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An entrepreneur is a creator, promoter, and maintainer of their own business.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges. They have to master the skill of making their community aware of the existence of their business or company. They have to conquer producing a least one thing that people find valuable enough to make constant purchase from their business. Then, the entrepreneur has to find a suitable amount of the buyers who find value in their business in order to sustain their living and maybe the living of their family. Entrepreneurs also are expected to take full responsibility and government over their company. In a lot of cases a “one man” business is hard to produce, so at some point an entrepreneur will need to accept others as employees to join their business and pay them. They will have to analyze and manage the finance gains and make sure they are making the amount they need to be successful. There are many responsibilities an entrepreneur has to take ownership of. For more details visit estadao

The entrepreneur also has the privilege to work at the time they want to work. In many if not most cases, because the entrepreneur has various responsibilities, they will be working most the time in a day, but, the entrepreneur has the choice to make a business incorporating what they love to do. Therefore, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to spend their time doing what they enjoy. Entrepreneurs are their own boss. The very fact that a person is an entrepreneur shows that this person that is the entrepreneur has an appreciation for freedom. It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur.

Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has a passion for sports. Jose Hawilla is known to be the owner and founder of his sport marketing conglomerate, “Traffic Group”. Notice that his business is a conglomerate. This means that even though Jose’s company primarily focuses on sports, it does not only consist of one area of business. In other words several areas of businesses are joined to Jose’s one company. You may think of his business as something like a “Staples”, where it primarily focuses on selling office supplies, but you can order many other products from them online. “Traffic Group” is not a small company. “Traffic Group” is known to being the biggest sports marketing company in Brazil.

Jose’s skill for diversity probably has something to do with his diverse experience. By Jose’s reputation, many could think that Jose would have come out of collage with some sort of sports degree, but Jose actually was a “Law” graduate. Jose also had experience doing reports on Television and Radio for a decade as a journalist and has had much success in journalism. It is hard not to learn at least some ways as of how to manage a business when having this kind of diverse experience. Having this experience is probably what gave Jose Hawilla the confidence to step into entrepreneurship.

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