How Boraie Development stands out in the Real Estate Construction Sector.

New Jersey’s real estate industry has been growing rapidly in the past few years. According to recent surveys, the city has high mortgage rates compared to other parts of the United States. The area has several real estate development companies that are committed to improving the industry by establishing top-notch housing. One of the leading construction firms in New Jersey is Boraie Development.

Boraie Development is one of the most successful companies in the city, and it has been in the sector for more than two decades. The firm has established several buildings and is regarded as one of the most sought after real estate developers in New Jersey. The enterprise’s success has been facilitated by its excellent strategies that involve sourcing the funds from private organizations such as commercial banks. Boraie Development is also served by excellent architects, engineers, and various professionals who understand the needs of the market can complete projects in time. The firm has developed healthy relationships with financial institutions, and this has made it easy access funds.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the real estate development company has specialized in different types of housing services. These include construction of buildings, marketing and selling of houses, management of properties, and many other solutions. Its employees are devoted to offering top-notch homes that meet the needs home buyers and tenants. The firm also makes sure that every project that it completes is unique. Boraie Development provides high-quality housing, and this has enabled it to develop robust relationships with different stakeholders in the industry. The company trusts the use of the excellent property management strategies to maintain the value of buildings for a long time. It real estate managers understand a lot about accounting, sales and marketing, maintenance, administration, leasing, and customer services. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

The excellent property management expertise of Boraie Development has enabled it to increase the demand for the housing projects that it completes. They are all marketed well, and this attracts the attention of the clients. Most of the buildings that have been constructed by the company are residential houses, hotels, commercial blocks, and hostels for students. The firm has generated more than $150 million from the time it was founded. Its founder is Sam Boraie who also serves as the president. He started venturing into the real estate development industry in 1972 and has always been determined to offering better housing to the residents of the city. His work is greatly acknowledged.

The Philanthropical Deeds of the Financial Expert James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of one of the biggest financial advisory companies in the world.


Highland Capital Management was created with the intention of providing solutions, financial solutions, for many types of companies and business owners in the United States, and it was founded in Dallas, Texas, one of the most influential commercial centers in the nation.


James Dondero has always been a keen scholar of financial strategies, and he’s become a millionaire even before he created Highland Capital Management with his partner.


Jim Dondero, as his close friends like to call him, has already donated millions of his earnings in non-profitable charities to many noble causes. For example, the entrepreneur and financial expert has already given to the Family Place, and it was a quantity that exceeded the $15 million margin.


The entrepreneur has also donated to many businesses in Dallas, his homeland, but the biggest achievement of the philanthropical activities of James Dondero have been his donation to the local Dallas Zoo, one of the greatest of the country, where he granted $1 million in donations to help bring hippos back to the zoo, one of the favorite attractions of the local communities. The donation was a success, and the zoo was able to bring the animals back to their habitat inside the facility, utilizing the rest of the grant provided by the entrepreneur to renew the habitat and provide a better environment for them.


The financial expert also utilized the profits gained with Highland Capital Management’s success to donate millions to the Southern Methodist University. The intention was to provide new opportunities of all sorts to the students of the University and improve the education as well as incentivize looking for new types of interactions with studying businesses in general.


Today, James Dondero is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Dallas, as he has founded the company that gives financial assistance to many of the influential businesses of Texas.


In credit and equity markets, the business owner has more than three decades of experience and expertise, half of it being experience that he earned himself by being a financial advisor that brought high profit to many businesses.

Talos Energy Part Of Consortium In Mexican Oil Investment

Mexico has finally opened up its oil markets to private investment firms. The new initiative comes after the Mexican oil markets have sagged behind and were in need of a major boost. Previously, only the Mexican government run company called Petroleos Mexicanos was allowed to explore and extract for oil on Mexican territory. Both domestic Mexican companies as well as foreign companies from other nations are now welcome to invest in oil ventures in Mexico with these reforms.

A consortium of energy companies that includes Talos Energy, Premier Oil and Sierra Oil & Gas has taken advantage of the opportunity in Mexico. The trio had bidded on exploration and development rights of an offshore oil field in the Sureste Basin. They won the rights after bidding was open to foreign investors in 2015.

The oil well is called the Zama-1 well and it can hold as much as 500 million barrels of crude oil. It is located off of the Mexican state of Tabasco in the Gulf of Mexico. Early geologic samples and testing has shown that the site should be very fruitful in terms of the extraction of oil.

