How Customer Reviews have facilitated Fabletic’s growth

Many corporations across the world have become successful due to their ability to fulfill the needs of their customers. These companies understand the impact of clients’ reviews on their profitability and growth. An example of such businesses is Fabletics, which is a renowned fashion company that owns a subscription service for its customers. The enterprise was co-founded by Kate Hudson, a Hollywood actress, and it currently has more than one million members. Shoppers in the United States are attracted to the brand due to its positive online reviews. Companies across the globe have started adapting to the new consumer behavior, and their marketing strategies are centered on reviews. Fabletics has grown by over 200 percent since 2013 due to its ability to develop products based on its customer’s opinions. It has to date collected a revenue of more than $250 million.


Thousands of Americans have purchased Fabletics’ athleisure wear products because of the positive reviews that the company receives from clients. The comments have helped the firm in retaining most of its customer. A significant percentage of the U.S population trusts online reviews since they offer reliable information about a specific brand. The fashion company has established itself well on the internet, and this makes it easy for shoppers to get information about it. The outstanding online reputation of the enterprise has facilitated its success.


A considerable number of consumers has currently lost trust in the traditional adverts. The crowd has now taken over the power to choose the best products in different industries. Fabletics uses the influence of consumer reviews to build its reputation. Online reviews are read by millions of shopper since the internet is everywhere. Customers do not trust businesses that do not have good reviews, and therefore, they can easily ignore their products. Kate Hudson knows this, and she works hard to build an excellent image for the firm. Fabletics uses consumer testimonials and reviews when marketing its athletic wear. This strategy has improved its sales since most people trust online reviews.


Fabletics understands the needs of its clients since it engages them on its online platform. The company develops athletic wear based on the reviews that are offered by the public. It also asks new customers to provide information about their fashion taste so that they can be served well. The company’s designers ensure that all subscribers get clothes that are customized according to their preferences. The online reviews of the firm have enabled it to attract several loyal clients.


Businesses that have been reviewed positively by consumers have an excellent search engine ranking. The online reputation of Fabletics stands out due to its ability to offer quality products and customer service to clients. The activewear clothes that are manufactured by the brand are comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting. About 85 percent of the buyers of its products are return customers. Kate Hudson is determined to keep using the power of customer reviews to ensure that Fabletics is successful. She has a friendly personality that makes it easy for her to interact with clients.

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