Bernardo Chua:An Outstanding Global Entrepreneur

Award-winning multilevel marketing executive Bernardo Chua is a native of the Philippines. He first became involved in multi-level marketing when he was hired by Gano Excel. A natural salesman, Chua quickly expanded the company’s client base from the Philippines to Hong Kong, Canada and eventually the United States.

Part of the reason for Chua’s success with Gano Excel was his passion for teaching people about the health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom used in the products. Chua’s Chinese grandparents taught him about the plant when he was a child.

After the success he had in Asia marketing Gano Excel products, Bernardo Chua moved to California and became president of Gano Excel U.S.A. He quickly recruited and trained a large network of independent marketing representatives to sell Gano Excel ganoderma-infused instant coffee, capsules and several other food products. Gano Excel became a rousing success in the United States.

In 2008, Chua left Gano Excel and founded his own company called Organo Gold. The company also marketed products which contain ganoderma. In a very short time Organo Gold was selling millions of dollars in products containing ganoderma more than 35 countries. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: and

In 2015 Bernardo Chua returned to the Philippines. At a huge awards ceremony he was given 5 awards for his work with Gano Excel and Organo Gold. Chua was given the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award for being a world-class Filipino achiever and creating one of the fastest-growing multilevel marketing companies. The Organo Gold brand won two People’s Choice awards for quality.

The awards ceremony was held in Hemady Square in Manila, the country’s capital city. Chua was given a hero’s welcome and honored with the ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ award. He was praised for his vision and serving as a positive role model for other Filipinos.

A revolutionary lifestyle company, Organo Gold is held in high esteem by the people of the Philippines. But Chua still isn’t resting on his laurels. He continues to work with top organic farmers to produce the highest quality ganoderma possible, offers his ganoderma-infused products at affordable prices and educates people about the many ganoderma benefits.

Dr. Scott Rocklage – Successful MD and Entrepreneur

Scott Rocklage, PhD has been with 5AM Ventures since 2003. He became a Managing Partner in 2004 after a year of being with the company. Dr. Rocklage has over thirty years of management experience with healthcare services and leadership responsibilities. He has been responsible for releasing three U.S. Drug Applications that have been approved by the FDA.

Those drugs are Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. Dr. Rocklage also has experience as the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He served as the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar and has also been involved in several R&D positions. Dr. Rocklage is currently serving as the Board Chairman of Rnnovia, Kinestral and Cidara.

He has his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California and received his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While attending the Institute of Technology, he had the pleasure of working in the laboratory that Richard R. Schrock worked in for many years. He is the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

The business, 5AM Ventures, is based around early stages of life sciences. Dr. Rocklage admits that he generally does not have a typical day in the office. He is never quite sure what he will be doing each day, which makes the job even more exciting.

Some days he is working with the portfolio companies, and other days he is prompted to study new areas of life. There is never a dull day at 5AM Ventures for Dr. Rocklage. He is excited to have the opportunity to work with talented entrepreneurs that are either scientists, physicians or business executives.

He helps them shape their business ideas into potential medications that will help treat medical needs. Something that has always excited Dr. Rocklage is the ability to have immense growth tracking specific mutations or genotypes that can help treat cancer in non-traditional ways.

Dr. Scott Rocklage works hard to maintain his business and bring the best possible solutions to medications and unmet medical needs. He always stays focused and relevant to what he is working on by targeting organization and prioritizing his duties as a physician and medical director.


George Soros — Inside Philanthropy

George Soros is a billionaire investor with an inclination towards politics in The USA. His active involvement in politics can be traced back to the times of George Bush. His style of funding campaigns is interesting in that he is an advocate for freedom and democracy. This is special since politics is generally associated with a lot of personal ambitions and total disregard for effective service delivery. Soros has made several campaign donations from liberal groups in the Barack Obama administration to Hillary Clinton. All these are characters who have been said to posses the best interest for the country and defenders of human rights.

Despite not being so successful in politics, Soros is a man with a big heart. He has made several donations from politics to human rights groups fighting for human rights and a just democratic system. His works of Philanthropy have seen him establish numerous foundations in a bid to enable nonprofit organizations access the much needed funding to promote the fight for equal rights. The funds are not only restricted to non profit organizations but also improved health care and education in the United States and around the world. Soros played a critical role in establishing the Democracy Alliance. This is a group of liberals which seeks to support fights such as combatting climate change and Income inequality.

With all these philanthropic works one is tempted to question the source of his vast wealth. After his move from Britain and landing in wall street, Soros built his own hedge fund in 1969 and later rebranded it to Quantum fund. His overnight success was attributed to his shrewd trade where he shorted the British pound. The profits generated were so huge he became known as ¨ The man who broke the Bank Of England¨. Due to his business prowess, he has managed to stay relevant throughout the years, generating super normal profits through his firm Soros Fund Management. Soros views himself as a champion of all things just and believes it’s his mandate to transform institutions and the world at large. With all the money at his disposal, it is therefore not rocket science that he has achieved so much.