The biggest stakeholder in the venture is Sierra Oil & Gas, which is a Mexican energy company. Sierra Oil & Gas has a 40% stake in the deal. British firm, Premier Oil has a 25% stake. It is also the company that is doing the drilling and paying for the early exploration.

US based, Talos Energy meanwhile holds a 35% stake in the consortium’s venture in the Gulf of Mexico’s Zama-1 offshore well. Talos Energy will be operating the well once drilling is complete. The firm specializes in exactly these kinds of oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to deliver success in the venture.

It is important to note that Talos Energy is a private firm that is based in the US energy center of Houston, Texas. Talos Energy has seen major investment recently from private equity firm Riverstone Holdings LLC and investment management company Apollo Global Management LLC. Talos Management LLC meanwhile is the managing arm of Talos Energy LLC and oversees the energy company’s operations.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: a passionate scientist with a dream for a disease free world

Mikhail Blagosklonny teaches oncology at the Rowell Park Cancer Institute. A scientist by profession, he is well known for his extensive study on the subjects of cancer and Aging. His prowess in science is courtesy of his MD in internal medicine, earned from the first Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He prides himself on having received a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the same institution.In 2002, Mikhail became the associate medicine professor at the new york medical college in Valhalla, new york. Later on, he served as a senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute. He then joined the Rosewell Park Institute in 2009, where he is the current professor of Oncology. His extensive experience made him a force to reckon with in the field of oncology. He mainly focuses his research on Biogerontology (the mechanisms of aging) cancer, anti-aging drugs, and targeted cancer therapies that guard the normal cell against damage.Mikhail Blagosklonny is the current editor in chief of the Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. On top of all the achievements mentioned above, he is also the associate editor of cancer therapy and biology.

He is a prominent member of the Cell Death and Differentiation editorial board. Indeed, his scientific knowledge in oncology is unrivaled by many, and this has seen him serve many organizations dedicated to curing cancer and finding a cure for aging.Mikhail’s contribution to the subject of aging is significant. He drafted a hypothesis that aimed at describing the potential role of TOR Signaling in cancer and aging. His theory is based on Rapamycin. Essentially, Rapamycin is a drug that has been popularly used to treat cancer. In his hypothesis, he suggests that Rapamycin and a few other clinical drugs can be used effectively to treat cancer and slow down the aging process in the human body. Although his hypothesis is still subject to review and further research, Mikhail has set the tone for scientific research on the topics of cancer treatment and combating aging. He strongly advocates for the use of Rapamycin to ensure that people live the longest life possible.

Although many people may primarily know Mikhail for his hypothesis, his research is quite diverse. His research subjects range from clinical investigations to cellular and molecular biology. Mikhail’s research mainly entails ontogenesis, signal transduction, tumor suppressors, apoptosis, drug resistance for normal cells selective protection, cell cycle mitosis, and anticancer therapy.In addition to his scientific research on traditional subjects such as aging and cancer, Mikhail has written critical articles on relevant topics such as chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cyclotherapy. He is also the author of the hyper function theory.Throughout his career, Mikhail has written over 300 research articles, reviews, and book chapters. His hard work and dedication are responsible for his prominence in oncology research today. He attributes his commitment to his work to his undying love for humanity and a vision for a disease free world.

James Dondero – The Hidden Gem of Dallas

Marking his name in the credit and equity market, from our very own Dallas, James Dondero is a Certified Management Account (CMA) and is a living legend who has an experience of over 30 years in the credit and equity market, James Dondero is the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. In 1984, James Dondero had earned the right to Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. The stepping stone of his career was as an analyst was at the Morgan Guaranty training program, in 1984. A graduate from the University of Virginia, James Dondero earned the highest honors from the Mclntire School of Commerce where he pursued dual majors in Finance and Accounting

James Dondero worked as a Portfolio Manager in the American Express in which he managed a huge amount of the fixed income funds which was around $1 Billion for the American Express before the establishment of Highland Capital Management. After stepping aside from American Express in 1989, Mr. Dondero was positioned as the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC. Protective Life’s GIC grew rapidly in a short span of 5 years, leading to a growth of $2 Billion.

