George Soros Opinion On The Current Market Situation

Globally the state of the current market has a lot of concern for the past few weeks of the month of January 2016.investors have hence been made to give out their opinion concerning the worrying market situation. With the likes of China, Russia, Ukraine and Germany being the points of concern as their market fallout will affect the economic condition globally. Soros has also been a target of many media interviews like one he underwent in Sri Lanka recently about this current market condition.

Soros is well known for his philanthropy in education, democracy and the stock market. His intelligence has been seen in his choice of the kind of shares he invests into and when he chooses to invest. His focus on the current market situation has been a focus of many he thinks it’s a reminiscence of the situation that was in 2008 which he himself predicted then. Soros brings the scare to many investors when he relates the economic situation to 2008 when loan lending was at its peak while there has not been identified a solution to the same act that is happening today in China. The devaluation is bringing a lot of harm to the whole global economy.

George Soros warning of such a disaster happening is not his first. He also gave a warning in 2011 to Greece debt to Europe. His view was that the crises would be worse than how it was 2008 and the environment for all investors would not be conducive at all. The whole weakening of Yuan will most likely affect the economic condition of Asia, and its stock market will sink. Investors are most likely going to listen to Soros advice and act on their market handing situation due to his prowess in matters relating to investments for example he made a bet in the year 1992 of the weakening of the pound of which united kingdom will be forced to devalue which happened to his luck .this earned him $1 billion.

He related the current situation of China releasing a lot of Yuan to the economy with what will happen if Britain withdraws itself in the European Union. That collapsing of the union will most likely happen to leave Europe in the worst economic condition. Soros thinks that the future of Europe depends on the presence of Britain in the union. Europe might end up finding their banking system collapsed more from the union situation and also from all that is happening in the investment marketing together with the devaluation of Yuan. It is not easy to ignore an influential person more so if you are and investor as the person is. Soros experience in the market is what any starter needs and also his great writings about trade and market. Taking keen concerns as he does rather than ignore and say it is not that worse. All traders need to come in and act before the 2008 crisis reflects again.

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