Equities First Holdings Will Continue to Grow With the Help of Stock-based Loans

The year was 2012 Equities First Holdings (EFH) started its’ operation in London. and name EFH is serves people with financial advice and stock-based loans. Many people have got on track with the use of EFH. Businesses have been able to create financial plans that help improve their business. EFH is a leader in finance with the help of good partnerships with investment banks.

Asia, Europe, and Australia are part of the new markets being gained through the expansion of EFH. With a good performance from their London advice, the new and unique product, stock-based loans would be option for other people with a need finance. The London office has been able to generate 700 transactions. EFH on a global platform has generate $1 billion from transactions. EFH celebrate 15-year anniversary, and they have had reason to celebrate such as success they have had. The success should continue as long as the stock-based loan is available to their clients.

Contact Equities First Holdings: www.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Sussex Healthcare: Leading By Example

There are numerous healthcare organizations in the U.K., but there is one organization that stands-out from the rest. When it comes to providing medical treatments for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare is a full-step ahead of the competition.

This organization has more than two decades of experience under its belt, and it has some of the best medical care options for people of a specific age. As we get older, our bodies tend to breakdown in a sense. Injuries become more frequent and illnesses become more prevalent. Senior care is a very important part of living, and it’s a very important part of society.

Healthcare and senior living tend to go hand-to-hand because they’re one in the same. Providing a safe and comfortable environment is the end-goal. Sussex Healthcare Care Centers is an award-winning group of care homes for senior living. These care centers are more so communities than actual facilities. Senior living should be a time of enjoyment and stability. These care homes are spacious, are very clean and are nurturing. Activities are at an abundance here as Sussex Healthcare provides a plethora of activities like cookery, quizzes, art therapy, music, reminiscence sessions and many more. These activities provide a sense of enrichment, which can be looked forward to by each and every individual. The organization’s movement sessions are designed to keep the residents in motion. Movement sessions are basically a sense of physical therapies that helps to retain the body’s muscular functions.

On top of that, Sussex Healthcare Care Centers provides medical support for a wide range of issues. Reflexology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy are just a few of the beneficial services. There is also top-of-the-line neurological care as well as innovative dementia care. All in all, Sussex Healthcare is more than a home, but rather it’s a way of life. The organization’s headquarters is located in West Sussex, U.K., but the main operating facility is in Horsham, U.K.

Source: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/

Enhanced Athlete article

Enhanced Athlete underwent a lawsuit for the selling and promoting of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators as safe alternatives to steroids. Mr Hughes and other people who use Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators argue that they accelerate muscle growth, and pose fewer side effects and stress to the liver than steroids.

Basically the argument started because of Mr Hughes or known as Mr Huge on the internet because he promotes and uses Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and promotes them as being safer alternatives to performance enhancing drugs. As a result of this enhanced athletes youtube run by none other than Mr Hughes has grown to almost about 100000 subscribers. Mr. Hughes says that Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are no more hazardous to our health than a diet of fast food burgers, he also does not deny the side effects that he has gotten like fluctuations of cholesterol levels and occasional blurry vision. And enhanced athlete denied the lawsuit and says that the products have disclaimers that say “for research purposes only“.


Basically enhanced athlete is a company based off of selling products to help people during their fitness journey and in the gym like pre workout, amino acids,fat burners and etc. As well as selling and promoting Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators but they by no means say on tgeir website that it a safe alternative to steroids and it clearly states when about to buy the product that the product is for research and that it has not received FDA approval for human consumption. And it also states that it’s under the consumers own risk if the decide to buy and take this product because its for research purposes only.

But they don’t only sell this they also sell clothing in their clothing website Enhancedgear.com And as well as coaching if you go on the enhanced gear website and click the coaching tab and you can find all the information you need about their coaching programs. Their website is very well made and it is easy to navigate through. I honestly think that the lawsuit should’ve not happened because they by no means say that it is safe to take these product and to do it at your own risk.

Who is Dr. Johanan Rand and What Can He Do For Your Aging Issues

Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers that have their offices in NJ. He specializes in physiatrist, rehabilitation, and physical medicine. Rand studied at the reputable Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr. Johanan practices just peer-review medicine.

