How Securus Used Free Calls & a Wireless Containment System to Help

Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the United States. It has been a big player in the industry and has been guiding it towards the future of communication for some time. Not only does Securus Technologies represent the future of the industry, but it has also been doing its best to present a positive face. Of course, most people know that making sure that inmates can communicate with those on the outside helps them rehabilitate, but every now and then the public has to be reminded of the beauty of communication.


One moment that Securus was able to show the beauty of communication was in Louisiana. Everyone, including myself, remembers how the state was hit with floods that caused so much damage to the people living in the state. Many people lost homes and all of their possessions. I am not sure how I would have felt if that was me, but I did feel sorry for the people going through these problems. It seems that the good people behind Securus understood this pain and wanted to do something to help people in that state by offering free calls to inmates within state prisons.


Many of the people in the state were afraid that their loved ones were hurt during the floods. Securus wanted to do its part to make some of those people feel better and they were successful. This move was something that the public paid attention to and appreciated, especially those in Louisiana. I know that I was very impressed by what the company did. Securus, like any other company, relies on profits, but they proved that there are times when even profits need to be overlooked.


The inmate communications company has also been doing what it can to help protect communities by cracking down on contraband cellphones. Yes, I was surprised to learn that inmates actually smuggle in cellphones into prisons to make illegal calls. These calls are not monitored and have led to real damage. Some of these calls have gone to hire hit men or hit women to kill people. This is a horrible act that needs to stop, and Securus is doing its part by introducing its wireless containment system. It should be noted that the company is not doing this alone since ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson decided to join them them with this goal.


Johnson wants to stop this kind of crime because he knows how dangerous it can be because he was a victim of it himself. The man still carries the wounds of six bullets that he took after a hit man broke into his home and tried to kill him. It is easy to see that Securus wants to help in every way that it can through some of the actions it has taken. Hopefully, it is able to do all the things it is aspiring to do.


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