How Diversifying In Gold Can Be A Major Help

Diversity is a popular term in the world of finance.

It’s even used more in the industries of trading and investing. What this word means is protection. By simply having your money spread out through multiple investment options, you protect yourself from the potential of loss. This happens by a familiar process, which professional investors know all too well.

PR Newswire has it that agencies like the U.S. Money Reserve work to bridge the goals of its clients and to the reality of their trades. This is best done when the U.S. Money Reserve offers more options than one and to its patrons. By buying an American Eagle coin, you not only purchase a troy ounce, but you also invest in a collectable.

Not everyone owns the American Eagle. So if you did, you’d have better gains.

What Is Diversity Exactly?

So let’s say that the value of your new American Eagle coin won’t mature until five years from now. By working with the U.S. Reserve, you’re likely to have more than an American Eagle in your collection. If you do, then you’ve developed your investment and according to the laws of diversity. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

That would mean that you can sell other coins before your “American Eagle” coin has matured. This is how diversity plays out and whether your investment is in stocks, bonds, real estate or gold bullion. The better your diversity, the more flexibility you have, and the greater your potential for profitable gains.

So let the U.S. Reserve lead the way for you and to get you started in the safest investment options for your future. …

How You Can Do More With Your Money

Gold is never suggested as a sole investment option. With gold, you should only hold it as a small portion of your estate. By doing so, you not only diversify what you have, but you enable yourself to protect what you’ve invested.

There’s only one way to ensure your ivestment. First find security, and you uncover so much more. Uncover it with the U.S. Reserve.

Lime Crime Dropped a Throwback Product to the 90s

Lime Crime announced on their Pinterest feed about the latest product which dropped September 19th earlier this year.

The Pocket Candy eyeshadow pallets pay homage to the toy that was a staple for the 90s called Poly Pockets. The toy had miniature dolls, clothing, home appliances, and it was like small treehouse kids, and teen could carry around and enjoy.

As a way of bringing up something staple from the 90s and curing some of the nostalgia for the times, Lime crime decided to create their Pocket Candy palettes. They do fit in a small pocket and have three variations with five shades in each palette. The Pocket Candy mixed mattes and shimmers and created three color schemes.

Pink Lemonade is bright yellow and has shades of brown and pink, as well as a highlighter-worthy metallic yellow shade in the middle. The other palette is called Bubblegum, and it is for those who love their pastels. The Bubblegum palette has a pale blue shade which sis also featured as the color of the packaging. It also contains soft pinks and browns. Sugar Plum comes in pink, and one of the shades that steal the show is a metallic duo chrome color that shifts between icy bluish purple and bright pink.

Lime Crime was going to launch the mini palettes towards the end of September. Due to the huge demand and anticipation from their client base, however, the brand decided to move the launch date earlier, and so they started selling the palettes on the 19th instead. The products have been received well so far. The company is proud once again with their latest release.

Lime Crime is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She started up the business back in 2008, and some of the first products that the company released were lipsticks. The founder Doe Deere was so excited that the hype got her coming up with stories for each of the shades which also led to several changes in the names of the shades. Lime Crime has been going strong so far and is probably planning more items to launch as we speak.

Measuring Success Based On Your Enemies

The people of this world that we’ve labeled as normal live a quiet and almost silent life. These people never challenge their own status quos. The normal may not be labeled as failures, but that all depends on whose measuring stick you’re using. Some find the measurement of their own lives as dictated by simplicities. Others look around them and to first realize the number of enemies they have and read full article.

To the uninitiated, the idea of people in opposition to one’s self is a hard path of life to accept. Putting yourself into the shoes of people like George Soros will change your perspective. The world is a mix of various views, ideals and moral beliefs. If you’ve developed any of these of your own, then welcome to the club. It’s impossible to develop original ideas without creating opposition and learn more about George Soros.

We can gauge the success of George Soros, therefore, and based on the huge opposition he faces daily. This opposition isn’t the result of hate or calamity on Mr. Soros’ part. Instead, because others prefer to see the world through their own eyes, the ideas of George can often be targeted. This happens when you’re introducing great things to society and George Soros lacrosse camp.

No matter how advanced that society gets, the standards it sets will also be the standards it fights for should change come about. By judging the continued opposition we see against George Soros, it’s clear that the man’s success is outstandingly great and what George Soros knows.

Why Greatness Is Opposed By So Many People

Finding the meaning of life is a personal journey. New ways of living come when men or women pursue the passions of their minds and hearts. The presentation of these new concepts for society can also come fast and when most don’t expect it. What often happens with new ideas and practices is a process of conviction.

