various organizations. Additionally, he has participated in multiple non-profit activities. He is thus an active philanthropist whose charity works has seen several organizations receive financial support. To this end, he has supported organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, and Inner City Foundation

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How Michael and Rodrigo Terpin Climbed to the Top


Rallying is one of the most dangerous professions. It puts lives of the driver, the co-driver, and fans in danger. Most people think it is fun driving or spectating for rally cars but it is very risky. Most of the rally drivers have careers full of accidents, and some even succumb to injuries they get while rallying. However, some drivers are turning their rallying career into a goldmine. Among these drivers is Michael Terpin. Michael is one of the world’s finest rally drivers who made his way to the top within a short time since he started racing.


Michael was born in Brazil. He debuted in rallying industry in the year 2002. Since then, Michael has been rising every year, and today he is among the finest rally drivers in Brazil. Currently, Michael is the leader of the Prototypes T1. After getting to the top, Michael decided to bring his brother into the industry since the two siblings had a love for speed and racing. They have been performing well, and today the two are household names in Brazil.


For their love of speed, the two brothers joined hands and formed a team: Bull Setoes. The team has been performing well in racing tournaments, and they have been getting sponsors. They have participated in Mitsubishi car race event and other major Brazil car race events. Their team spirit has helped them to reach further and become one of the best rallying team in the region.


The two brothers have worked so hard to get to the height they are at now. Despite Michael being in the car racing for a short while, still, the guy has managed to shine both locally and internationally. Michael and his brother Rodrigo Terpins success are proof that hard work and determination is a major key to success. The duo has been practicing so hard for the top spot.

Getting to the top in the racing/rallying industry is quite a hard task. It requires lots of hard work and patience. Very few manage to keep up with the training, and that’s the reason to why most don’t people excel.


Jose Henrique Borghi; a Big Name in Brazil Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most talented people in the advertising industry. Jose Borghi; the co-CEO of Mullen Lowe advertising agency, uses great unconventional ideas in creating his ads and makes sure his clients are impressed and satisfied. He has an advertisement degree from Pontifical Catholic University, thus has what it takes to make great adverts for effective marketing.

Jose Borghi has helped Mullen Lowe Brasil advertising agency a great deal in developing great advertising campaigns that have led to its success. Mullen Lowe is one of the most major advertising agency in Brazil, and for them to grow in this competitive industry, they had to collaborate with Jose Borghi as his experience speaks loud of himself. At Mullen Lowe, Jose is helpful in social media, design planning, mobile marketing, and public relations. This ensures clients are fully satisfied, and the agency gets more customers each day.

Jose Henrique has created many ads which are very popular in the advertising industry. A good example is a wildlife conservation ad; Mammals of Parmalat, which is a very inspiring ad ever developed in Brazil. He has also created a YouTube skip ad which has a message against women assault. Many of his ads have made him famous and receive many awards nationally and internationally.

Jose Henrique has worked with many businesses and companies. He has created ad campaigns for Unilever, LG, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and fiat. As a marketing strategy, advertisement informs people about a product and encourages people to buy the product. Therefore, great ads created by Jose helps his clients in making more sales and inform people on different brands. His advertising campaigns are designed properly and have a positive impact on businesses.

Jose Borghi uses a unique approach to creating advertising campaigns. It is evident that his contribution in Brazilian advertisement industry is immense. Jose has made Mullen Lowe advertising agency great, and the company has dominated the Brazilian advertising industry.

Take Some Advice and Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

There is no doubt that hot summer days are hard on air conditioning systems. Take some suggestions from Goettl Air Conditioning and reduce that stress on your air conditioning system and save some money in the bargain.

Your first step should be outside at the location of your outside unit. Check out the surrounding area and just make certain that there is no overgrowing of any plants or that debris and other objects are not nearby. Take the cover off and clean the coil on the inside as it tends to accumulate grass clippings and other debris.

