What We Can Learn from Rick Smith’s CEO Tenure at Securus Technologies

Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick Smith, is an American business executive celebrated for his leadership role at Securus Technologies. He joined Securus back in 2008 after the firm’s board approved his appointment. Before joining Securus, he was influential in helping several telecom companies grow in terms of revenue generation and customer base.His role as CEO involves overseeing the Securus’ partnerships, strategies, and operations. Securus Technologies, on the other hand, is a tech-oriented company that develops inmate communications, investigative, law enforcement tools, and security solutions.

Academic and Career Background

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with an undergraduate’s degree in engineering. He also enrolled in the institution’s postgraduate program and graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. Rick proceeded to the University of Rochester to acquire an MBA.After completing his studies, Rick worked in several capacities at Global Crossing North America. He also served as VP of Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plant Operation’s Financial Management department. Rick also worked for companies such as Frontier Information Technologies and Eschelon Telecoms. As the president of Eschelon, he enabled the firm to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

Rick’s achievements at Securus Technologies

  1. Video Visitation Tool

Under Rick’s CEO tenure, Securus Technologies was able to reach a larger client-base through innovative products and exemplary customer service. The company’s most popular product is the video visitation tool that is used in correctional facilities in the U.S. According to Rick Smith, the visitation tool was launched to enhance connections and communications between inmates and their friends and families. The tool facilitates video and voice calls amongst users.

  1. Restructuring Securus’ leadership team

CEOs are usually tasked with the job of recruiting new talents as a way of improving a company’s professional team. Rick Smith is always proactive when it comes to overseeing Securus’ recruiting activities. In 2016, he made headlines after he facilitated the hiring of John Bell as SVP of sales. Bell was added to the firm’s sales team with an objective of fostering the development of high-end software.Before John Bell was hired, Rick Smith realized that Securus’ sales department required improvements. This is because the department handles the sales and marketing of over 800 products developed by Securus to serve corrections and law enforcement sectors. John Bell was the most suitable candidate for the sales SVP position since he has over 35 years experience in sales management. Bell previously worked for companies such as IBM, AT&T, and Verizon.Rick Smith pointed out that changes in the leadership and professional teams of Securus are beneficial in many ways. He believes that these changes enable the firm’s professionals to cope up with new products that are frequently released. This mechanism ensures that clients understand everything that Securus offers.

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