James Dondero’s passion towards the welfare of Highland Capital Management has no bounds and hence today Highland Capital Management has innumerable award winning products and solutions to offer to retail investors and institutional investors. Mr. Dendoero’s profound guidance and deep efforts leads Highland Capital Management to achieve a great height. Receiving a 5- star designation in 2014 for the Global Allocation, Highland Capital Management also comprises an asset of $14.9 Billion with numerous affiliates such as NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Capital, Acis Capital Management and NexPoint residential Trust. Highland Capital Management has received plenty of awards, such as; The Morningstar’s top ranked Equity Fund and The Floating Rate Opportunities.

Beyond Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero is also the chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, NexPoint and Cornerstone Healthcare. He supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express and Educations is Freedom. He is also involved into many such charitable activates. Managing his professional life as well as taking a step forward to make a change by supporting noble causes, James Dondero is truly a boon to mankind.

White Shark Media Review Reveals a Company Striving to Meet Their Customers Needs

White Shark Media has embarked upon an intense effort to improve their customer’s experience and results. They have demonstrated a sensitivity to their customer’s concerns that is admirable. A recent YouTube video explains featured changes to their operations and will no doubt allay many customers complaints.

The services that they offer has been refashioned to provide significantly more complete and effective marketing solutions for their valued customers. Customer feedback has been a crucial driver of the new initiatives which are in critical areas of business. White Shark now offers reports which detail the strategies used for the customer’s Adwords campaign. This makes it clear to the customer just how White Shark is helping them increase their customer base.

The issues surrounding prompt and courteous communication is being aggressively addressed by White Shark and a new program has been put in place. They have installed a new phone system which makes it easy for clients to communicate with them. They are also featuring monthly GoToMeeting conferences which keep customers fully informed. These new features will facilitate more effective communication and ensure customer satisfaction.

One satisfied customer that has greatly benefited from their business relationship with White Shark is a Transportation Service from California. They have been very satisfied with White Shark’s efforts on their behalf. Their campaign has made significant progress and they are pleased by the straightforward approach. The person representing White Shark has been responsive to budgetary necessities and effectively updates and communicates.

White Shark Media is a leading digital marketing agency who specializes in serving small to medium sized businesses. They are one of the fastest growing agencies in North America. They combine cost-effective solutions with a high-level customer experience. They have specialized marketing strategies and proprietary marketing tools which enhance the effectiveness of their work. They have successfully helped thousands of companies across North America.

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Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co founder of and chief executive officer of a company known as Tempus. His company is one that has built an operating system that helps fight cancer. Along with Tempus, Eric is also the co founder and Managing Director of Ligthbank, which is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. As well as being involved in the technology industry, Eric is also the co founder and chairman of Groupon which specializes in offering discounts on various forms of merchandise on the internet. He also leads another company called Uptake Technologies which is a leading predictive analytics company. With all of these companies, Eric has proven to be a very versatile businessperson.

Lefkofsky has also founded some more companies such as Mediaocean which is a company that specializes in media procurement technology. He has also founded Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. These companies specialize in technology transportation and logistics outsourcing and managed print and promotional solutions respectively. All of these companies have allowed Eric to establish himself as a top entrepreneur in the United States.

One of the companies that Eric is in charge of is Tempus. This is a technology company that uses the advantage of technology to help fight cancer. The company allows physicians to deliver personalized cancer care with the use of an interactive analytical and machine learning platform. It also provides physicians with genomic sequencing services along with analysis of molecular and therapeutic data to make it easier for physicians to make data driven decisions at real time. The goal of Tempus is to provide benefits to each patient with treatment from physicians using the most updated data and technology.

While Eric Lefkofsky established himself as a successful entrepreneur, he has also been involved in a number of philanthropic activities. He established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This is a private chartable foundation that has helped advance initiatives to enhance the livelihood of people in the community. Eric is also the Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and also the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago to learn more: click here.

When looking to follow and contact Eric Lefkofsky, you can go on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these sites provide information about Eric and his companies. He reveals the latest news about his companies as well as topics pertaining to them. With this social media presence, people interested in learning more about Eric Lefkofsky and his companies will have a very reliable source to go to. These sites will also make it easier for prospective customers to find out more about the services that Eric’s companies provide.

Lefkofsky is quite educated with a very impressive background in which he graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree along with earning his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As a graduate of Michigan, Eric was able to attain a high quality educational foundation that has allowed him to pursue his goals. After finishing college and law school, Eric had a combination of general education as well as legal education to help him start a lucrative career. He would eventually become an entrepreneur. Over the years, he would experience a considerable amount of success as he founded numerous companies.

