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Marie Clarie magazine recently interviewed actress Kate Hudson about her new line of athleisure dresses that premiered in April. It is all part of her Fabletics brand of clothing. Hudson says that she likes to design clothes that serve dual purpose, such as a swim top also being used as a sports bra. Her company strives to make clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, Hudson says.

One of her favorites in the new collection is the little black dress. Unlike most stylish LBDs, Kate Hudson says hers is made from comfortable performance wear, Fabletics. It can be worn in the office or vamped up for a night out to dinner. Hudson mentions that many of the dresses in her new line have built-in bras. These outfits do such a good job of streamlining the wearers’ figures, they will not even have to wear Spanx.

The lovely swimwear in the collection fit secure enough that women can use them for cool exercising outfits. The sturdy design from http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm does not take away from the swimwear’s sexiness and feminine charm, says Hudson. They were made to look and wear the best.

Hudson told the Marie Claire reporter that there were a few other companies that make athleisure clothing for high fashion. The problem is that their prices are so much higher. With the sales model Wikipedia uses, Hudson and her company can produce the same beautiful fashions for much less, she says.

Kate Hudson is a global inspiration for women to keep fit and to love their bodies. Since she has always been a creative person, she came up with a plant to make high quality active wear more affordable to everyone. She co-founded Fabletics in 2013 and offered her new clothes online. Now, the company even has clothes for men and kids.

It is easy for customers to go to the Fabletics website and order the outfits they want. The company will ship their orders straight to their homes. Customers love the clothes and give them high marks for affordability and quality. Fabletics has a loyalty club that allows customers to get discounts after making so many purchases. Kate Hudson’s company helps active people stay stylish and comfortable within their budget. 
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