Don Ressler Is Helping To Create Success For His Online Retail Companies

Don Ressler is a businessman extraordinaire. He has been working in the field of company management for years and in his early years was able to create and sell a business called Over the course of time, Don Ressler’s business ventures have been so successful that he has been able to create and manage businesses that were able to gross over a billion dollars in revenue. He was working with Intermix when he met his current business partner Adam Goldenberg. They shared a similar vision on on Crunchbase that eventually became one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world.

The first attempt at e-commerce for Don Ressler was a company that specialized in health and beauty products called Intelligent Beauty.They began the business venture when Intermix was sold to News Corporation on Although Intelligent Beauty was a successful endeavor they wanted to further develop their online retail concept. That idea would encompass fashion and the goal was to make it affordable as well as easily accessible. The JustFab company was the fruit of their idea.

Don Ressler found himself co-founding one of the most successful and popular e-commerce retailers on the online market today. JustFab pioneered a business model that is quickly becoming the newest standard in the retail industry. Every since the company’s launch many other companies have followed their example and have grown from strictly brick and mortar to featuring more products online and for a better discount. Consumers have really come to love being able to get the products that they love and have them presented and delivered to them without all of the hassles of having to shop themselves. This offers them both value and convenience.

Since the creation of JustFab, Don Ressler has become involved with a branch of JustFab called Fabletics. Fabletics follows a very similar business model but they offer active and athletic wear. They have become on of the hottest retailers in the online market to date. They have been able to push the athleisure wear trend as well as incorporating other styles of clothing such as evening wear and swimsuits that use the same athletic wear materials that they use for the other clothing items.

Don Ressler is currently giving these businesses the boost they need by using his vast experience in the business and retail industry. Both JustFab and Fabletics have been projected to enjoy substantial growth over the next several years.

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