Avaaz, Voice of the People

Avaaz, the voice of the people, is an organization dedicated to uniting likeminded idealists around the world to promote change. The ultimate goal is to create the world in which we all desire to live. The mission of the organization was summed up best by Director Ricken Patel when he said, “We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Idealists of the world unite!”

Avaaz provides a voice for the people by supporting activism in progressive causes. The March against Monsanto campaign alone has garnered over two million online signatures. Avaaz members have stepped beyond click activism, gathering in major cities around the world for four years now to literally march against Monsanto. In 2014 world leaders were gathered in New York City for the United Nations Climate Summit. The week of the United Nations meeting, Avaaz activists staged the first annual People’s Climate March. An estimated 311,000 people attended to make their voices heard, with supporting events taking place in cities around the world.

Activism with Avaaz goes beyond online petitions and staged global demonstrations. When civil unrest broke out in Syria, the organization sent 1.5 million dollars in communications equipment so protesters could inform the world of the local situation. Another two million was spent on medical supplies, which were sent to Syrian rebels. Avaaz also organized the rescue of an injured British photographer.

Since 2009 the organizations activities have been entirely user funded. They accept no donations from businesses or foundations and limit the accepted amount to $5000. Due to the generosity of members, over 20 million dollars have been raised. Aside from funding daily operations, the money raised by Avaaz has been used for activist operations around the world.

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