Those who hold and practice past behaviors are convicted by the future. The future wears down on them and after considering the limits of today. So when others don’t want to open their minds or accept a more open society, opposition is created. This opposition is often surrounding those we see as the most successful for our time. Simply list a great name who didn’t also have a cloud of controversy and more information click here.

A Lesson Learned From The Economy

The lessons that pushed George Soros to pursue greater ideas came from finance. George Soros is known as more than a success on Wall Street. The billions he’s made put in his hands the power to pursue anything in life he wanted. The life he choose was in retirement. Philanthropy is also an important factor in the life George choose. It’s with his own humanitarian work that George has found the most conflict and folllow him

What these conflicts mean is that Mr. Soros is a great success.

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EOS Lip Balm – A Rainbow of Flavors on Your Mouth!

There are so many incredible flavors of EOS Lip Balm it’s hard to choose one favorite! Strawberry Sorbet has just the right amount of strawberry scent. Honeysuckle Honeydew is an extremely refreshing green balm that smells like the honeysuckle and honeydew combination of your dreams. For those of you lemon fans you’ll definitely want to try Lemon Drop! It’s a yellow balm and smells like a sweet ripe lemon. My personal favorite is purple which is Passion Fruit scented which is available here at Other scents include Medicated Tangerine, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. EOS also has season specific and seasonal holiday lines. Their winter 4 pack includes Sweet Mint, Blueberry, Vanilla Mint, and Coconut. It’s the sweetest and easiest way to keep your lips kissably soft during the harsh winter months! If you love fall they also have Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Bean scented balms which can be buy here at Their sheer pink shimmer lip balm is perfect for spring and summer, as it gives you a healthy shimmer without the maintenance of lipstick!

Regardless of which scent you choose you can apply stress free knowing that EOS products are dermatologist-tested, gluten-free, and are never tested on animals. EOS only uses hypoallergenic ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant vitamins, and do not use parabens or phthalates.

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The Renaissance Personality in Greg Secker

Greg Secker has been acknowledged for his knowledge in foreign exchange. The English businessman has received a lot of media attention concerning the international school of education of financial training. He has founded multiple companies which mostly revolve around foreign exchange and trading. Secker also has written various books and held many workshops to master trading.

Greg maintains that his philosophy in approaching situations has always been “why not.” According to him he says yes to things then go on to find out the details later. He gives his Flying trader initiative as an example. It seemed crazy, but he started making trades while flying over Canary Wharf. In doing so, he was going to give money to those in need and prove that it was possible to make money anywhere.

Although he studied agriculture and food science in University, he somehow made the big leap to his current profession. He says that while in school he was building and selling computers. This gave him the background in coding that he needed. He advanced so much that he could create 3D models of fluid dynamics of a follicle. He got his first job at a job fair from Thomas Cook.

Cook gave him a job at a virtual trading desk. This is where his interest in the forex began. His job entailed coding all the functions of the coding strategy so in the process Secker picked up a lot of knowledge. Confident with the information that he had acquired he decided to test himself. Secker borrowed £5000 and in an impressive turn of events made £60, 000. At that moment he decided to realign himself with success.

After making quite a decent amount of money from trading, the agriculturalist comes forex trader chose to retire. He got bored and wanted a hobby, so he started attending seminars. The Greg Secker foundation is supposed to help young kids acquire the life skills they need to make a life for themselves. This is a way for Secker to give back to the community which is fitting because he is also the brand ambassador for City Philanthropy.

Food Giant OSI Group Expands with New Locations

In the modern world, it’s hard to find a large company that has kept its integrity and good relationships with consumers. However, that is exactly the case with OSI Group. OSI is a company whose food products probably don’t realize you’ve eaten time and time again. Anyone who has ever eaten at Pizza Hut, Papa John’s McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Subway, along with many restaurants and grocery stores, has probably bitten into a delicious bite of OSI’s food products.

The company has been around since 1909, when it was founded in the city of Aurora, Illinois. Now, the company boasts an international presence on four continents. With over 65 facilities in 17 countries, the company employs an impressive 20,000 people. And they just added to that number with recent expansions, thanks to the CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald.

For $7.4 million, OSI purchased a former Tyson production facility in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. Not only will this allow them to bring more of their unique and dynamic food products and services to that market, but they also allowed about 500 people to remain employed. This is because they would have lost their jobs if the plant did indeed shut their doors.

This isn’t the only expansion the company is excited about. They are also looking overseas, specifically in Europe. That’s why they picked up Baho Foods out of The Netherlands and Flagship Europe. Baho already provides services to over a dozen European countries, including Germany. And Flagship Europe is known for its diverse offerings like pastries, poultry, and veggies. Now the company is still looking to add facilities in Spain.