Try running the ceiling fans while the air conditioning is on. This will distribute the cooler air more evenly throughout the space. If you don’t have ceiling fans even floor fans or table fans will work. Sometimes a thermostat is placed in the area of the house that is warmer so it can be calling for more air conditioning more often.

Look into programmable thermostats. With this option you can program the temperature levels to be higher when you are not home. Predictable times when you are at work, shopping, on a trip and other times work well here. There are also thermostats that can detect when no one is home which will work more easily.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1938 and is well-known for its exceptional service and fair pricing. Goettl has recently been very active in the community with support for community causes and in the helping with the care for citizens who have air conditioning challenges.

One of the more popular programs that offers is their Goettl Maintenance Plan. The program only costs $12 per month the customer receives an annual checkup for their air and heating systems, discounts on parts and service, and an emergency protection plan. View the company profile on

Greg Secker Succeeds in Foreign Exchange

Greg Secker is a business visionary, ace broker, donor, universal speaker, and above all, a father. He established the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003 which is a gathering of a few organizations that join endeavors keeping in mind the end goal to show others how to enhance their lives in exchange.

Greg’s first profession move was his bounce from Thomas Cook administrations into making his own particular business. It is the primary remote trade stage that incorporates a constant Forex exchanging framework on the web. He went on progress toward becoming executive leader of the Mellon Corporation, a Fortune 500 venture bank in the United States. This enabled him to pick up involvement with travel and universal exchanging focuses. Following this, he opened Learn to Trade which is currently observed as the overall pioneer of instructive assets in exchanging.

Greg began this business so as to furnish other individuals with the assets important to start exchanging remote exchanges. Greg is currently ready to win a living by showing individuals and exchanging from home. Inside a large portion of a year he was at that point acquiring a great return.

Greg Secker persevered through a troublesome start and questioned he could ever discover achievement. He now encourages others not to surrender. He initially begin conferring learning to loved ones and from that point the word spread rapidly. He ascribes his prosperity to retaining information and gaining from others. Greg discovers beguilement in enchantment traps and trusts that diligent work can make a tad bit of enchantment.

Greg as of now dwells in London, United Kingdom where he extends his money related exchanging ability ordinary. He has made considerable progress from concentrate Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He now has money related exchanging courses in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, among some more.

Moreover, Greg is a donor and established The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-benefit association that endeavors to enhance the personal satisfaction for individuals all over the place. They work with youngsters and help with their life and training abilities. He additionally began a venture in the Philippines that fabricated 100 homes for individuals in Lemery.

EOS Lip Balm

If you haven’t tried EOS lip balms yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’ve probably been stuck, like many of us have been, on using a lip balm that’s been around for 100 years and been thinking that there’s really nothing else. After all, what could anybody come up with that would actually be new in the world of fighting chapped lips?

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Well, let’s start with the shape. It seems like forever that lip balms have been made in that cylindrical lipstick-like shape. But, now you don’t have to be stuck with that outdated shape in your lip balm. Enter EOS, the newest and best thing to hit the lip balm market in eons. No more boring tubes because the new EOS pastel-colored orbs are here to stay, browse products here!

And, the other new thing that they’re bringing to the lip balm market is amazing flavor. So, what kind of flavors do they offer? You’ll find everything from yummy tropical flavors like coconut milk, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and blueberry acai to vanilla mint. You’ll find that you’re going to want to try all of the EOS flavors, styles, and colors. Once you do, you’ll never want to go back to boring flavorless cylinders. Check more products here at

So, many people are still asking about EOS and who they are. What do the letters E, O, and S stand for? The full name of this amazing new company is actually Evolution of Smooth. Every day, they seem to be getting bigger and bigger in the cosmetic field. And, their plan is to change the lip balm market forever and they’re doing just that. Who’s using EOS lip balms? Everybody from major celebs like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus to consumers just like you. The fact is that everybody loves EOS and you will, too.