The Potential Damages of Cancer and How Cancer Treatment Centers of America Can Prevent Them

One thing that can be said about cancer is that it can cause a lot of damage without detection. It is not uncommon for people to catch cancer when it is too late. The truth is that cancer can be very devastating not just to the cancer patient, but also the friends and family of the cancer patient. Even with treatment, there are other sets of damages that the cancer patient has to deal with while recovering from treatment. Chemotherapy has been the one treatment that gets rid of cancer. However, it causes a lot of damages in the body.

There is good news. There is a health care facility that is established with the sole purpose of helping people find the right treatment for cancer recovery. This facility is called Cancer Treatment Centers of America. One of the reasons that this is such an effective facility when it comes to cancer because that is all it focuses on. Therefore, the experts are able to come up with a wide range of treatments that could really help with the recovery. For one thing, chemotherapy brings forth plenty of side effects that could cause a lot of damage in the person if not handled the right way.

While CTCA is good about helping people find the right types of treatments, they are also good about detecting cancer at an earlier time. They have the most advanced technology when it comes to cancer detection. It also shows people that cancer can develop for a long time before they even can suspect that they have it. With the technology of CTCA, cancer patients can detect the condition much earlier than before with other older pieces of technology. CTCA has proven to be the solution to many issues when it came to cancer and treatments.

Yanni Hufnagel Makes Name Through Coaching Career

Yanni Hufnagel began his life in Scarsdale, New York as a small Jewish boy. That boy would grow up to become one of the most widely recognized names in the coaching and recruiting industry. He gained such a prominent reputation through his hard work ethic, skill, and passion for basketball. He has always loved sports and idea of coaching were always a high interest of his. As a kid, he enjoyed to play with dolls and pretend they were basketball players. He would act out the plays he read about in coaching books that he found. Needless to say, coaching has always been in Yanni Hufnagel’s blood.

While most kids were working retail jobs at the nearby grocery store, Yanni Hufnagel got a job at the local news station in high school. He commented on the town’s sports teams and how the games played out. This was his first introduction to the sports industry and his coworkers saw that he had a real talent for what he did. They expected he would one day be an announcer for basketball or a basketball coach himself. After high school, Yanni Hufnagel was hired as the manager of his college basketball team. He went to Cornell University so that was a big accomplishment. He then served an internship with the New Jersey Nets and it was all smooth sailing from there.

Yanni Hufnagel is known as one of the most impressive recruiters in the sport. While he worked with California’s team he was able to work alongside Cuonzo Martin and recruit Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown to the team. Yanni Hufnagel is now the assistant coach at Nevada and they expect him to do many great things for the team. He has now worked with several prominent teams including Vanderbilt, Harvard, Oklahoma, California, and Nevada.

A League In Its Own Right

The Urban League is an organization that specializes in the equality of all people in the work place. This organization makes sure that qualified people have their applications reviewed in all jobs; this goes for government jobs as well as fast food jobs.

If someone thinks he/she was passed over for a job, they can contact the Urban League organization. A legal representative will look into the situation. If it is proven that this abomination is true, action will be taken by the Urban League. This action is usually a public protest or an article within the local newspaper. Members of the Urban League even have interviews on live television with famous talk show hosts.

In addition to equality in the workplace, the Urban League organization specializes in helping young people become entrepreneurs. These young people can be as young as 12 years of age to partake in this program. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Many businesses around the world participate in this program. Young adults get to actually follow a business owner day after day over the course of several months. The Urban League hopes these young people would want to become business owners themselves.

In addition to helping young people get started as entrepreneurs, the Urban League also helps people who were recently incarcerated. Many companies have partnered with the Urban League to hire people who were recently incarcerated. These companies range in a variety of fields. These jobs have led to long-lasting positions for individuals coming out of jail. The Urban League is even creating a program for people on the work-release

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin do something similar in Arizona. The Frontera Fund is used to help people coming to America. This fund pays for job training and even schooling for many individuals.

Above all, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin use the Frontera Fund to keep people getting deported to their original country. This means people can call on the Larking & Lacey Frontera Fund and have all expenses paid as it relates to becoming a legal citizen of the United States.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has an entire department dedicated to raising money for this cause. To date, they have raised almost one-billion dollars, and they have helped millions of people become legal citizens. A lot of the money raised goes towards legal fees so that the best attorneys in the Arizona area can represent clients of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.