What this means is that he will not prescribe or recommend any treatment that he cannot support with medical research. Furthermore Dr. Johanan Rand is very kind, empathetic, and puts his patient’s health needs before anything else. That is why many patients prefer to seek his services when looking for health optimization (Healthgrade).

This 50-year old doctor is considered a role model by most of his patients. On top of all his medical expertise, he is a health and fitness expert and is even working on a book titled “it is not too late to live past 100”. Dr. Johanan Rand is also an expert in demonstrating facts based support on bio-identical hormones. His passion for the field is truly immense, and he disregards the method of other doctors who often prescribe pills to patients simply because they are ill.

This doctor’s motivation and intense interest is very catchy, and he always strives to make his patients attain their health goals. His method dwells on the entire picture that includes bio-identical hormones, fitness, supplements, and nutrition. Before using this method, he has to come up with a plan after carrying out a comprehensive physical examination so that there is no room for doubt.

Healthy Aging medical Centers physicians are very qualified to provide their patients with top-notch medical treatments using a functional integrative and regenerative method. They have developed custom programs and executed them with the aim of preventing ailments and restoring well-being and vitality. This, in turn, ensures that patients get to age healthily. These physicians have all they need to ensure that the patients receive the best integrative care. Their passion also ensures that they achieve great results for their patients. They use a high-tech programmatic mode of delivery to provide these services. Patients can also receive education and therapy via scientifically tested peer-reviewed medical publications.

Dr. Johanan Rand demonstrates his passion in the field by leading by example. He lives a healthy, active lifestyle that includes taking healthy meals, incorporating supplements, doing cardio and weight training, practicing yoga, and partaking in martial arts. His patients are happy and lucky because he only uses the safest methods of treating them to ensure the remedy is highly effective.

Dr. David Samadi-the Authority of Robotic Prostate Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is the go-to for robotic prostate surgery and one of the best in the world. Named on the prestigious ‘Best Doctor List’ in New York, he is also a member of the National Urologic Association and The National Medical Association. Nationally televised Fox News channel relies on him as a correspondent whenever they need a captain in his field. Recently he was asked to contribute with Huffington Post to news of Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer and surgery and said that his prognosis is good. He is asked to share his knowledge and clinical research through speaking engagements and presentations domestically and internationally.

After immigrating here from Iran as a teen, he was given a full scholarship to Stony Brook University where he obtained his degree, then moved on to Stony Brook School of Medicine and received his Master’s there. He has gone on to continue his education at Montefiore Medical Center, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France.

Shortly after, he established a practice at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he quickly moved up as Director of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery in the Department of Urology. He went on to become Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center and now currently serves as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

He is one of very few doctors in the urology surgical field that is trained in all three aspects: open, laparoscopic, and robotic. After years of experience, he actually invented and pioneered a new technique called The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART). It is minimally invasive and has the best success rate in the field. He does every surgery himself and customizes it to each patient, using robotic technology for removing cancerous prostates.

Dr. Samadi has quite a large following, thanks in part to his consulting and corresponding with Fox News and his very popular SamadiTV, a website chock full of videos and information for patients to refer to. New videos are added at least monthly and live broadcasts are frequent. He also has a strong presence on social media including every major platform available.

He has won numerous awards including Vitals Patients’ Choice Award, Castle Connolly Top Doctors, The Top 1,251 Physicians for New York Magazine, New York Super Doctors, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, Best Doctors New York Magazine, and
Most Compassionate Doctor to name a few.

Although he sits on a level unparalleled to other medical professionals in his expertise, he is still humble and down to earth. As illustrated in an interview recently with IdeaMensch, where he said, ” I try to make everyone around me feel better about themselves. I treat my team like my I treat own family.”