Which Popular EOS Lip Balm Flavor is Right for You?

Evolution of Smooth lip balm, commonly known as EOS lip balm, has been a much loved product for many years. From the moment it hit the market consumers adored it. Whether it was the variety of flavors, the real life effects, or the sleek shape that allows it to perfectly coat your lips, EOS had no problem becoming one of the most popular lip balms available!


As all popular lip balm brands do, EOS has a huge amount of flavors for consumers to pick from. Although this is a great quality for their company to have, it can also make discovering your favorite EOS balm quite a problem! So, here are some of the most popular flavors for you to try out!


Hibiscus Peach

This flavor comes in their premium Crystal wax-free form which is super popular, buy now! If you love floral scents and the sweet smell of peach, this is the perfect combination for you!


Blueberry Acai

There is a major hype around the flavor Acai, namely stemming from Acai bowls. If you’re a devoted part of this trend, take your favorite flavor with you along with the crisp taste of blueberry!


Sweet Mint

Obsessed with the classics? Mint is a flavor that never gets old with a tingle that awakens your senses fully. Purchase your chosen lip balm here on


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Whichever popular flavor appeals to you, there is no denying the quality of EOS lip balm products! Their lightweight formula ensures comfortable wear, and the hypoallergenic guarantee ensures it won’t upset your skin.


Pick one (or three!) up at your local Walmart, CVS, or Ulta.


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Australia’s first sensuality boutique, Honey Birdette has opened an e-commerce website which is dedicated to its U.S clientele. The lingerie brand is also planning to add the UK retail stores number from three to 40 by the end of next year.

The lingerie company has extended its horizons to the US after their sales got online sales increase of 374% over the last 12 months. Eloise Monaghan, who is Honey Birdette’s founder, revealed that the move is aimed at enhancing the US client’s experience. In essence, this means that the company will ensure that the new market gets faster deliveries, more product range, easier returns and free deliveries for anyone who makes an order of over 50 dollars. In addition to this, the lingerie company hopes to open retail shops in America.

The first retail store that Honey Birdette launched outside Australia was In Covent Garden, London, last year. Two other stores followed after that in Westfield White City and Victoria Gate in Leeds. Nonetheless, the brand harbors ambitions of rapidly expanding in England by opening ten other retail stores. This includes stores in Liverpool, Westfield, Newcastle, Stratford, and Leeds. The brand plans on opening a total of 40 retail stores by the time 2018 ends in the UK.

Honey Birdette has a total of 55 stores in Australia. The company also plans on expanding to other premium venues in Europe. Premium label prices start from approximately 60 pounds for bras and 35 pounds for briefs.

About Honey Birdette:

Honey Birdette is a sensuality boutique company. The brand was launched in 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane, Australia. The lingerie company is backed by BBRC which is a private investment company.

Honey Birdette’s mission is “we love making your bedroom happy…” The company provides luxurious lingerie and toys to match every occasion in your room. The brand ensures that the customer has a pleasurable experience shopping online or in their retail stores. They also have a VIP list just in case you want to keep your bedroom matters private. The lingerie and bedroom toys are also shipped and delivered confidentially to the location of your choice.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association: What We Offer

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the largest independent practices of physicians specializing in anesthesiology. They offer six different types of anesthesiology services. First, general anesthesia; this is used when a more extensive surgery is being done where the person needs to be completely unconscious and still. The anesthesiologist closely monitors the patient and offers breathing control if needed. Second, regional anesthesia; which, helps control the sensation of pain on a particular body part. They do this by placing local anesthetic medication next to the nerves that supply feeling to the portion of the body being operated on. The third type of anesthesia they offer is Local/MAC; this type of anesthesia is often used on operations that are on small areas of soft tissue. The surgeon places the local anesthetic in the skin and tissues surrounding the operations site to numb the area. Fourth, Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers pediatric anesthesia; which, requires additional training and certifications. Obstetric anesthesia is the fifth type offered by Capitol Anesthesiology Association. This type of anesthesia, often referred to as an epidural, offers a birthing mother relief from the pain; Obstetric anesthesiologists also help when a mother has to have a c-section; there are a number of types of anesthesia used in cases of a c-section, but the most common is called a spinal block. A spinal block is placed in your lower back and the numbing sensation is almost immediate. The mother is still awake and is able to converse and feel light pressure, but is unable to feel any pain from the operation. The last type of service offered is Cardiovascular anesthesia; which, requires the use of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine while the operation is taking place. The anesthesiologist has the critical job of closely monitoring the patient while the surgery is being conducted.

Talos Energy hold stake in first private owned oil well in Mexico

For decade the Mexican state-ran monopoly of Petroleos Mexicano controlled all new oil excavation. But recently a major industry break-through gave way to the possibility of success for both overseas and local investors.

A new offshore well serves as the first private company-owned well in over eighty years. The drilling began on May 21st. It is also the first private exploration since the 1938 nationalization of the Mexican oil industry. This drilling is held on to be acreage awarded in Mexico’s first international licensing round. The well’s main goal is to target low risk Zama prospect with supportive direct hydrocarbon indicators in the Tertiary clastic reservoirs.

