Russia Is Key For Thor Halvorssen In His Human Rights Fight

Thor Halvorssen is well known for being one of the world’s leading human rights activists who brings together people from all walks of life to battle the inequalities he sees in human rights across the world. Halvorssen has focused the Human Rights Foundation he founded in 2005 on providing assistance to those stranded in the most extreme human rights affected countries of the world where they have little chance of escape and often face issues, such as torture, imprisonment, and fake criminal charges.

Much of the focus of the work of Thor Halvorssen has been focused on fighting the human rights issues often seen in Russia under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Despite the dangers of opposing one of the world’s best known tyrants, Thor Halvorssen has chosen to be seen as one of the leading opponents to the Russian regime of President Putin by aligning himself with many of the best known political opponents of Russia. One of the first steps taken by Halvorssen was to support the activism group “Pussy Riot” when a number of their members were imprisoned illegally after staging a political protest in a Russian Orthodox Church.

Not only has Thor Halvorssen decided to act as the main political and human rights opponents of Vladimir Putin, he has also taken it upon himself to seek to publicize the interests of many of Putin’s political opponents. In 2012, the Russian political dissident and former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov was appointed as the President of the Human Rights Foundation board, which has provided him with a major boost in the public eye as he continues to fight for all Russians to have access to their basic human rights; with the aid of Thor Halvorssen, Gary Kasparov appeared at the trial of members of “Pussy Riot” and was beaten by Russian law enforcement for his anti-Putin stance.


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