How Samuel Strauch Established Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is the President and Founder of the investment company, Metrik Real Estate. Strauch has been steadily building himself up as one of the bigger real estate investment companies in all of Florida over the past fifteen or so years. Things didn’t start out easy for him, however, as his decision to jump into real estate was almost accidental. Because of Samuel Strauch’s exciting approach to real estate investing it is important to get a look in at how his mind works. Upcoming entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the real estate investor.

Samuel Strauch had been working in banking when he took a trip to Miami. While he was there he spotted two key things: there were real estate developments opening up around the city and tourists were beginning to flock in. Having an eye for a great idea is integral if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur and that is exactly what Strauch had managed to do. Strauch knew early on that he could utilize his international connections to pull together investors in a booming city like Miami.


If you talked to Samuel Strauch for long you will find out that he believes teamwork is everything, and he’s not even trying to be cliche. Strauch knows that the real estate industry is built on personal connections. Being able to shake hands, look someone in the eye, and share an idea is absolutely integral to finding success. Metrik Real Estate succeeded early on as a local real estate company because Strauch was willing and able to go out and do the groundwork to find those connections.

Above all else, Metrik Real Estate is led by Samuel Strauch in a way that few companies ever are. Strauch says, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.”

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