OSI Group has won numerous awards thanks to their standardization procedures in their facilities. In most locations, they have new technology like xrays and metal detectors. This technology is deployed to prevent foreign objects from ending up in the final food product. Because of the quality systems and execution, they are trusted with safety across the industry by big buyers and consumers alike.

Another key to the company’s success is their attention to detail with their markets. They ask the customers what they want. For example, some markets want something natural and organic. Others prefer to have tasty food at the lowest possible price. By always meeting these needs, the company has been able to grow consistently with their innovative food products and dynamic services that they offer.

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What We Can Learn from Rick Smith’s CEO Tenure at Securus Technologies

Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick Smith, is an American business executive celebrated for his leadership role at Securus Technologies. He joined Securus back in 2008 after the firm’s board approved his appointment. Before joining Securus, he was influential in helping several telecom companies grow in terms of revenue generation and customer base.His role as CEO involves overseeing the Securus’ partnerships, strategies, and operations. Securus Technologies, on the other hand, is a tech-oriented company that develops inmate communications, investigative, law enforcement tools, and security solutions.

Academic and Career Background

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with an undergraduate’s degree in engineering. He also enrolled in the institution’s postgraduate program and graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. Rick proceeded to the University of Rochester to acquire an MBA.After completing his studies, Rick worked in several capacities at Global Crossing North America. He also served as VP of Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plant Operation’s Financial Management department. Rick also worked for companies such as Frontier Information Technologies and Eschelon Telecoms. As the president of Eschelon, he enabled the firm to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

Rick’s achievements at Securus Technologies

  1. Video Visitation Tool

Under Rick’s CEO tenure, Securus Technologies was able to reach a larger client-base through innovative products and exemplary customer service. The company’s most popular product is the video visitation tool that is used in correctional facilities in the U.S. According to Rick Smith, the visitation tool was launched to enhance connections and communications between inmates and their friends and families. The tool facilitates video and voice calls amongst users.

  1. Restructuring Securus’ leadership team

CEOs are usually tasked with the job of recruiting new talents as a way of improving a company’s professional team. Rick Smith is always proactive when it comes to overseeing Securus’ recruiting activities. In 2016, he made headlines after he facilitated the hiring of John Bell as SVP of sales. Bell was added to the firm’s sales team with an objective of fostering the development of high-end software.Before John Bell was hired, Rick Smith realized that Securus’ sales department required improvements. This is because the department handles the sales and marketing of over 800 products developed by Securus to serve corrections and law enforcement sectors. John Bell was the most suitable candidate for the sales SVP position since he has over 35 years experience in sales management. Bell previously worked for companies such as IBM, AT&T, and Verizon.Rick Smith pointed out that changes in the leadership and professional teams of Securus are beneficial in many ways. He believes that these changes enable the firm’s professionals to cope up with new products that are frequently released. This mechanism ensures that clients understand everything that Securus offers.

The Unique Experience of Collaborating with Traveling Vineyard

People have different aspirations about their job, and some of the common priorities include enjoyable job, flexible work hours, excellent pay, options to explore new things, chances to interact with different sets of people, work-from-home opportunity, and more. Considering the requirements of various industries and businesses, most of those priorities are distant dreams for the job aspirants. Interestingly, only fewer people get a job that they find ideal for them. Traveling Vineyard is offering such a job that has garnered the job seekers’ attention in the recent years. Rather than a job, it is a profession that provides everything from fun to income.

Traveling Vineyard is a directing wine selling firm that is founded in the year 2001. It is based in Massachusetts and offers in-home wine tasting experience for its members to invite more customers. It also sources best quality wine from all the leading wine markets around the world and supplies it to its consumers. It offers a unique career option for all the aspiring individuals, from homemakers to working people, called Wine Guides. People who enjoy wine would find the job exciting and fun-filled. It should be noted that the job is a work-from-home opportunity as well, and the Wine Guides get a chance to throw wine parties at their homes. Communication is the core of the profession, and the guides can invite their friends and neighbors to enjoy the wine party.

This means that the wine guides get an opportunity to do business with neighbors and people in their locality while conducting the party. The guides get excellent remuneration ranging from 15-35 percent commission on their sales per month. Traveling Vineyard also gives its products to the Wine Guides at a discount of 20 percent. People also have an option bring their friends into wine guiding and can get lucrative bonuses based on their performance. Interestingly, wine guides get separate websites that are free during the period of initial three months. The guides are encouraged to promote their site to bring more sales through the site. It is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with a vast community.

