Know your Health Condition-Life line Screening

Everyone wants and desires to live a long life. Even though we may not have control on when our last day comes, we may have ways which may prolong our life and ensure we lead a healthy life. Life line screening offers you testing services that help you to prevent diseases or cure them earlier before they develop fully.

Screening can save you from spending large amounts of money on hospital bills. This is because some illnesses can be cured if they are spotted in advance. Screening also helps patients with chronic diseases to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they understand the condition of their health.

Life line screening doctors are highly trained professionals that are well equipped with the knowledge needed in the field. The professionals make process painless and comfortable. The tools are body friendly and hence harmless. After they have completed your screening, life line screening forwards their results to a board of physicians for evaluation, to confirm the credibility of the results. They then avail their results to your physician or doctor. With the help of the results, the doctor knows the full state of your body, and in the case of any complications, treatment commences immediately.

Life line screening prices are affordable, convenient and require no pre-preparation. Here are the three of preventive health screening offered in the life line screening.

Ultra Sound Screening

Ultra sound screening also referred to as sonography is a technique that employs sound waves, to create image structures in the body. During the screening, high frequency transmitted in body area being checked up and echoes recorded.

Finger Stick Blood Screening

This kind of screening involves pricking the fore most of a finger for blood. This blood is used to test for any possible symptoms of diabetes and heart related diseases. The results of this test are ready in less than 15 minutes. The equipment used are approved and accurate.

Limited electrocardiograph

The EKG provided by life line screening is harmless and requires no preparations. The screening ensures that in case the patient has atrial fibrillation, a condition that would result in stroke is present, is detected and controlled before it’s too late.

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