Kate Hudson Launches Athleisure Line Fabletics Aimed At Every Woman

In a recent Elle Magazine interview at http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/ Kate Hudson talks about how her athletic past and her continued involvement in fitness and fashion have helped launch a new line of athleisure clothing named Fabletics.

Kate has always been an active psrson. She came from a family that was heavily into sports. Her dad played baseball, her mom has always been a dancer. Kate was a soccer player when she was younger. The family is still active and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. For Kate this transition into an athleisure clothing designer was an easy one.

When she madeĀ their Facebook announcement with her two business partners, their collective goals have always been to bring affordable, high quality athletic wear to every female body type. Kate believes it makes performing activities easier to have comfortable, well made athleisure wear to work out in. If someone is wearing clothing that holds and supports the body through exercise, then it is easier to perform the activity and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

For Kate Hudson this was key to Fabletics If someone looks good, then they feel good because, for Kate, she stated the hardest part of getting her exercise done is starting to do the routine. She stated that with a busy lifestyle sometimes people just have a hard time taking the time to exercise. That’s what Fabletics helps with. If women have acess to athleisure wear that is affordable, then they will want to lead a more active lifestyle.

Fabletics started in 2013 as an online monthly subscription service. Clients can sign up and fill out a style quiz. After the quiz is complete, Fabletics will pull together hundreds of pieces of clothing to choose from. Every month, subscribers can choose an outfit that will get shipped to their door. The monthly subscription of Fabletics is $49.95 and subscribers can chose to opt out of a month if they do not wish to purchase. All they have to do is chose to opt out of the subscription by the fifth every month, and they will not be billed.

For those that like a retail experience, Fabletics just expanded into five retail stores and recently started a men’s line called FL2. They offer the same high quality fabrics that Fabletics is known for, but in cuts, colors, and styles for any active guys wardrobe. The program details, and locations of the retail stores can be found on http://www.fabletics.com/.

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