Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co founder of and chief executive officer of a company known as Tempus. His company is one that has built an operating system that helps fight cancer. Along with Tempus, Eric is also the co founder and Managing Director of Ligthbank, which is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. As well as being involved in the technology industry, Eric is also the co founder and chairman of Groupon which specializes in offering discounts on various forms of merchandise on the internet. He also leads another company called Uptake Technologies which is a leading predictive analytics company. With all of these companies, Eric has proven to be a very versatile businessperson.

Lefkofsky has also founded some more companies such as Mediaocean which is a company that specializes in media procurement technology. He has also founded Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. These companies specialize in technology transportation and logistics outsourcing and managed print and promotional solutions respectively. All of these companies have allowed Eric to establish himself as a top entrepreneur in the United States.

One of the companies that Eric is in charge of is Tempus. This is a technology company that uses the advantage of technology to help fight cancer. The company allows physicians to deliver personalized cancer care with the use of an interactive analytical and machine learning platform. It also provides physicians with genomic sequencing services along with analysis of molecular and therapeutic data to make it easier for physicians to make data driven decisions at real time. The goal of Tempus is to provide benefits to each patient with treatment from physicians using the most updated data and technology.

While Eric Lefkofsky established himself as a successful entrepreneur, he has also been involved in a number of philanthropic activities. He established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This is a private chartable foundation that has helped advance initiatives to enhance the livelihood of people in the community. Eric is also the Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and also the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago to learn more: http://chicagoinno.streetwise.co/2016/07/22/eric-lefkofskys-next-move-curing-cancer-at-tempus/ click here.

When looking to follow and contact Eric Lefkofsky, you can go on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these sites provide information about Eric and his companies. He reveals the latest news about his companies as well as topics pertaining to them. With this social media presence, people interested in learning more about Eric Lefkofsky and his companies will have a very reliable source to go to. These sites will also make it easier for prospective customers to find out more about the services that Eric’s companies provide.

Lefkofsky is quite educated with a very impressive background in which he graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree along with earning his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As a graduate of Michigan, Eric was able to attain a high quality educational foundation that has allowed him to pursue his goals. After finishing college and law school, Eric had a combination of general education as well as legal education to help him start a lucrative career. He would eventually become an entrepreneur. Over the years, he would experience a considerable amount of success as he founded numerous companies.

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