The Philanthropical Deeds of the Financial Expert James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of one of the biggest financial advisory companies in the world.


Highland Capital Management was created with the intention of providing solutions, financial solutions, for many types of companies and business owners in the United States, and it was founded in Dallas, Texas, one of the most influential commercial centers in the nation.


James Dondero has always been a keen scholar of financial strategies, and he’s become a millionaire even before he created Highland Capital Management with his partner.


Jim Dondero, as his close friends like to call him, has already donated millions of his earnings in non-profitable charities to many noble causes. For example, the entrepreneur and financial expert has already given to the Family Place, and it was a quantity that exceeded the $15 million margin.


The entrepreneur has also donated to many businesses in Dallas, his homeland, but the biggest achievement of the philanthropical activities of James Dondero have been his donation to the local Dallas Zoo, one of the greatest of the country, where he granted $1 million in donations to help bring hippos back to the zoo, one of the favorite attractions of the local communities. The donation was a success, and the zoo was able to bring the animals back to their habitat inside the facility, utilizing the rest of the grant provided by the entrepreneur to renew the habitat and provide a better environment for them.


The financial expert also utilized the profits gained with Highland Capital Management’s success to donate millions to the Southern Methodist University. The intention was to provide new opportunities of all sorts to the students of the University and improve the education as well as incentivize looking for new types of interactions with studying businesses in general.


Today, James Dondero is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Dallas, as he has founded the company that gives financial assistance to many of the influential businesses of Texas.


In credit and equity markets, the business owner has more than three decades of experience and expertise, half of it being experience that he earned himself by being a financial advisor that brought high profit to many businesses.

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