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Get to Learn about NuoDB and SQL Database Today

NuoDB is an advanced version of the SQL Database which was founded in 2008. It was primarily known as NimbusDB during its launch until its name was officially changed to the current NuoDB in 2013. It is mainly focused on providing a large platform for sharing data to support the contemporary cloud application.

The Leadership Team

The NuoDB team has a common goal which is to rely on the SQL Database to leverage the potential of business performance by creating an excellent database for the management of vital information. Through their consistent hard work and determination, NuoDB has managed to accomplish various reputations from companies that rely on its amazing services.


NuoDB has some partners that are in need of the SQL database to find sturdy consistency in their transactions. For an extended period, the NuoDB team have worked closely with Amazon, Redhat, Microsoft, Google cloud, Docker, Nayatech, and Db Vis Software, analyzing and finding the best solutions to their business challenges.

NuoDB is located in Cambridge, MA and can be very easily accessed via Boston. For any question about the Company, you are more than welcome to visit the official website, where all your queries will be sorted.

Lime Crime’s Adventurous New Scandal Shade

Light, camera, Scandal! Yes, Lime Crime has just come out with an exciting new lip color called Scandal. To those who are only used to the “normal” shades of red and pink, it is quite a scandal, being a vampy purple. For those who want to rock a vampire flair, or a punk-rock vibe, this is the ideal shade of lipstick. You don’t have to use it only for vampy or punk rock looks. You can use it for whatever look floats your boat. You can play around and experiment with the color to see how it pleases your appearance. You can just put it on whenever you feel the need to have scandalous Scandal-colored lips. It can be purchased for $20.00 from Lime Crime’s website. Out of the hues of purple Velvetines, it is lighter than Raven, darker than Beet It and brighter than Fetish. Just like all of the other Velvetines, Scandal is waterproof and matte.

You can mix and match Lime Crime’s other products with Scandal. Lime Crime has a line of products called Diamond Crushers. The company explains on their website that Diamond Crushers are not glosses, though the best way for to make some people understand what these products are is by saying that they are gloss-like products that are sparkly. You can buy a Diamond Crusher for $18.00. It is generally suggested that Diamond Crushers are applied over matte lipsticks.

You can complement Scandal with the Venus line of eye shadow pallets. The Venus pallet comes in red, pink, yellow and flesh-colored shades. The Venus II pallet includes green, blue, orange, yellow, red and purple. It is up to you to determine what shades and combos of eye shadow complement Scandal for whomever Scandal is being applied to. A bundle of both pallets costs $53.00.

Evolution of Smooth’s Crystal Lip Balm

Lip balms have been around for over a century. These medicated ointments does a great job of healing sore, chapped lips. They’re small in size, are convenient, and they fully serve a purpose. As of today, Evolution of Smooth is dominating the market with its extraordinary oral care products. The brand’s lip balms are fan favorites from some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent people. Individuals such as Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian have all used the products faithfully. Evolution of Smooth sells well over 1 million lip balms on a daily basis based on

This brand has released its new product known as Crystal. Crystal Lip Balms are the product of choice thanks to their appealing appearance. Everything about this product is different. This includes the packaging and the actual shape of the lip balm itself. Evolution of Smooth’s Instagram account is full of activity thanks to the release of this exclusive product. It still has its beneficial ingredients of avocado, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamins, browse more flavored lip balm here. One of its best features is its weightless feel. Unlike other lip balm products that have such a heavy buildup, Crystal Lip Balms doesn’t seem to posses the thick wax substances. The product also glides on rather easy and move.

In only a few short years, Evolution of Smooth has become a leader. The products are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic as well as gluten-free. Purchase here at No other brand is providing this in their products genetic makeup. Crystal Lip Balms are setting the tone for what a successful oral care product should be. Being able to adapt and evolve is the key. This is invisible hydration at its finest. When it’s all said and done, Evolution of Smooth will go down as one of the very best lip balm brands of all time.