Fashion Model Matt Landis and Company Show What’s Good and BAD About 2015 Male Spring Fashion

matt landis good

Spring fashion trends for males may seem at first like a boring topic right now. Wrong! Remember that phrase ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ that was especially potent in the 1990s when Coyote Ugly was so popular? Well, we’re going to bring that phrase back in, right now! Model Matt Landis and his fellows show us what’s good and bad about 2015 spring fashion trends.

The Good

matt landis good

What I really like about the trend that I’m seeing is that it’s modern and crisp but also colorful and throws some surprises at us. Don’t we all like to feel colorful and see lots of color in springtime? I know that I do. Here Mr. Handsome is wearing a pale grey collared jacket over a colorful blue, fuchsia and white collared shirt. That’s right! FUCHSIA. Nothing like fuchsia to remind us about all the loveliest parts of spring – romance, flowers bursting into bloom, full-brim hats and our favorite little spring dress…

The fuchsia is one of the most impressive points about this ensemble. It’s an unusual color to see on a man and it’s a color that’s only become more popular recently. It says fresh, modern, and fun. Who knew jewel tones would ever look so good on a guy.

The second delicious point of this outfit (besides the guy in it) is the double-collars. If either jacket or shirt were not collared, this ensemble wouldn’t say professional, together, and fashion-conscious. The double collars also work to streamline the entire outfit.

Third but not any less good is the grey jacket itself. Just look at what a perfect fit it is, and the slight texturing we see.

Now, for:

The Bad

matt landis black and white

This second outfit isn’t too bad. We’ve got a collared shirt underneath a large baggy sweater with the word COLLEGE. But where the first outfit is surprising and crisp, outfit number two isn’t. The baggy sweater is ugly, and lack of a name for the college is confusing. Is it supposed to be funny, or rebellious? Only the collared shirt is what saves this outfit from being ugly. That’s it’s one saving grace.

The Ugly

matt landis shorts

Please forgive me, Matt Landis. You’re beautiful, but your outfit is not. The blue undershirt has a weird puffy pseudo-collar, and are those polka dots I see on it? Ew. Secondly, the sweater. White is okay but it’s baggy and the fuzzy material reminds me of women’s clothing.

Then there’s the shorts. They are puke green and do not go with the top. They feel like them have belong to a different ensemble. They’re also way too short. I think that the level of shortness they are belongs with either a little German boy’s outfit, complete with Lederhosen and a pointy cap, or smaller and tighter in a women’s outfit. They just don’t belong.

Matt Landis, we hope to see you in a better outfit next time. For now – auf wiedersehen!

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