To know more visit @: www.linkedin.com/in/davidsamadi

The Endeavors of Jason Hope May Benefit Us All

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, AZ, and attended Arizona State University, where he later received a degree in finance and an MBA. Currently, he is based in Scottsdale Arizona and has undertaken numerous successful endeavors as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and well-regarded futurist. He is a noted proponent of the Internet of Things, the ever-growing number of Internet-connected devices, believing it will have a significant impact on society in the future. He has also established a grant program that facilitates the realization of ideas of young students and entrepreneurs which he believes will impact the future of the technology industry. Perhaps most excitingly, the resultant marriage of his philanthropic nature and prescience may result in a longer lifespan and greater quality of life for humanity. IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

He strongly advocates research that focuses on improving the quality of life in senescence through taking a preventative approach when addressing age-related diseases.

Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

In demonstration of his ardent support of the field of anti-aging, he donated $500,000 to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Foundation, an organization that is focused on the development, promotion, and widespread availability of rejuvenation biotechnologies by, per the foundation’s stated approach, addressing “the repair of living cells and extracellular material in situ.” In discussing the donation, Jason Hope said he has “had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now,” and further stated that he believed their approach to addressing senescence and its associated diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis, “is the only way to go.” Dr. Aubrey de Grey, CSO of the SENS Foundation, said that the donation will be used to fund research regarding elimination of unwanted accumulation of molecular bonds in the extracellular matrix of arteries, the primary cause of hypertension, which in turn worsens and compounds many disorders related to aging. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Mike Kope, CEO of the SENS Foundation, said that Jason Hope’s generous donation would greatly expedite the anti-aging related work of the SENS Foundation. In a later interview, Jason Hope stated that research by the SENS Foundation has covered a lot of ground in working towards drugs that can reverse aging at the cellular level. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

The Arpaio Pardon: Why Countless People All Over The Country Are Revolting

The topic of Joe Arpaio and the several acts that he committed has been of national importance for several years now. Organizations have formed, people have mobilized, and opinions have been tossed around about the former Sheriff of Maricopa County.

People have been agitated, tossed aside their faith in the government and have worked hard to see this man behind bars. In spite of all the efforts that the people of America have put in, the legal system still works against them, and in favor of those who possess a lot of power and money.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was one organization that had worked hard to see Joe Arpaio pay for the crimes that he had committed. The organization was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two individuals who wanted to help society know about the ill activities that their sheriff was participating in.

They ran a newspaper and decided to release an article about Arpaio, following which they were arrested by the man himself. After being released, Lacey and Larkin knew that it was time for them to take matters into their own hands and decided to file a suit against Arpaio.

The duo ended up receiving a compensatory amount of three million, but they knew that someone like Arpaio needed to be imprisoned if they wanted him to pay for the multiple crimes that he had been committing through the years. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

During the twenty-five years that Arpaio stood as the Sheriff of Maricopa County, he was engaged in a number of crimes, most of which were inflicted on members of the Latin American community. He possessed white supremacist views and saw everyone of a different race as inferior them him.

He wanted Arizona to be a white only state and tried to deport as many Latin Americans as possible, even if it meant resorting to illegal means to be able to do so. He would regularly bribe jury members to get cases motioned in his favor, and so that harsher sentences would be inflicted as compared to what was usually given.

The man was also known for keeping his prisons in atrocious conditions. The prisons that he supervised were dubbed as American concentration camps because of the conditions that they were held in.

The inmates were tortured on a regular basis, out of which many of them were killed as a result of some of the other kind of violence inflicted on them. Those who survived the torture often resulted in suicide as their only escape from the hell that they were forced to live in. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://releasefact.com/2017/09/jim-larkin-and-michael-lacey-continue-fight-for-latino-rights-after-pardoning-of-joe-arpaio/ and http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/23/jim-larkin-michael-lacey-make-the-list-of-civil-rights-protectors/

The inmates were almost always denied basic facilities, and all of the state funds that were being allocated to these prisons were being laundered off to Arpaio and his many endeavors.

His racist views and opinions resonate with that of Trump, which is why many people predicted that the President would use his pardon to free Arpaio from the sentence that he was given.

Newswatch: Critically Acclaimed For A Reason

Running and maintaining a company can be very hard work to do. Because of the internet the connection between consumer and producer is easier than ever before. However, since this has happened a lot of products with low quality are being purchased and sold at a rapid pace. There no longer is a strong filter that stops the low quality from getting promoted. How are we to know what is a good quality product to invest in and what is simply a cash grab? Well, one company is showing us the way.

