Jose Henrique Borghi; a Big Name in Brazil Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most talented people in the advertising industry. Jose Borghi; the co-CEO of Mullen Lowe advertising agency, uses great unconventional ideas in creating his ads and makes sure his clients are impressed and satisfied. He has an advertisement degree from Pontifical Catholic University, thus has what it takes to make great adverts for effective marketing.

Jose Borghi has helped Mullen Lowe Brasil advertising agency a great deal in developing great advertising campaigns that have led to its success. Mullen Lowe is one of the most major advertising agency in Brazil, and for them to grow in this competitive industry, they had to collaborate with Jose Borghi as his experience speaks loud of himself. At Mullen Lowe, Jose is helpful in social media, design planning, mobile marketing, and public relations. This ensures clients are fully satisfied, and the agency gets more customers each day.

Jose Henrique has created many ads which are very popular in the advertising industry. A good example is a wildlife conservation ad; Mammals of Parmalat, which is a very inspiring ad ever developed in Brazil. He has also created a YouTube skip ad which has a message against women assault. Many of his ads have made him famous and receive many awards nationally and internationally.

Jose Henrique has worked with many businesses and companies. He has created ad campaigns for Unilever, LG, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and fiat. As a marketing strategy, advertisement informs people about a product and encourages people to buy the product. Therefore, great ads created by Jose helps his clients in making more sales and inform people on different brands. His advertising campaigns are designed properly and have a positive impact on businesses.

Jose Borghi uses a unique approach to creating advertising campaigns. It is evident that his contribution in Brazilian advertisement industry is immense. Jose has made Mullen Lowe advertising agency great, and the company has dominated the Brazilian advertising industry.

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