Dr. David Samadi Practices A Number Of Breathing Techniques

Dr. David B Samadi currently holds the prestigious position as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Samadi was born in Iran but was forced to move at a young age due to a war in his country. Since he was a child, Samadi knew that Dr. Samadi wanted to help others.He needed to further his education to do so.

After leaving his country, he finished high school in Roslyn, New York. From there, he was awarded a full ride scholarship to Stony Brook University where he earned his degree in biochemistry. After that, he worked his way up in the workforce and eventually earned the status as the highest paid doctor in all of New York City. He is a celebrity doctor and has appeared on television broadcasts such as Fox & Friends. Dr. Samadi is a very hard working individual. His official job is to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. While treatments have been successful for some time now, he has since come up with a better way of going about surgery. He developed a system called the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique.

What this is, is a robot assisted prostate surgery technique. Sometimes prostate surgery results in a handful of side effects. The reason being, traditional surgery damages the nerves surrounding the prostate. Dr. Samadi’s robot surgery however, is much more precise and allows patients to avoid unnecessary side effects. As a result of such findings, nine out of ten of his patients are cancer free today. Dr. Samadi does a lot of work each and every day. He gets to work at 6 AM every morning and immediately begins. He keeps a very routine schedule that allows him to stay in the groove. Although he loves his job and enjoys helping others, he sometimes finds himself stressed.

To deal with this, Samadi practices a number of breathing techniques that allow him to decompress. After which he feels better and can continue on with his busy day. Samadi surrounds himself with people similar to himself. Being around hardworking, dedicated people like himself, he is able to learn and grow as a person. Samadi has a vivid photographic memory which allows him to perform so well in his job. Surgery is much easier for him after he studies a drawing or diagram. Samadi is one of the most prolific urologists in the entire country.

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