This is just the beginning of Mexico’s plan to allow foreign investments back into the energy market. The well, The Zama 1, is located in the Sureste Basin off of the state of Tabasco. Recently, a representative for Premier stated that drilling will cost Premier 16 million dollars. The drilling could take as much as three months to complete.

The primary investors of the well are Premier Oil, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas. Talos, based out of Houston Texas, is the current operator of the well and holds 35%. Premier Oil is London based and owns 25%. Sierra Oil & Gas is based out of Mexico and owns 25%. After a vote was successfully held to open up drilling rights to foreign investors, these companies accumulated the rights during the first round of bidding.

Charlie Sharp is an anyalyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd. Sharp recently stated, Zama is “one of the most interesting exploration wells to be drilled in the sector this year,”. She further went on to state that the structure shows a high possibility for success. Sharp also stated that the market will be closely watched. This is a very exciting time for investors. The success of this operations will likely lead others to follow.

How ClassDojo Makes Learning a Family Experience

ClassDojo is an exciting new app that connects students, teachers, and parents and makes sharing school-day experiences a snap. This platform allows students and teachers to share photos, videos and other media with parents throughout the day so that children can let their parents see their day to day lives more than has ever been possible before. Children who are engaged with ClassDojo can bring their enthusiasm for learning home with them and share their successes with the entire family. ClassDojo is also a great way for siblings in different class levels to stay connected throughout the day.

Another great benefit of ClassDojo is the ability of teachers and parents to utilize real-time information in order to improve the overall learning experience of the students. The possibilities for creating a positive learning environment are virtually endless with badges and encouragement for positive behaviors such as helpfulness, attention and a positive attitude. Teachers are able to recognize student’s positive actions thereby strengthening the desired behavior.

Students are also able to create mixed media presentations to share with their teachers, parents and the entire class. With their online portfolio, students can let others know what they have been up to with photos, videos, and narrative posts. If the child has an interest in the classroom pet, for example, they can create, upload, and share their extra efforts in the subject matter. This will encourage a stronger involvement in the classroom and foster an environment of community and sharing between the pupils.

ClassDojo brings the entire family into the classroom and teachers no longer have to feel that they are operating in a vacuum. The parents are able to be more involved even if their daily work schedule prevents them from visiting the classroom. Check out ClassDojo’s fun and interactive website to learn more.

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Avaaz, Voice of the People

Avaaz, the voice of the people, is an organization dedicated to uniting likeminded idealists around the world to promote change. The ultimate goal is to create the world in which we all desire to live. The mission of the organization was summed up best by Director Ricken Patel when he said, “We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Idealists of the world unite!”

Avaaz provides a voice for the people by supporting activism in progressive causes. The March against Monsanto campaign alone has garnered over two million online signatures. Avaaz members have stepped beyond click activism, gathering in major cities around the world for four years now to literally march against Monsanto. In 2014 world leaders were gathered in New York City for the United Nations Climate Summit. The week of the United Nations meeting, Avaaz activists staged the first annual People’s Climate March. An estimated 311,000 people attended to make their voices heard, with supporting events taking place in cities around the world.

Activism with Avaaz goes beyond online petitions and staged global demonstrations. When civil unrest broke out in Syria, the organization sent 1.5 million dollars in communications equipment so protesters could inform the world of the local situation. Another two million was spent on medical supplies, which were sent to Syrian rebels. Avaaz also organized the rescue of an injured British photographer.

Since 2009 the organizations activities have been entirely user funded. They accept no donations from businesses or foundations and limit the accepted amount to $5000. Due to the generosity of members, over 20 million dollars have been raised. Aside from funding daily operations, the money raised by Avaaz has been used for activist operations around the world.

Find more information on Avaaz by following them on Twitter @avaaz.

Jeremy Goldstein in favor of New York’s new legal service

Living in New York can cause many to face a legal battle, whether its criminal, personal, business or public matter. However, the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service now provides a new online portal, which makes it much easier to find a lawyer who can help and operates within the client’s neighborhood or nearby.

The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service developed this service with assistance from, which is a nationwide provider of IT support. This new legal service is provided 24 hours a day and is completely confidential. This new service was made as a low-pressure way of finding the right legal assistance.

The New York State Bar Association has properly vetted and approved each attorney. The New York State Bar acknowledges that each lawyer is in good legal standing with the state. This new legal service allows attorneys to provide their services to more people, while also reducing their costs. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service offers free referrals, but any consultation over 30 minutes costs $35. This new service has become a hit in New York and has become a go-to online destination. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been matching clients with attorneys for 30 years.

Jeremy Goldstein is one attorney who is available through this service. Goldstein is the founder of the law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Jeremy Goldstein provides expert advice on executive compensation and corporate governance issues. He has been involved with many of the top corporate transactions over the years.

Jeremy Goldstein earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and received his law degree from New York University Law School. He continues to help those in need of legal advice.