Eric Lefkofsky Embraces The Past, Present And Future With Tempus

The soul of an entrepreneur might be best described as someone who is willing to risk everything for something more, but the true extent runs much deeper than that. Contrary to the opinions of some, it’s not always just about the success of one’s personal endeavours. For many, it’s also about helping others along the way and enabling them to lead better, healthier and more fulfilling lives. More often than not, these enterprises are the result of someone seeing a need and then the necessary solution to affect positive change. Tempus CEO and co-founder Eric Lefkofsky sees it as “We don’t start companies thinking about the industry, or big problems, or hey, let’s take a big swing because we can. Our motivation for starting companies is very personal. We come across some problem and you have this lightbulb that goes off that says, ‘ I have this solution'”.


Having already amassed a personal fortune through successful start-ups like Groupon, Mediaocean, Uptake, Echo Global Logistics and Inner Workings, Eric Lefkofsky knows the value of entrepreneurial risk taking and the benefits it can ultimately provide to others.


Tempus was founded with the idea of helping cancer patients, present and future, by amassing genomic data to a central database and then applying that data to clinical settings. Eric believes that by partnering with leading hospitals and physicians will be able to amass a large enough database of information that will allow doctors to determine, based upon a patient’s genetic profile, which treatment will work the best for the individual. In other words, use the past to help improve the present and future. If the advantages of Big Data can work so effectively in other areas, than why not for medicine as well?



Eric Lefkofsky is a strong believer in the value of community and the need for communication in helping them grow and succeed. Among his many community interests, Eric is a member of the board of directors for the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also teaches at various business schools in the Chicago area. He and his wife, Elizabeth, started the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006 with a focus on helping children.

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