Omar Boraie Paves the Way for His City

Far too many citizens in the United States of America think the rich only got to their position because they spent time destroying the little guy. They look at people such as Donald Trump and believe that all wealthy people live and act the same way. I wish all could look at Omar Boraie and see what a tender soul he is. One look at the amazing things this man has accomplished could turn their opinions of the rich around in a split second.

Through his business, the Boraie Development LLC, Omar has been able to restore the city of New Brunswick. This began by providing the opportunity for the community to spend much needed time with one another. By partnering with the New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie was able to offer seven free movie nights throughout the summer so that families can continue bonding with one another. After the summer movie night was over 7500 families reported that they had been blessed by the actions of this man.

Omar Boraie would continue to find ways to better the city. He has been doing this for four decades, and he does not plan to stop anytime soon. According to, Omar is so passionate about this vision that he has invested $150 million to attract businesses to the area. He knows that if businesses would relocate to his city that jobs would follow and cash revenue would increase. In other words, when jobs are present so is cash. When cash is present so is a thriving economy.

According to NY Times, in order to make this goal happen reports that Boraie Development LLC began building to class A office buildings. These were modeled in the style of New York City. Both of these buildings are known as Albany Street Power 1 and Albany Street Power 2. Visit press of atlantic city to see more.

These office buildings are tailor-made to match exactly what businesses need. It is costly for businesses construct their own buildings from scratch. Many businesses find that this is cost prohibitive. However, to purchase one that is already made is a far easier thing to do.

Boraie Development LLC was able to tap into this understanding to construct buildings to attract new businesses to New Brunswick, New Jersey. This was able to revive the economy and Paul many lives out of depression.

Is corporations such as these that should restore our faith in the 1% of this country. You can search on Yahoo to know more.

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