Newswatch: Critically Acclaimed For A Reason

Running and maintaining a company can be very hard work to do. Because of the internet the connection between consumer and producer is easier than ever before. However, since this has happened a lot of products with low quality are being purchased and sold at a rapid pace. There no longer is a strong filter that stops the low quality from getting promoted. How are we to know what is a good quality product to invest in and what is simply a cash grab? Well, one company is showing us the way.

NewsWatch T.V. is an award-winning television show that has helped the general public to make educated decisions on what products to buy or ignore. Started in 1990, the program started as a financial issue show but quickly developed into a product placement and review outlet. The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. In recent year it has increased its influence by incorporating online components and with the TV segments already airing it is now on a whole different plateau. Newswatch is an incredibly acclaimed program with rewards such as the Telly Award and 2017 Marcom award credited to its name. Newswatch’s credibility is of the highest level.

Recently Newswatch worked with SteelSeries an electronics and headphone company to promote their newest products. Newswatch created two promotional review videos for the new gaming controller and headphone set that SteelSeries is releasing. StreelSeries wanted to get as many eyes on their new products as they could and use the video created by Newswatch in other ventures. The results of Newswatch’s work were incredible positive as the video segments were seen in every U.S. market and reached at least 95 million households across the country. The quality SteelSeries products saw tremendous success and the Senior director of marketing for the company had this to say about Newswatch “We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!”” It looks like Newswatch is critically acclaimed for a reason.


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