Take Some Advice and Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

There is no doubt that hot summer days are hard on air conditioning systems. Take some suggestions from Goettl Air Conditioning and reduce that stress on your air conditioning system and save some money in the bargain.

Your first step should be outside at the location of your outside unit. Check out the surrounding area and just make certain that there is no overgrowing of any plants or that debris and other objects are not nearby. Take the cover off and clean the coil on the inside as it tends to accumulate grass clippings and other debris.

Try running the ceiling fans while the air conditioning is on. This will distribute the cooler air more evenly throughout the space. If you don’t have ceiling fans even floor fans or table fans will work. Sometimes a thermostat is placed in the area of the house that is warmer so it can be calling for more air conditioning more often.

Look into programmable thermostats. With this option you can program the temperature levels to be higher when you are not home. Predictable times when you are at work, shopping, on a trip and other times work well here. There are also thermostats that can detect when no one is home which will work more easily.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1938 and is well-known for its exceptional service and fair pricing. Goettl has recently been very active in the community with support for community causes and in the helping with the care for citizens who have air conditioning challenges.

One of the more popular programs that Goettl.com offers is their Goettl Maintenance Plan. The program only costs $12 per month the customer receives an annual checkup for their air and heating systems, discounts on parts and service, and an emergency protection plan. View the company profile on linkedin.com.

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