Academy Of Art University

When it comes to fashion there is nothing more exciting and fast paced than Fashion Week in New York City. There are designers, celebrities, students, reporters and fans everywhere you go; trying to get a glimpse of some of the most unique and creative designs that year. Fashion Week has been going on for years now and it is incredibly well known in the fashion industry. While some of the world’s top designers present their shows during this week, there are also plenty of other up and coming designers that utilize this week to try and make a name for themselves. The Academy of Art University participates each year, hosting a Fashion Week show in New York City. This year in September, The Academy of Art University sent a number of their recent graduates to New York to present nine different designs. Some major celebrities were at the show including Ms. Jay Alexander from Tyra Banks’ Project Runway show.

The Academy of Art University is situated on the West Coast but the students that study there are from all corners of the world. You have students that are local to the college and then you have students who come from the other side of the United States and even from the other side of the world. This diverse gathering of brilliant minds is what makes The Academy of Art University stand out from other fashion institutions and it has gained quite a reputation when it comes to reputable and respected fashion schools. The graduates that were featured in this year’s Fashion Week had either recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion or a Master’s Degree. Students aspire to participate in this yearly event one way or another as it can get their career jump started almost immediately. This is the place to be in the world of fashion each year.

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