Due to the nature of the profession, people can choose their own working hours and convenient time. It also gives an excellent opportunity to socialize with people and make new relationships. Additionally, it gives a great option for earning quality income with minimal investment. The initial Success Kit offered by Traveling Vineyard has two tasting sets of wine with five wine bottles in each set. Apart from that, it also provides tasting glasses, wine carriers, and more. Altogether, Traveling Vineyard offers an exciting opportunity to host events filled with fun and entertainment to its more than 5,000 Wine Guides across the United States.

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New York’s City Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig

A cardiologist is a medical practitioner specializing in the cardiovascular system. This generally involves the heart functions in pumping blood through the heart chambers, capillaries, arteries, and veins. Their main function is dealing with disorders of the heart and ensuring the heart system functions properly.

As a study, Cardiologists have to attend medical schools for an average period of about ten years. The period varies depending on the field of specialization. This may seem like a long time compared to other professions. The time period is adequate since the heart is complex in nature and considered as one of the most important human organs. Cardiovascular fields of specialization vary from a general cardiologist doctors to complex cardiothoracic surgeons. Depending on the field of the specification, they are responsible for diagnosis of heart failure, high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, and also performing heart transplantation when required.

Every patient deserves the best cardiological services. Below are some factors to consider for effective selection of a good cardiologist.

Family Doctor Recommendations

Based on relationship and experience, a family/personal doctor has a great understanding of one’s health record compared to the rest. A personal doctor is positioned to give the best recommendations or do a proper search for a cardiologist that will best relate to the patient’s health requirements.

Doing a Cardiologist Background Check

Once accessing the various cardiologist recommendations, it is wise to study their background information. This includes specialization, achievements, experience, licensing, certification, location among others. All these information is available through The Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (F.A.C.C) website and the United States governments Medicare website.

Stay as Local as Possible

Compared to going abroad, local cardiovascular services have an extra advantage. One avoids the distance/Travel factor hence cheaper service. In case of a situation that requires international attention, the local cardiologist will offer the best recommendable doctor.

Maintain Effective Patient-to-Doctor Communication

Communication is the key ingredient behind a successful treatment process. The patient and the cardiologist should create a close relationship with no secrets or fear. The patient should be able to tell all their issues directly to the doctor for effective diagnosis.

Choose the Right Cardiologist

Depending on sex, age, religion, and personal preference, one should select a cardiologist who they are perfectly comfortable with. Despite various recommendations, the most important thing is a good patient-to-doctor relationship. This enhances trust and understanding which greatly contributes to quick recovery of the patient.

Consider various recommendations and reviews

These may include reviews by various other experts about the cardiologist. This is easily accessible through the social media platforms. If possible, one should consider recommendations and review by previous patients.

About Dr. Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig is among the top highly experienced physician in the field of cardiovascular systems. He has been practicing medicine for 66 years. His experience and reliable services have placed him as one of the highly recommended cardiologists in NYC.

Dr. Edward Honig was a former medical student at Duke University. He managed to earn his first certification in 1952.He is currently licensed in New York City as a cardiologist offering his efficient services to various patients. He locally offers his services to community members of Nassau County where he is locally based. His services are internationally accessible to everyone by contacting him personally or through Glen Cove Hospital, where he is currently based.

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Scott Rocklage’s experience and leadership skills have enabled the 5AM Venture Company to be approached by other venture capital companies that have an interest in life science. This company works together with other companies so that they can come up with different ways in which they could find a solution to any problems of health care.

5AM Venture Company through the help of Scott Rocklage have been able to appreciate the use of modern technology to come up with ways of preventing and treating various health problems.

The employment of people with different disciplines is needed so as to control and manage the company. Dr. Scott Rocklage uses a philosophy which goes by the name being hands -on where he provides the initial capital for developing the companies.

Therefore the 5AM Venture Company provides operational activities and management for the businesses where they act as operational managers, board members and strategists. This philosophy has enabled the company to be able to identify the best companies and invest. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage’s success has portrayed him as someone who is organized in terms of managing time and prioritizing. Scott puts key on the fact that the thing that leads to the failure of entrepreneurship is management. Scott also states that the success of 5AM Venture Company is putting emphasis on the company’s success. Scott Rocklage gives appreciation to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for giving a chance to grow his career.

Scott Rocklage gives contributions to various companies and political agendas. Scott has contributed to the construction of nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. 5M Venture Company is fixated on companies that are coming up. It’s attentive to getting a chance for advertising by buying a share in the company so as to increase the transactions of capital.

Scott Rocklage has worked with different organizations such as; Salutar, Ccatalytica, Nycomed Salutar, Relypsa and Novira.5 AM Ventures is a company that deals with Biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, life sciences and research organizations. His position in the company has helped him to work with scientists that are upcoming in making their ideas known.

Scott Rocklage together with other professionals has played a crucial role in spearheading innovations in the healthcare department.