Lime Crime Is Releasing Incredible Hair Dyes

The moment that every fan of Lime Crime has been waiting for has come. They have recently announced that they are releasing a line of thirteen bold colored hair dyes called Unicorn Hair. Unicorn Hair has been a highly anticipated concept that fans of the company’s brightly colored makeup products have been hoping for.


Lime Crime has yet to release the new hair dyes but it seems as though it will be in the near future. Their website already has announced the products and has descriptions of each. The color is bold and bright. They are designed to last approximately six weeks each and there are two different types of colors. There is a highly pigmented hair dye for bolder and brighter color and then there is a glaze that is suited for creating pastel colors. The new hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free just like all of the other Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere the colorful creator and CEO of Lime Crime modeled this hair dye after her own brightly colored locks. She has been coloring her hair every shade of the rainbow for many years and wanted to give Lime Crime fans the opportunity to follow suit. Ther is no doubt that the products will fly off of the shelves once they are released so fans hoping to purchase some when it is released will have to be poised and ready to snag it. For now, it seems that it will only be available on the website. Lime Crime has always taken pride in being able to help people express themselves with color so releasing a line of hair dye only seems to make sense.



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