NewsWatch T.V. is an award-winning television show that has helped the general public to make educated decisions on what products to buy or ignore. Started in 1990, the program started as a financial issue show but quickly developed into a product placement and review outlet. The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. In recent year it has increased its influence by incorporating online components and with the TV segments already airing it is now on a whole different plateau. Newswatch is an incredibly acclaimed program with rewards such as the Telly Award and 2017 Marcom award credited to its name. Newswatch’s credibility is of the highest level.

Recently Newswatch worked with SteelSeries an electronics and headphone company to promote their newest products. Newswatch created two promotional review videos for the new gaming controller and headphone set that SteelSeries is releasing. StreelSeries wanted to get as many eyes on their new products as they could and use the video created by Newswatch in other ventures. The results of Newswatch’s work were incredible positive as the video segments were seen in every U.S. market and reached at least 95 million households across the country. The quality SteelSeries products saw tremendous success and the Senior director of marketing for the company had this to say about Newswatch “We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!”” It looks like Newswatch is critically acclaimed for a reason.


The Importance of a Plan According to Richard Dwayne Blair

One of the best things to do when it comes to finances is to have some kind of plan. It is also important to stick to it in order for it to succeed. One of the reasons that a plan is important is so that people can make sure that they have the right type of structure to move forward. Without the right structure, then one can fall into a major trap. This is where Richard Dwayne Blair comes in. He is someone who is able to look at the financial circumstances of an individual and help them figure out what they need to do in order to get the financial results they need.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a lot of experience in the financial markets. For one thing, he is aware of many factors that other financial experts may gloss over. He is aware that there are plenty of unforeseeable occurrences that can destroy a person’s efforts completely. This is one of the reasons that he comes up with plans that are so solid that they make these unforeseen circumstances nothing more than mere setbacks. Therefore, people will still be able to reach their financial goals and not worry about too much.

One thing about Richard Dwayne Blair’s plan is that it is based on a three pillar approach. The first pillar deals with looking at the person’s financial situation. This is where he has to look at all of the different aspects of this person’s finances. Then he lays out a road map for the individual. Afterwards, he looks at investment strategies in order to find something that is long term and effective. Afterwards, the insurance needs of the individual comes in. This will make sure that the individual is protected in case something happens to him that is going to cause issues.


Lonely Planet Provides A List Of Places To Visit In Samoa

Going through Fagali’I Airport is a popular way to visit the capital of Samoa, Apia, which is located on Upolu Island. Polynesian Airline of Samoa has about 12 daily flights. Each of these flights departs to Pago Pago. Just one of the flights is in the morning while the rest take off between 12:05 to 6:25. This airline also owns Fagali’I Airport and has its headquarters just down the road.

The Fagali’I Airport is centrally located to most of the hotels, restaurants, and tourist activities on Upolu. Due to this fact almost all of the hotels are just a short taxi drive away from the Fagali’I Airport. There is a wide variety of prices to pay a hotel per night. According to Expedia, the two least expensive hotels are the Samoa Sport Lodge and Lynn’s Getaway Accommodation, $37 and $39 a night respectively. Mid-tier hotels cost anywhere from $50 to $70 per night while the higher end hotels, such as the Taumeasina Island Resort, costs $194 a night.

Lonely Planet has put together a list of the top things to do on the island of Upolu. They say that the top market to visit, located just down the road from Fagali’I Airport, is called Maketi Fou. They say this market is packed all day with merchants, loiterers, and shoppers. They say one must-see at this market is men playing a version of checkers called mu. Apparently it involves slamming down the pieces according to cheapflights.com. This market mostly sells produce but many other things can also be found such as woodcarvings, sarongs called lava-lava, and jewelry made of coconut-shells.

Another place they say is a must-see before you leave this island via Fagali’I Airport is an art gallery called Vanya Taule’alo Gallery. This is a small gallery but it has fantastic art created by Samoan artists as well as people from other Pacific islands. Everything at this studio is for sale. They say that it is adjacent to a great restaurant called Legends Cafe which should also be visited by tourists for its authentic Polynesian food.

Search more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo